15 Must Follow Vastu Tips For Building Rooms In Your Home


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Contrary to many popular beliefs, Vastu is in fact a logical explanation of scientific truths and facts. Vastu Shastra is based upon the magnetic property of the Earth, the gravitational and magnetic forces created by the materials inside it, the rotation of the Earth on its axis along with centrifugal and other forces created by its movements.

Vastu principles are related to the natural energies of Earth. The claim that the sources of energies should be open and undisturbed. Vastu Shastra prescribes desirable characteristics for sites and buildings based on the flow of energy (known as ‘Prana’ in Sanskrit). Many of these rules are attributed to the cosmological considerations – the Sun’s path, the rotation of the Earth, its magnetic field, etc. For example, the morning Sun is considered especially beneficial and purifying. Hence the East is a treasured direction

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15 Must Follow Vastu Tips For Building Rooms In Your Home

  1. 1. It is not auspicious to have two rooms in west direction of home #1
  2. 2. Always keep in mind that rooms in the South and West direction should be made heavy. #2
  3. 3. The directions of two rooms you are constructing should have one master bedroom in South direction & another in North west. #3
  4. 4. Getting bedroom constructed from South West to South East and from South West to North West is auspicious. #4
  5. 5. Get master bed room built in South- West corner. (Room of landlord) #5
  6. 6. Get children’s bedroom constructed in south-west. #6
  7. 7. Children’s bedroom can also be constructed in North East. #7
  8. 8. Get rooms constructed for newly married couples in North or North-West direction. #8
  9. 9. Get rooms constructed for children or younger brothers of landlord in East or North side of landlord’s bedroom. #9
  10. 10. Get rooms constructed for guests in the North West direction. #10
  11. 11. A peaceful environment will be maintained if you have an oil storage room in between the East and South- East area of your home. #11
  12. 12. Store the food grains in the North West room of your home. #12
  13. 13. The best place for a Study Room is the West Side of the land. #13
  14. 14. The Store room located in the South West direction is auspicious. #14
  15. 15. The Storage of waste material in the South West direction is auspicious. #15
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