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6 Last Minute Ideas To Organize Republic Day Celebrations In Your Apartment Community


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As the nation celebrates its 66th Republic Day this year, celebrations and festivity is not limited to official parades and government functions. Many communities like residential welfare associations and apartment communities celebrate the function underlining the involvement of general public. There is however a huge difference between planning an event in the community and planning and executing it successfully.
Unlike a lot of religious festivals, the Republic Day event involves the emotion of patriotism in all residents. It is therefore essential to make sure that any successful Republic Day event touches people from all age groups without any bias of caste, creed, culture or age. Let us take at some of the ideas that apartment community members can utilize to organize a good republic day event in their apartment communities.

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6 Last Minute Ideas To Organize Republic Day Celebrations In Your Apartment Community

  1. 1. Flag hoisting ceremony plays an intrinsic role in all Republic Day celebrations. Involving senior citizens in the flag hoisting event is a good idea to keep the elderly involved in the Republic Day celebrations. #1 Involving Seniors in Flag Hoisting
  2. 2. Community members can organize a sports meet after the flag hoisting ceremony and the singing of the national anthem. Competitive events like athletics and other cultural activities can be part of the sports meet. Conduct a Sports Meet For Kids #2
  3. 3. In order to plan a perfect republic day celebration in one’s apartment community it is a good idea to have state wise cultural events. Such events not only allow people to understand various cultures but also enhance the spirit of community living and unity in diversity. Organize Cultural Programs #3
  4. 4. Remember Republic Day celebration is for everyone and celebrations must reach all sections of society. The best way apartment community members can make this possible is to have room for all helpers and financial poor sections of the society as part of their celebrations. Involve all sections of the society #4
  5. 5. Honouring senior citizens of the society must be a part of all republic day celebrations in any society. The facilitation may include residents who have done their bit for the society over the years or any others who has been working towards a beneficial cause to the society. Honour Senior Citizens #5
  6. 6. A flag hoisting ceremony, singing of the national anthem, sports and cultural events, awards and facilitations don’t quite round up the Republic day celebrations without having an informal social get together to increase social interaction between members of the society. Organize an informal Social Community Meet #6
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