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Blackberry in Government


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Published in: Technology
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Blackberry in Government

  1. 1. BlackBerry in Government Presented by : Shaun Hathrill April 4, 2013
  2. 2. 2 Up to 2,829% Return on Investment (ROI)* (3 Year Risk-Adjusted for Integrative Deployments)Gain up to $33,000 per device per year with an Integrative BlackBerry® smartphone deployment. Independent Research* Study Finds a Wide Range of Benefits for the Enterprise with BlackBerry Mobility Solutions.
  3. 3. Challenges that the BlackBerry platform addresses •Increasing visibility of public officials in the community. •Improve service delivery & improve citizen perception •Reduce Administration paperwork. •Creates transparency
  4. 4. 4 Solid Foundations The BlackBerry Enterprise Servicer The core of your mobile Management, Administration and control
  5. 5. 5 BlackBerry Enterprise Server The BlackBerry Enterprise Server represents the core of the enterprise deployment, from here the administrator can: • Maintain absolute command and control • Control each aspect of what the user may or may not do • Pro-active monitoring and resolving of issues remotely • Auditing user communications • Pushing Applications or Updating OS Over The Air • Built in High Availability and automatic failover
  6. 6. 6 BlackBerry Smartphone All BlackBerry Smartphones have the following features, they cannot be mis-configured or disabled. – Protect the data on the device Content Protection – Apply security rules & configuration IT-Policies – Control lost or stolen handhelds IT-Commands – Protect against malicious apps App-Policies – Safeguard against outside attacks Device Firewall All your security rules are applied at the moment you activate the device
  7. 7. 7 End to End Security • Each packet encrypted individually • Constant AES 256 encrypted channel • Customizable encryption layer • Military grade algorithms • Extensible layered security • SSL / TLS Support
  8. 8. 8 Certification- Trust But Verify 8 “Most accredited wireless platform available”  FIPS 140-2 on all our crypto modules: Device, Server and Reader  CESG / CAPS Approval on both device and server  Coverity Code Review on all our product prior to deployment  Common Criteria EAL 4+ as of ver. 5.0 of device and server.  Fraunhofer Certification Be aware that not all certifications are equivalent, it depends on the target of the evaluation
  9. 9. Government Approvals United Kingdom RESTRICTED United States Sensitive Australia RESTRICTED New Zealand RESTRICTED Netherlands Not specified Austria Not specified Canada Protected B NATO NATO Restricted Turkey Not specified • Gold standard of wireless security • Security model independently audited and verified – Most accredited wireless platform available • TRUST BUT VERIFY Communicate without Compromise
  10. 10. 10 Super Apps Partner Solutions & Bespoke Services
  11. 11. GIS Mapping on PlayBook Executives, managers and field workers are more productive when they have richly detailed GIS maps and information about location as they complete vital work. This complex information needs to be complete and displayed simply on mobile devices. •Inspections, work orders, service orders are enhanced by GIS mapping for field service workers. •Damage assessment forms and maps are put into service right after severe weather events. •Locations of vehicles and people are visible to managers and supervisors.
  12. 12. SEARCH, SELECT, VIEW & EXPLORE cDir™ for BlackBerry is a web application that provides users with easy access to organizational directories in a controlled and secure way, from your BlackBerry PlayBook. cDir gives mobile users the ability to access information stored in your organization's directory. Users can easily perform queries such as "list all engineers in the Boston office", and then click on a name to get information such as address, phone numbers, a photograph, department manager, assistant, map location based on postal code or ZIP, equipment assigned, etc. All in real-time from you BlackBerry PlayBook.
  13. 13. Actsoft Comet Tracker: GPS based mobile management solution that automates workflow in a way that is both highly effective and easy to use. Cutting edge software reduces manual processes which in turn reduces response times and maximizes productivity. - Live tracking & mapping, including Geo-Fencing capabilities - “Drag’n’Drop” dispatch jobs -Transmit data and photos from the field - Generate reports Automate Workflow
  14. 14. Database Query and RMS Lookup Mobile Innovations MPA Niche provides PlayBook users with 24/7 access to Niche RMS functionality from anywhere. • detailed search for a person, vehicle, address, name and occurance. • Access, start and complete tasks. • Prepare and submit general reports.
  15. 15. Government Collaboration – Video Conferencing Adobe® Connect™ provides PlayBook users with an integrated conference call or Voice over IP audio solution • Use Meeting Overview to watch all the activities happening in the meeting at once or tap to focus in on any one meeting activity, such as slide presentations, PDF documents, videos, and screen sharing provided by your meeting host or other presenters. • Focus on an activity to enter your input in Chat, Private Chat, and Polls. • Use 2-Way Video to participate in multi-point video conferencing and add your own upstream video broadcast to the conversation.
  16. 16. 16 E Office - SOS Services SOS Services allows you to track your assets and also allow them to raise the alarm in case they are in danger or if they require support. This raises situational awareness to a new level allowing you to achieve critical coverage with an “Off the Shelf” solution.
  17. 17. 17 Otterbox – Rugged Enclosures OtterBox Defender Series offers an exclusive three-layer design that keeps information and investments safe. No other case can withstand this degree of rough treatment. The Defender Series provides superior protection for a smartphone allowing complete interaction through the case. • Layer 1: Clear protective membrane on screen and keypad • Layer 2: Hi-impact polycarbonate shell • Layer 3: Durable silicone skin
  18. 18. 18 EnterMo – Smart Cases The EnterMo Case provides signature capture and barcode options for 1D and 2D scanning. The powerful battery and power management software ensures the EnterMo Case delivers a full working shift to your mission-critical field workers. When integrated with the BlackBerry® Enterprise Server supports AES or Triple DES encryption providing secure access to corporate databases and applications. * Available for the BlackBerry 83XX, 97xx and 85XX series
  19. 19. 19 Case Studies Real Life Examples in Mission Critical Scenarios
  20. 20. 20 Case Study – Armed Forces Defence Information Systems Agency – US DoD DISA's new STIG moves BlackBerry® solutions beyond email and Personal Information Management (PIM). Sanctioned applications include all BlackBerry® Mobile Data System based applications, Docs2Go, IM and Wi-Fi® configuration. DISA notes additional anti-virus protection isn’t needed due to BlackBerry solutions inherent security.
  21. 21. 21 Case Study - Law Enforcement Positive identifications by BlackBerry • Arrest for breach of bail Theft from Motor Vehicle • Arrest for abduction, cross force operation • Arrest for attempted murder One in 6 Police Officers in the United Kingdom carry a BlackBerry Device
  22. 22. 22 Case Study – Fire & Safety The BlackBerry has been turned into a life-saving tool by the Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service. In July 2010, the service began a new protocol of beaming electrocardiogram readings of their patients to the Blackberry's of cardiologists. That allows doctors to coach paramedics through life-saving decisions as patients are transported by ambulance. Statistics show the program is lowering mortality rates and speeding up treatment times, said Dr. Rob Grierson, the service's medical director. "If you look at the death rate for people with heart attacks about a year ago, system wide within the city, it was about eight per cent. Well, right now … we are looking at about a two per cent mortality rate."
  23. 23. Thank You For Your Time 23 For further inquiries, kindly contact: Shaun Hathrill Channel Sales Manager : East Central Africa