10 Things To Look For When Shopping For An Apartment


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An Apartment or Flats have become the default choice for people in metros and other large cities. There are many things to look for when buying an apartment building. Buying a property or apartment in posh area is a good idea of investment. Following are 10 important things to look for when shopping for an apartment.

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10 Things To Look For When Shopping For An Apartment

  1. 1. Apartments or Flats have become the default choice for people in metros and other large cities
  2. 2. Before buying an apartment there are many things that you need to look into clearly
  3. 3. Here is a list of 10 important things to look for while shopping for an apartment
  4. 4. #1 While considering location , it has two different aspects to it. One is whether the location fits your lifestyle and which part of the city you want to live in. Location
  5. 5. #2 Most of the time apartment buildings have the necessary space so it does not become an issue . Explore the costs possibly associated with such parking privileges. Parking Space
  6. 6. #3 The housing society will demand a transfer fee when a sale is done. Societies levy maintenance charges on its members which could be monthly, quarterly or semi-annual payments. Association Fees
  7. 7. #4 While every great apartment community offers different on-site amenities that make life easier, you may find that you also count on the amenities located outside the apartment community to make your apartment home a great place to live. Amenities
  8. 8. #5 Ensure you are investing on the right property by conducting title search and checking documents relating to the property. Seek legal experts help for doing title search and checking the documents before you buy the property. Title Search
  9. 9. #6 This should be obvious, of course, but the cost per square foot is not the only information you need to know. You need to carefully compare the condition of each unit with the price of the unit.. Cost versus condition
  10. 10. #7 Check if the unit has a balcony or patio space for your private use and how large is the space. Check if it is large enough for entertaining or is it just meant for one or two people. Balcony space
  11. 11. #8 Although the cost and maintenance of the pool will be covered by your association fees, you will want to check to see if the pool is indoor or outdoor along with the association rules regarding the usage of the pool. Swimming Pool Rules
  12. 12. #9 If pets are an issue for you in any way, then you should check on the association rules regarding pets and animals as well. Pets
  13. 13. #10 Choosing a house higher up is translated to better privacy & closer to the terrace. However, If you have a lot of heavy furniture, home decor, then moving it up and down while vacating and moving in can be a very painful process. Choosing the right Floor
  14. 14. For more property buying tips
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