10 Commandments To Follow For A Pet Friendly Home


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A lot of us love pets, don’t we? Although we would love to raise a pet at home, we are sceptical by a notion that a beautiful house and a pet will simply not go together. A lot of us believe that in order to have a pet, one has to sacrifice their luxurious and healthy living.
Did you know, you could keep your house luxurious and healthy by following a few steps to make it pet friendly. In fact, many pet lovers design their homes considering their pet’s needs and requirements. Many own various pets like dogs, cats, parrots, mice and other furry and feathered animals inside their home. Animal activists believe that one can have a beautiful house as well as a domesticated animal at their living space.
When a tamed animal is extremely involved in your everyday life, there are various steps to be followed to make your pet feel at home. Here are few tips to keep in mind;

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10 Commandments To Follow For A Pet Friendly Home

  1. 1. 10Commandments For A Pet Friendly Home
  2. 2. Always keep in mind the house layout while designing your home for the convenience of your pet’s survival. #1 Home Layout
  3. 3. Since pets tend to set their paw marks on the wall, paint your walls with dark colours to avoid them from getting dirty instantly. #2 Wall Paint
  4. 4. Having durable and hard flooring, makes it easy for your pet’s movements and are rarely damaged by their scratches. #3 Hard Flooring
  5. 5. It is suggested not to use carpets if you’re raising pets at your home as they tend to trap pet odours, fur and even stain instantly. #4 Carpets
  6. 6. To maintain a pet friendly home carry on a regular vacuum cleaning process as a pet may shed a lot of hair. #5 Vacuum Cleaning
  7. 7. If your pet sleeps along with you, install a thick pad for the protection of the mattress which will prevent your pet from scratching the surface. #6 Bed Arrangement
  8. 8. Fill in your house with pet friendly furniture by opting for metal or wooden furniture which is the best option. #7 Furniture
  9. 9. By regularly bathing and brushing your pet, you can get rid of the loose hair quickly rather than them being strewn all over the house. #8 Bathe Your Pet
  10. 10. Keep away the electrical utilisations like the iron box, water heater and others from the reach of your pet. #9 Electrical appliances
  11. 11. Keep a designated place for your pet’s eating and drinking process along with a mop to wipe away the bosh or the paw marks of your pet. #10 Necessary Objects
  12. 12. Always keep in mind while the house layout while designing your home for the convenience of your pet’s survival. #1 Home Layout Looking for answers for all your property questions?
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