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Commonwealth Digital Broadcasting Switchover Forum 2015 Francois Hernandez


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Commonwealth Digital Broadcasting Switchover Forum 2015 Francois Hernandez

  1. 1. Conquering Multi-network Complexity with a Single Security Authority: Cardless Security for hybrid DVB – OTT operators. Johannesburg February 2015 Francois Hernandez, Sales Director Sub-Saharan Africa
  2. 2. Contents 2 About Verimatrix Trends in the (African) Market Message w.r.t. the digitalization of the African continent (DTT) Message w.r.t. IP-OTT operators Copyright ©2014 Verimatrix, Inc.
  3. 3. Verimatrix Profile: Copyright © 2014 Verimatrix, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 760+ Customers 50M+ Screens protected $7Bn+ Revenue protected 7+ Years as IPTV global number one 24 Awards 100+ Deployment countries 7 Global SIs 110+ Ecosystem Partners Revenue security solutions for multi-network, multi-screen video services 3
  4. 4. Content Owner Relationships Copyright © 2014 Verimatrix, Inc. All Rights Reserved.4
  5. 5. Key Pay-TV Operator Customers Copyright © 2014 Verimatrix, Inc. All Rights Reserved. IPTV (VOD) IPTV IPTV IPTV & OTT IPTV & OTT IPTV & OTT IPTV IPTV IPTV IPTVDVB-S / DTH IPTV DVB-S / DTH DVB-C / Cable IPTV & OTT IPTV & OTT DVB-C / Cable IPTV OTT DVB-C / Cable DVB-C / Cable DVB-C / Cable OTT IPTV IPTV DVB-C/IP Hybrid DVB-S/IP Hybrid DVB-C / Cable; DVB-C/IP Hybrid; DVB-S/DTH & OTT OTT OTT OTT IPTV & OTT DVB-C/IP Hybrid; OTT DVB-S; IPTV DVB-C / Cable 5
  6. 6. Verimatrix on the African continent Zuku TV (Wananchi), Kenya, DTH, Cable, IPTV TING (Agape Television Networks), Tanzania, Religious broadcast Cable Television Network (CTV), Tanzania Suburban Telecom, Nigeria, IPTV (Huawei ecosystem) Mauritius Telecom, Orange group, (Huawei ecosystem) Angola MST (Angola Telecom; ZTE ecosystem) Cameroun Telecom, Huawei ecosystem Congo Delta NBN, Huawei ecosystem Copyright © 2007-2011 Verimatrix, Inc.
  7. 7. Contents 7 Trends in the (African) Market Copyright ©2014 Verimatrix, Inc.
  8. 8. What are the Key Areas of Change? Copyright © 2014 Verimatrix, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Business Models Consumer Experience Enabling Technology 8
  9. 9. Africa - Facts 9 Copyright ©2014 Verimatrix, Inc. Africa has a limited cable coverage Satellite market dominated by a few operators Digitalization accelerate on the whole continent Broadband develop fast in the African market [will Africa be the first wireless continent? : 4G and “XG” networks] Up coming players DTT IP – OTT Hybrid DVB - OTT
  10. 10. 10 Message w.r.t. the digitalization of the African continent (DTT) © Copyright 2014 Verimatrix, Inc.
  11. 11. Terrestrial digital switch-over: Standard scope • Timing ! • Cost effectiveness ! • Platform Investment request • Agreement Contractor Licensee Subcontractor Free To Air Main drivers: • Timing • Cost Technology Partners
  12. 12. Terrestrial digital switch-over: New Scope! Beyond timing and cost  Offering to the citizens a maximum potential for accessing new services, upgradable and with a timely introduction.  Leveraging the business value of the subscriber base of the national DTT network by negotiating business opportunity for New TV operators or existing Pay TV operators and Mux & Network licensees.  Blocking the penetration of illegal Receivers  Possibility to create jobs
  13. 13. DTT – To Do “Check list” 13  Independently of the financer, make sure you have control on the platform i.e. make sure you can select your own CAS and MW partners.  Hence, control the STBs getting into the market…  …and control the timely introduction of new services.  Free to View, not Free to Air  Select a platform that is:  Smart card less  modular and hybrid (both DVB andIP). © Copyright 2014 Verimatrix, Inc.
