Promoting innovation through enabling regulations


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Promoting innovation through enabling regulations

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Promoting innovation through enabling regulations

  1. 1. Republic of Kenya Promoting innovation through enabling regulations Joseph Tiampati ole Musuni Principal Secretary Ministry of Information, Communications and Technology
  2. 2. The changing technology landscape • Before 2005 ICT Licensing was technology oriented; • • • • • Fixed Service Licenses, Mobile Services licenses, Voice Services, Data Service Licenses, Internet Service licenses, etc • Technological development has led to convergence where traditional technology boundaries got blurred; • One network capable of providing several services • More innovative services being developed by providers • Convergent customer devices are produced capable of providing access to numerous services
  3. 3. Convergence
  4. 4. Change as a constant • Convergence of technologies has led to a radical redefinition of the regulatory landscape • Internet is driving new business models in a globalized world • New threats and exposure through the medium of the Internet • Impetus to bridge the digital divide through Universal Service Funds • Technology oriented Licensing becomes untenable • Review of the ICT licensing framework becomes necessary
  5. 5. Evolution of the ICT legislative framework in Kenya 1999 1998 KCA 1998, Liberalized Market KPTC monopoly split to 3 institutions CCK born New Players Licensed 2009 2008 Unified Licensing Amendment of the KCA 1998 2011 KICA Cap 411A
  6. 6. Regulations • Kenya Information and Communication Act (KICA) Cap 411 A empowers the Cabinet Secretary to make Regulations. • Pursuant to these, the first set of Regulations were developed in 2001. • In 2010, 14 sets of Regulations were developed and are currently in force by the Commission
  7. 7. Scope of Regulations • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Tariff regulations Interconnection and Provision of Fixed Links, Access and Facilities Radio Frequency Spectrum Management Dispute resolution Universal Access & Service Importation, Type Approval & Distribution of Communications Equipment Licensing Fair Competition & Equality of Treatment Inspections & Enforcement Postal & Courier Numbering Consumer protection Broadcasting E-transactions Regulations
  8. 8. Broadband Strategy • To move to a knowledge based economy, the recently launched National Broadband Strategy focuses on; • • • • • Infrastructure, connectivity and devices Content, Applications and innovations Capacity building and awareness Policy, legal and regulatory environment Financing and investment
  9. 9. National co-ordination in complementary infrastructure deployment Banking • Mobile money services Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) Energy Kenya Power Transport and Infrastructure • Laying fibre network using the power lines •Laying fibre network along the roads and railways •Ensuring property developers make provisions for ICT infrastructure County Governments National Addressing system •National Addressing System
  10. 10. Opportunities presented by broadband • • • • • • • • • • • Economic growth and employment Promote business process out sourcing (BPO) Business opportunities and investment competitiveness E-government National Safety and security Distance learning opportunities E&M-health E&M-Education Efficient spectrum use Universal Access Broadcasting services
  11. 11. Mobile money transfer in Kenya Subscribers 24,840,404 Amount Transacted in 2012 Ksh913,803,005,004 (US$10.4B) • Mobile money services have been taken up due to a host of benefits they offer including; • • • • • Affordability Accessibility Convenience Instantaneous Ability to make small transactions
  12. 12. Challenges presented by ICT’s rapid growth • • • • • Security Continued convergence Internet/Social media Legal and regulatory framework Competition issues
  13. 13. …THANK YOU… 13