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Booz & Company's Ben Hickey

  1. 1. Booz & Company Sydney, April 2013 Public PresentationAustralian DigitizationMeasuring, improving and tracking Australian DigitizationThis document is confidential and is intended solely forthe use and information of the client to whom it is addressed.April 2013
  2. 2. Digitization – the ubiquitous adoption of connected ICT services, istransforming the way we live, work and play Understanding Digitization People owning a mobile phone: 4 billion Digitization People owning a tooth brush: 3.5 billion Applications Three million patients in Singapore are remotely seen Devices through tele-consultation: equivalent to 60% of the population Infrastructure Resumes online (150,000,000) equal to the US workforce The mass adoption of connected ICT 140 million people have downloaded Angry Birds, services resulting in 400 bn birds having been flung, equivalent to the world’s total bird populationSource: Booz & Company AnalysisBooz & Company Prepared for CommsDay Summit 2013April 2013 1
  3. 3. The Booz & Company Digitization Index provides a means to measureDigitization by quantifying inputs across 6 attributes Digitization Index & Rankings Global 2011  Universal access to digital services and Country1 Ubiquity Ranking Score applications 1 Norway 65.02  Price that makes digital services available 2 Hong Kong 62.362 Affordability to as many people as possible 3 Korea 61.083 Reliability  Quality of available digital services 4 Iceland 59.58 5 Switzerland 58.714 Speed  Real time digital services access 6 Luxembourg 58.39 7 United States 58.15  Digital services ease of use and the ability 8 United Kingdom 57.695 Usability of local ecosystems to boost adoption 9 Denmark 57.01  User ability to incorporate digital services 10 Canada 56.976 Skill into their lives 19 Australia 52.48Source: ITU, Ovum, Euromonitor, Akamai, ILO (Laborsta), Global Insight, UN, WCDM, Webometrics, Bgexpert, Internet World Stats, UNESCO, Wireless IntelligenceBooz & Company Prepared for CommsDay Summit 2013April 2013 2
  4. 4. Categorizing Digitization by these inputs identified four stages ofdevelopment Stages of Digitization Constrained Emerging Transitional Advanced Number of Countries Population (n=150 countries) (Billion) Score: (<= 25) (25-30) (30-40) (>= 40) 38 Advanced 1.2 28 Transitional 0.6 19 Emerging 1.6 Digitization Level 65 Constrained 3.0 •PNG •Thailand •Cyprus •United States •Sri Lanka •Lebanon •Colombia •AustraliaSource: ITU, Ovum, Euromonitor, Akamai, ILO (Laborsta), Global Insight, UN, WCDM, Webometrics, Bgexpert, Internet World Stats, UNESCO, Wireless IntelligenceBooz & Company Prepared for CommsDay Summit 2013April 2013 3
  5. 5. The research has demonstrated the socioeconomic impact of Digitizationacross a range of measures GDP Growth  GDP per Capita Economy Job Creation  Unemployment Rate Innovation  Global Innovation Index  OECD Better Life Index Quality of Life  Gallup Well Being Index Society Impact Access to  UNDP Human Development Index Basic Services Transparency  Transparency Index Governance E-government  E-government Index Education  Inequality-Adjusted EducationSource: World Bank, WEF & INSEAD Study, OECD, Gallup Heathways, UNDP Human Development Report, Transparency International, UN Public Administration ProgrammeBooz & Company Prepared for CommsDay Summit 2013April 2013 4
  6. 6. In particular, increases in Digitization scores leads to significanteconomic benefits, with a 4x greater impact than broadband alone Economic Impact of Digitization Contribution to GDP per Capita Impact of Digitization on GDP (% growth in 10% increase in Digitization) (Constant 2005 USD Billion) (n=100+ countries) 0.59% 0.62% 395 775 0.50% 0.51% ~$800Bn 4x 108 2012-2015 272 0.16% Average ConstrainedEmerging TransitionalAdvanced 2007 - 2008 - 2009 - 2007 -Broadband 2008 2009 2010 2010 Studies1)1) Koutroumpis 2009; Katz 2012; Katz et al. 2010.Source: Telecom Advisory Services, Booz & Company analysisBooz & Company Prepared for CommsDay Summit 2013April 2013 5
  7. 7. Australia, an advanced nation, has the opportunity to extend the index totrack the implementation of the Digital Economy Strategy Improve & Track Define Digitization Index Measure Digitization Impact Digitization Level Australian Digitization Index Attribute Score Score over Time Economy Ubiquity … Digitization Index Affordability … 100 Reliability … Society Speed … 50 Usability … Governance Skill … 0 Time  Extend the existing index  Identify government and  Continue to measure the leveraging the richer industry initiatives impact across socioeconomic sources of data Initiative A metrics Initiative B …Booz & Company Prepared for CommsDay Summit 2013April 2013 6
  8. 8. The Digitization index can be extended with richer data available inadvanced economies to provide greater granularity in tracking progress The global index covers 170+ …advanced economies have access to countries… richer data sets Global Digitization Index Advanced Economy Institutions  Global index limited by the  Australian institutions provide a availability of data for all nations wide array of additional data sourcesBooz & Company Prepared for CommsDay Summit 2013April 2013 7
  9. 9. The index could be used to identify and track the implementation ofDigitization initiatives, focused across the key four domains How can governance Policy How should digitization across the telecoms, be placed on the media and ICT national agenda and ecosystem be adapted to how should it be tracked enable digitization? Governance and monitored? What initiatives in What roadmap of addition to the NBN, initiatives in addition such as skills Supply Demand to those currently being development, will perused by DBCDE will stimulate supply for stimulate demand? Digitization?Booz & Company Prepared for CommsDay Summit 2013April 2013 8
  10. 10. As a result, this would lead to greater realisation of Australia’sDigitization and in turn socioeconomic potential Economy Improvement in GDP growth, job creation and innovation Society Improvement in quality of life and access to basic services Governance Improvement in e-government and equality of service provision For more information on this research: Strategy + Business: Digitization and Prosperity by Bahjat El-Darwiche, Milind Singh, and Sandeep Ganediwalla & Company Prepared for CommsDay Summit 2013April 2013 9