  14. 14. 14 Message w.r.t. IP-OTT operators © Copyright 2014 Verimatrix, Inc.
  15. 15. Selected Reference Deployments © Copyright 2014 Verimatrix, Inc. CONFIDENTIAL15 ComHem Stofa Ziggo QuickFlix Chungwa Magyar Etisalat Belgacom Accedo Minerva
  16. 16. VCAS for Internet TV Summary  Studio approved for premium content protection  Vast ecosystem of pre-integrated partners  Standalone or Hybrid deployments with DVB or IPTV managed networks  Live, VoD, PPV, download & offline viewing, gateway conversion, etc.  Flexible business model management: Subscription, Rental, Purchase, etc.  Fine grain device management via typing, output control, integrity check, etc  Enables secure HLS stream delivery to all device categories Address iOS and Android devices first Eventually complement with MSPR for native MS devices….. A "Universal" VCAS Platform seems to be needed due to the hardened policy of big names of the industry that created isolated technology silos!! © Copyright 2014 Verimatrix, Inc. CONFIDENTIAL16
  17. 17. OTT DRM Emerging Silos Apple Adobe Google Microsoft Amazon Streaming format HLS. Only. Leaving HDS, Flash Moving to HLS, DASH DASH. Take it or leave it. Smooth Streaming. Moving to DASH Leaving RTMP, moving to DASH Security FairPlay Streaming Primetime DRM Widevine PlayReady PlayReady Browser Safari Firefox via EME/CDM Others via direct integration for now. Chrome, no 3rd party security. No plugins. Internet Explorer. 3rd party plugins for now. All OS iOS, Osx All Android Chrome OS Windows Forked Android, Support others. Player QuickTime Proprietary HTML5 in Chrome HTML5 in Internet Explorer HTML5, VisualOn, others Content store iTunes No Google Play Xbox Live Amazon Primetime, AIV App store AppStore No Google Apps Windows Store Kindle Apps Devices iPhone, iPad, Mac No 3rd Party Slate, Xbox, Windows phone Kindle tablets, Kindle Fire TV, Amazon Fire phone Analytics No Yes Yes No Proprietary Chaos reigns as closed proprietary silos harden.
  18. 18. VCAS MultiRights DRM Server Expansion – 2015 Targets © Copyright 2014 Verimatrix, Inc. CONFIDENTIAL18 Widevine DRM server integration MPEG-DASH streaming Apple FairPlay Streaming Securiyt Support Extension to VCAS for Internet TV for enhanced security on Apple devices Adobe PrimeTime integration HLS and MPEG-DASH streaming Others to be assessed based upon market requirements
  19. 19. OTT – Multiscreen Support Update for ..._05feb2015 - CONFIDENTIAL VCAS Head-end (VCAS Single Security Authority) Video Head-end Delivery Networks ViewRight Clients RF Broadcast Network Internet/Broadband ViewRight STB ViewRight Connected TV ViewRight PC/Mac ViewRight iOS ViewRight Android Key & control data On-demand Content Operator Management Interface Verimatrix Mobile 3G/4G Linear Content Key & control data IP Return Path Managed IP Network 3rd Party Players and DRM Environments Multiplexers Scramblers Modulators Encoders Encryptors VOD Servers Entitlements DBSMS/ Middleware Entitlements Database 19 Widevine* (Google Chrome) ) Broadcast CSM (DVB One-way) IP CSM (Broadcast/Multicast & IPTV ) Adaptive CSM InternetTG (HLS) Adaptive CSM (MPEG-DASH) PlayReady (Smooth Streaming) Marlin* (DECE/UV) VideoMark Payload Manager (Watermarking) Native Support Native Support Only ONE head end integration Native Support
  20. 20. Thank You! “I believe television will change more in the next five years than in the last 50.” -Brian L. Roberts, CEO, Comcast