12 Tips To Take Care Of Your Garden During The Monsoon Season


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Monsoon is the best season for planting, and also for preparing the existing plants for nourishment. Planting trees at this time reduces much of your effort on their establishment and maintenance. All sizes of trees and shrubs can be planted during the rainy season if you give careful attention to watering. The best way to welcome monsoon is planting tress and preparing the existing plants for nourishment. Following are some important factors to be taken care for your garden at the time of monsoons.

12 Tips To Take Care Of Your Garden During The Monsoon Season

  1. 1. Monsoon is the best season for planting trees and preparing to nourish the existing plants in your garden
  2. 2. Monsoon is the most conducive climate to grow indoor plants at home as they absorb the humidity in the air and also get the help of little sunlight which peep through the clouds
  3. 3. Here are 12important factors to be followed to take care of your garden during the monsoon season
  4. 4. Check your drainage system in the compound and garden. Water shouldn’t be allowed to stagnate in the garden as it can rot the roots of the plant easily. #1
  5. 5. The ideal plants which can thrive easily during the monsoon are bulbs, rajnigandha which have sporadic flowering till December from the start of the monsoon season. #2
  6. 6. The pits around the plants should be shallow to prevent the water from staying around them. Spreading of mulch around plants helps the rain bring additional nutrients to the plants in the garden. #3
  7. 7. If you are planting new saplings, ensure that only those plants which can adjust to the moisture of the monsoon season should be planted. #4
  8. 8. Allow frogs and toads inside the garden during the monsoon by way of flowing water or a running stream. They are insect eaters and help the garden to be free from these insects. #5
  9. 9. If the leaves of the plants in the garden start turning yellowish during the monsoon season, mix manure or cotton seed meal on top of the soil and keep it moist. #6
  10. 10. During the monsoon season, the pores in the plants open up and spraying natural fertilisers helps the plants to absorb them immediately. #7
  11. 11. It is never advisable to water the plants during the monsoon season unless the soil has turned dry or the leaves have started dropping. #8
  12. 12. Application of pesticides should be done during the monsoon season immediately after fresh shoots appear after the pruning process #9
  13. 13. Never walk on wet soil as the footprints on the soil compress soil during the monsoon season . They pack the soil particles tightly and squeeze out necessary oxygen. #10
  14. 14. The soil should be loosened instead of tilling before planting a new sapling during the monsoon season. This can be done with the help of a shovel . #11
  15. 15. Insects should be culled as they tend to multiply during the monsoon season. The best method to kill insects is to keep a bowl of kerosene and place a light insect killer near it. #12
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