Future of the Thai Telecommunications in the Age of Convergence


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Future of the Thai Telecommunications in the Age of Convergence

  1. 1. Future of the Thai Telecommunications in the Age of Convergence: NBTC’s perspective Dr. Suthiphon Thaveechaiyagarn National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commissioner The 17th Asia Telecom Information Exchange (ATIE), New Delhi, 6th May 2013
  2. 2. สำนักงำน กสทช. The NTC prepared the auction CAT filed a lawsuit against the NTC The Administrative Court affirmed by the Supreme Administrative Court issued a provisional injunction Failure in conducting the previous auction 1.Background at a glance Mission was impossible !
  3. 3. สำนักงำน กสทช. 5 X State Monopoly X Concession Contract X 2.1 GHz spectrum left unused Liberalization New regulatory task of NBTC = Spectrum Auction 3G auction license Network roll out obligation 3 regulations Infra. Sharing MVNO National Roaming Better consumer protection 2. Successful regulatory tasks Before NBTC establishment After NBTC establishment
  4. 4. สำนักงำน กสทช. 1.The removal of N-1 Condition 2. Spectrum Packaging new block size 3. Collusion prevention 4. Spectrum Cap 5. Reserve price The spilt 5 MHz attracts new entrants 3. Sequence of auction process Prevent spectrum hoarding Both legal and social measures Encourage competition as a whole Risk of leftover licenses Inefficient use of spectrum Effort to facilitate auction: Revision
  5. 5. สำนักงำน กสทช. 7 Before auction After auction 1. File petition to Administrative Court to revoke provisional injunction on former auction 2. Revise regulations to facilitate the implementation of auction 3. Deal with attempt to revoke/ suspend the auction by affected party 1. Question and call for clarification done by the Senate, Representative, National Anti-Corruption Commission 2. 7 Lawsuits at the Administrative Court 3. Storm of public criticism and misunderstanding by misleading info Regulatory obstacles Auction conducted Oct 2012 3. Sequence of auction process
  6. 6. สำนักงำน กสทช. RegulatorMarket needs to be liberalized Public criticism Affected parties wants to revoke auction.Consumers expects variety of services with low price. Character of telecoms market is always evolving and has rapid growth. No absolute regulations like one- size-fits-all model. 3. Sequence of auction process What’ve we been through? 12-year lack behind other countries
  7. 7. สำนักงำน กสทช. 9 Public under first-time-in-Thai-history spectrum auction Complexity; full of technical issues Different principles and rules from other auctions Problems Solution Legal Dimension Social Dimension 3. Sequence of auction process Regulatory obstacles
  8. 8. สำนักงำน กสทช. Auction result confirmed by the ITU Strengthening stakeholders consultation process Solution Legal Dimension Social Dimension Clarification at Administrative Court and government agencies Adopted regulations to better ensure competition • Infrastructure Sharing • MVNO • National roaming How to overcome? Regulatory obstacles 3. Sequence of auction process
  9. 9. สำนักงำน กสทช. 11 3. Sequence of auction process Assessment by the ITU 1. Spectrum licenses were efficiently and fairly assigned. 2. Licenses contain important measures to improve competition 3. Benefit to consumers is ensured by price reduction of 15% in comparison to 2G services 4. Principles, objectives, design and outcome are consistent with international best practice.
  10. 10. สำนักงำน กสทช. new context of technological convergence Technological Convergence between Telecommunications Media and ICT’s Digitalization Telecommunications Infrastructure Voice Services Media Infrastructures Media and Radio Services ICT’s Infrastructure Informatics Applications 4. Next challenge of regulatory tasks Regulation should be imposed only where necessary and must not block market development
  11. 11. สำนักงำน กสทช. • Expiration of concession contracts in several bands (900, 1800 MHz) will be available for auction • interim consumer protection measure in transitory period Telecoms • Digital TV auction (digital switchover)Broadcasting • Harmonization of digital dividend spectrumConvergence 13 4. Next challenge of regulatory tasks
  12. 12. สำนักงำน กสทช. 14 End of monopoly and shift to liberalization - More competition among sectors - Better infrastructure -Benefit for Thai consumers -Benefit for Thai industry 5. Conclusion Increasing cooperation at both regional and international levels
  13. 13. สำนักงำน กสทช. 15 Thank you ขอบคุณครับ/ค่ะQ&A?