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Reflections on scale up and transferability


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Reflections on scale up and transferability

Published in: Education
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Reflections on scale up and transferability

  1. 1. The Commonwealth We.Learn.It Workshop “Enhancing Creativity, Exploration and Science in Schools” Scaling-up and Transferring our Good Practices, Nationally, Regionally & Internationally Reflection form on and the Learning Expedition concept Name of the Participant: Designation and Organisation of Participant: Contact (Mob/Email): YOUR REFLECTIONS Please consider the following questions as suggestions for reflection, but comment on any issues you may consider relevant Learning objectives (for students and teachers) and Applicability of Learning Expeditions What are the sort of aims and learning objectives that could be achieved with learning expeditions in South Africa? What are the possible impacts or effects of learning expeditions with respect to learner engagement? In your opinion, what are the key features of the learning expedition educational tool that will be key to achieving learning objectives of teachers and students? Does the “learning expedition” concept have any role within SA schools and the education sector? How will you evaluate the quality of learning that occurred during a learning expedition? Please comment
  2. 2. Technology In your opinion, is there any value in using technology in Learning Expeditions, and teaching and learning as a whole? Are there any issues? What can be said about the contribution of technology to teaching and learning in your Learning Expedition (LE)? How is the use of ICT aligned with education curriculum in South Africa? Considering the South African context, and the context in your school, can the technology tools proposed by including the portal have an impact on teaching and learning? If so, highlight these impacts? Please comment Success factors and barriers What will you consider to be critical factors for success (or lack thereof) of the Learning Expedition (LE) within South African schools and education sector? On reflection and after considering a number of learning expeditions undertaken across Europe, what would you do differently if you were to carry out the Learning Expeditions in South Africa? Please comment
  3. 3. Transferability, replication and scalability of the Learning Expedition? What is the potential to transfer or replicate the learning expedition experience in your schools? In what respects would LEs have to be modified/adapted to achieve impact in South Africa? What are the potential follow-up activities? What modifications will be required to adapt the Learning Expeditions to other contexts? What, if any, implications can emerge from Learning Expeditions for your future work? In your opinion, can Learning Expedition be replicated across Africa? Do you think students in SA will be interested in collaborating with students either within the region, the continent, or across the globe? Please comment Any other issues Please comment on any other aspects of the LE and more generally that you may consider important