Development innovation transformation,osita iweze, huawei


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Development innovation transformation,osita iweze, huawei

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Development innovation transformation,osita iweze, huawei

  1. 1. Huawei ICT for a better world Leapfrogging from Resource-based society to Knowledge-based society
  2. 2. Connected,Digital and smart world… Ever-changing life and work  Deep integration of digital and physical worlds  The physical world will be expressed through .  The integration will make the world Real-time translation . Smart manufacturing Digital logistics Telemedicine Smart grid Smart traffic
  3. 3. Continuous pursuit for better user experience is the fundamental driving force… 1. 2. 3. 4. The Internet will become a fundamental element of our business mindset. Lightening quick True-to-life presentation All Mobile, at least Mobile first … The new, connected and shared wisdom… Social media's influence is everywhere… Intuitive ergonomics On-demand Social attribute of mankind
  4. 4. 2. Digital restructuring for the Internet era… Business model Innovation model R&D model Marketing model Business transformation Operation model L5: Innovative change Value of digitalization L4: Unique value ICT infrastructure L3: Contributing L2: Enabling L1: Functional Business transformation is the key and
  5. 5. 3. Transforming ICT Infrastructure… app app Archite cture app app Bandwi dth Big Data Analytics Cloud Operating System   Restructure IT architectures based on cloud computing and big data.   Bandwidths and architectures are ever-lasting themes of network development.  Wearable devices will be the major trend. 
  6. 6. Suggestion1: With MBB fast development, government should scientifically plan spectrum in advance MHz 800 Spectrum req'd for data(MHz) 700 Spectrum req'd for voice(MHz) 600 500 400 300 200 100 0 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 Africa need more FS for future MBB Estimated spectrum requirement by year Current available spectrum by in MHz region in MHz More Spectrum needed for MBB CITEL(LA) CITEL(NA) 360 478 590 CEPT ATU ASMG APT 370 630 510 1172 Ident.spec.(Glo) 2010 2015 840 1300 2020 Source:FCC Suggestions: (focus on MBB frequency spectrum) 1720 1. ATU should urge WRC-15 assign more spectrum for African MBB, 2. Broadcasting TV system freeing more spectrum for MBB by end of 2015 3. Government Clean up existing spectrum and prepare for future wireless development 4. based on new technology to improve the spectrum utilization, such as refarming or spectrum sharing MBB Spectrum distribution
  7. 7. Suggestion2: With the digital life era coming , government should take action to support IPv6 in national ICT strategies We’ve reached the breaking point, Africa embracing IPv6 more slowly than expected IPv4 Address Space Exhaustion RIR APNIC: RIPE NCC: ARIN: LACNIC: Exhaustion Date 19-Apr-2011 (actual) 14-Sep-2012 (actual) 6-Jan-15 19-Apr-15 AFRINIC: Explosive demand for Address 16-Aug-22 ■ ■ ■ Growth of broadband deployments ( >1 address in ONE home) Explosion of smart phones Internet of things Hugh Demand IPv4 Address Space >57 4.3B B Home Network >2B Mobile Internet 5B M2M 50B Unbalance • Government should set up a local IPv6 taskforce with significant government and civil society to increase local awareness and encourage network operators to implement IPv6. • AfriNIC has been working with governments and the private sector to encourage IPv6 adoption,
  8. 8. Suggestion3:Cross-industry communication to enhance ICT utilization and innovation is necessary for African countries 1. Cross-industry communication, Innovation Traditional industry Forum Government & organization Transition ICT makes the boundaries fuzzy 1. New innovative ideas are critical the traditional industries to improve ICT utilization. 1. Digital reconstruction ICT sector to boost innovation among different industries
  9. 9. Changing the Game before the Game Changes You