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The Newest Challenger To SEO: Social Discovery


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What is social discovery, and how can businesses take advantage of it?

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The Newest Challenger To SEO: Social Discovery

  1. 1. The Newest Challenger To SEO: Social Discovery Presented To: Search Exchange 2011 Brandon Uttley, CEO Command Partners
  2. 2. What We’ll Cover • What is Social Discovery? • Why it matters • How to take advantage of itEspecially how to think of it terms of content optimization
  3. 3. What Is Social Discovery? • Until about three weeks didn’t mean much • It sounded like a great concept • Use of social tools to nd relevant content • Systems that enable sharing of content with other users • “We’re at 2004-2005 of social networks in social discovery.” —Tagged CEO Greg TsengI had started to read this term “social discovery” in the past couple months. It sounded kindof theoretical.
  4. 4. Boom.Suddenly, Facebook has brought the concept of social discovery to life with Open Graph viaTimeline, Ticker, etc.
  5. 5. Houston, this is Social Discovery. We have lifto .Social Discovery, here we come.
  6. 6. What are people doing?Social discovery allows you to discover things via social media...
  7. 7. Eating Listening To Doing Buying Watching Watching Reading Attending TV Movies Goodbye, Hello, [insert active verb here].The Like button was just the beginning. Someone called it a “blunt instrument.” We wereforced to use it because it was the only option.
  8. 8. “Like” Is So 2010.
  9. 9. Now Action & Consumption Will Be The New Norms
  10. 10. “We call it real-time serendipity.” —Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg
  11. 11. Serendipity (n.) The occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or bene cial wayOf course, things don’t just always happen randomly. Someone had to put something in thestream
  12. 12. Chance Doesn’t Just Happen Relevant content increases your chances of someone “discovering” somethingOf course, things don’t just always happen randomly.
  13. 13. The New Open Graph FB’s core is the social graph; people and the connections they have to everything they careabout. In 2010, FB extended the social graph, via the Open Graph protocol, to include 3rdparty websites and pages that people liked. Now extending the Open Graph to includearbitrary actions and objects created by 3rd party apps and enabling these apps tointegrate deeply into the Facebook experience.
  14. 14. A nity + Interests + Social SharingAs social media users and consumers, this is how Social Discovery will benefit us.
  15. 15. Think Lifestreaming.The game is changing. Everything that can potentially be shared WILL be shared, allowingothers to be part of the experiences.
  16. 16. Nike+ is a great example. Instantly share you activity to Facebook.
  17. 17. Trenny is another for social fashion.
  18. 18. Pinterest. Lots of stff shared.
  19. 19. Spotify is another.
  20. 20. “People discover music through their friends. Because they’re social, they’re more engaged. Because they’re more engaged, they’re also twice as likely to pay for music. Social discovery on Facebook means we’re bringing people back to paying for music again.” —Spotify CEO Daniel EkThis is one opinion. Another is, your friends’ music taste is “social discovery” oftheir music stream is worthless to you. Same thing can be said about their choices in food,clothes, books, etc.
  21. 21. “Sharing with your friends generates an ampli cation. When more of your friends see it and it generates clicks back to a site, that’s of value to a media company. We’re going to signi cantly increase the amount of sharing.” —Facebook’s EMEA Platform Partnerships Director Christian HernandezEMEA=Europe, Middle East and Africa
  22. 22. Four Major Discovery BucketsCommunication Games Media LifestyleStumbleupon Angry Birds Net ix Foodspotting Reddit WOW Spotify Nike+ Words With Foursquare Instagram Pinterest Friends
  23. 23. Music Random StuDiscover new new stuff/ways to do things
  24. 24. What friends are participating in...what apps they are using..and much more
  25. 25. I learn hear about a new extreme sports race
  26. 26. I can discover something I didn’t know about, a new social site in this case
  27. 27. How To Take Advantage of Social Discovery
  28. 28. For Businesses To Compete They will need to “App-e-tize” Less Marketing, More StorytellingFor businesses, they need to think about how they can enable their users to share whatthey are doing, reading, buying, etc.
  29. 29. Example where a user adds a food app to their Timeline. Later they take an action in theapp. It shows up in the News Feed, Timeline and Ticker.
  30. 30. Changes In the Stream New Graph Rank All Updates Will Appear In The Ticker Only Important Events Go To The News FeedGraph Rank is joining or replacing EdgeRank
  31. 31. Updates + Sponsored Stories Sponsored Stories Will Increase Organic Vs. Guaranteed/Paid Distribution Now Called Graph Targeting By FacebookGraph targeting will be huge...and Sponsored Stories will be a way to take advantage of socialsharing. Example of person listening to a song, which Spotify or the band can take ads outon.
  32. 32. “Algorithmic discovery worked very well in a world where links were the dominant force. When you overlay the social component, you begin to see a new way of discovery which, in the real world, happened already—you bought something at Topshop or a book, movie or CD because your friend recommended it.” —Christian HernandezPublish content people care about. Ask: How can you build experiences and publish contentthat people will put in their Timelines?
  33. 33. Speaking of Algorithms… What About Google?
  34. 34. Google, the No. 1 search engine, accounted for 11.1 billion searches in August, according to ComScore.Well, don’t count them out. Hardly.
  35. 35. Google+Google+ is huge, too. Faster initial growth than Facebook.
  36. 36. Google+ has 50 million users.Google+ hit this number in 88 daysvs. the 3½ years it took Facebook.
  37. 37. "Theoretically, Google has theedge" over Facebook, IDC analystScott Ellison says.
  38. 38. "Theoretically, Google has theedge" over Facebook, IDC analystScott Ellison says. Duh.
  39. 39. Changing Search ResultsGoogle is already zooming ahead with better search results.
  40. 40. Tailored Search ResultsNow displaying annotated results.
  41. 41. Diversity of The Search Experience Think about the richness of the search experience today With Google in particular, Universal Search, Personalized Search, Social Search, Instant Search, Local/Mobile, Preview and even the currently suspended Real-Time Search all factor together to give users what they’re looking forCompared to bland search results made up mostly of just web pages several years ago
  42. 42. When you use the vocabulary to mark up your content, Google can use thatmarkup to improve the display of your site in Google Web Search. Use Rich Snippets TestingTools in Webmaster.
  43. 43. Google reports the averageconsumer is discernibly in uencedby 10.4 discrete pieces ofinformation—up from 5.3 sourcesa year ago (Source: Google Insights)
  44. 44. Social Authority Is Growing An author’s authority on social networking sites is in uencing traditional SEO Social shows authority—not relevance Social signals at best will show that something is “rank worthy”Example: Car insurance (you can get tons of likes, shares, etc. but with no links you won’trank. Authority Rank being considered along with PageRank.
  45. 45. Google+Social connections may improve click-through rates on search adsand organic listingsTra c is pre-quali ed and may increase the engagement of theperson on a siteSearch engines trust the “social web”
  46. 46. To Sum UpSocial discovery is hereSharing is going to grow even moreThink actions and apps
  47. 47. Any Questions?
  48. 48. Thank you. Brandon Uttley, Twitter: @brandonuttley