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D1 1635 teresa corbin


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D1 1635 teresa corbin

  1. 1. COMMSDAY MELBOURNE CONGRESS 9 October 2012 Teresa Corbin Chief Executive Officer
  2. 2. Topics for today• About ACCAN• ACCAN Consumer Perceptions Survey• TCP Code• Global Roaming• Privacy – Silent Lines• Copyright• Audio Description• Industry Engagement
  3. 3. AboutACCANACCAN is the peakbody representing allAustralian consumerson communicationsissues includingtelecommunications,broadband andemerging services.
  4. 4. Members210+Organisations & individuals– including generalconsumers, small business,farmers, seniors and youthgroups, disability advocates,regional & remote consumergroups, financial counsellors& community legal centres.
  5. 5. Our workACCAN WebNews, website & magazineConsumer AwarenessIndustry EngagementPolicy SubmissionsIndependent Grants ProgramResearch Reports
  6. 6. ACCAN National ConsumerPerceptions Survey 2012Key findings• Main communication service• Non-participation in the market• Complaints and TIO awareness• Satisfaction with Internet on mobiles• 2012 Snapshot: User and non-user attitudes to smartphones
  7. 7. ACCAN Survey ObjectivesEnable accurate claims on consumer perceptions,attitudes, experiences that will help guide ACCAN’swork and advocacySurvey will track changes over time –first longitudinal researchproject
  8. 8. Length of time with service provider Joined 5+ years ago 46% Joined 1-3 years ago 24% Joined 4-5 years ago 10% Joined 2-6 m onths ago 9%Joined 7-12 m onths ago 8% Joined in last m onth 2% 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40% 45% 50% Q6: And how long ago did you sign up f or that service? Total sample; Weight: Age, gender, location (ABS 2011); base n = 766; total n = 800; 34 missing; effective sample size = 743 (97%)
  9. 9. Consumers are not using themarket46% same provider 5 years or more31% have never changed providersFurther research questionsWhy don’t people switch? – Perceived risks, avoiding hassles, confusion, complacency etc ?
  10. 10. TCP Code• Acknowledge Communications Alliance for extensive consultation process• Congratulate industry on final outcome• Looking forward to roll out of TCP code• Encouraged by industry enthusiasm for better compliance culture• Welcome new proposed service provider rules power for ACMA• Reduced complaints will measure TCP Code success
  11. 11. Making the Right Call: Your RightsConsumer awarenessis crucial to successof new TCP Code 11
  12. 12. Global Roaming• Welcome Minister’s direction for ACMA Industry Standard on IMR• Currently participating in DBCDE Trans-Tasman Roaming consultation• ACCAN supports greater transparency, reducing cost through price caps & regulation• Removal of fees for unlocking mobile handsets
  13. 13. Privacy• Consumers believe silent lines should be provided without charge.• The 2008 inquiry by Australian Law Reform Commission report recommended that silent line charging should end.
  14. 14. Copyright: our positionACCAN’s strategic goal:Clear and fairarrangementsfor consumersin relation todigital content
  15. 15. We believe:Disconnection from anessential utility service onthe basis of copyrightinfringement is bothdisproportionate andinappropriate.
  16. 16. We want:Greater fair dealing orfair use exceptions tocopyright which aretechnology-neutral andrecognise the legitimacyof consumer activitiessuch as sharing user-generated content.
  17. 17. We need:A right for consumers to recordand format shift content thathas been acquired lawfully,for non-commercial use.The rules must besimple, technology-neutral and easy forconsumers to understand.
  18. 18. Audio Description 18
  19. 19. Working with industry• Representation on 20+ industry Committees incl. ACCC CCC & ACMA CCF• Direct consultation with service providers• Regular dialogues with TIO, AMTA , NBN Co, NRS Provider and Communications Alliance including with their new ICAG• First ACCAN Industry Associations Forum
  20. 20. Contact:Email: @ACCAN_AUPh: 02 9288 4010TTY: 02 9281 5322