Getting Started with Biz Gigs


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Welcome to the new .BIZ GIGS on the Marketplace.

A: We bring together buyers and sellers working in PR, IR, corp comm, marketing and advertising.

An acronym for “Communications Professional Resources Online,” is the destination for business marketing communications professionals need to be successful, whether they’re in PR, IR, corporate communications, marketing or advertising. reaches more than 70,000+ marcom professionals with its “Daily Headlines” and enjoys over 20,000+ site visitors per month. Its founders include Bruce Merchant, (Chairman & Chief Strategy Officer), Fay Shapiro (Publisher), Todd Fabacher (Chief Information Architect) and Brian Pittman (Content Director). The team brings together a wealth of experience in publishing and services targeted to the business communications sectors—including advertising, investor relations, public relations and marketing. For further information, visit us online at:, Twitter @commprobiz. Facebook

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Getting Started with Biz Gigs

  2. 2. Q: WHAT IS .BIZ GIGS? A: We bring together buyers and sellers working in PR, IR, corp comm, marketing and advertising.“BUYER BOB” “SELLER SUE”
  3. 3. HOW DO I GET STARTED? Register on THEN...
  4. 4. READY TO Hi, I’m Sue, I design unique video and interactive timelines. SELL? Many of my clients are from marketing and PR firms. However, I am looking for a way to get new clientsMeet “Seller Sue”What is a .Biz Gig?A .Biz Gig is a pre-packaged businessservice or resource,available at a greatprice.
  5. 5. Step One: Type the “title” and select a REGISTER price for your Biz Gig. Select your category and write a clear and concise All she had to do was answer a few description. questions... Step Two:Enter tag descriptions, separatedby commas.  Tags are used tosearch for your gig. Also include #of days needed to complete yourgig, plus some images to help promote your service(s). Step Three: Include up to three links to YouTube videos that help promote your Feature Your Gig: For $99.00 your Gig will be “featured” for 30 days.
  6. 6. BINGO!Sue joined the CommPRO.bizcommunity and created her .BizGig in less then 10 minutes. Shewrote a brief description anduploaded two existing videos toYouTube so she could demonstratesamples of her work. The .Biz Gigs center is the perfect place for you to promote your services.
  7. 7. SHARE IT! They made it so easyGet out there and market your for me. There are share.Biz Gig to the business world. options right on the page so I was able to quickly and easily able to use social media to market my gig.
  8. 8. MEET “BUYER BOB”Bob and his team are in search of some help for a new client “pitch” presentation.
  9. 9. IN SEARCH OF A SOLUTION! Bob searches the .Biz GigMarketplace and finds Sue’s gig
  10. 10. CONTACT Bob contacts Sue via the Marketplace private message system with a quick question (Your email is never revealed). After Sue’s answer and his review of her portfolio/work samples, he’s ready to place an order. PURCHASEBob pays for Sue’s .Biz Gig usingPayPal. The money is held in escrowuntil the gig is completed. We use PayPal and offer secure and confidential payment processing for both the buyer and seller.
  11. 11. CONGRATULATIONS! “Seller Sue” was notified via email that “Buyer Bob” purchased a timeline video.Next steps…SELLER: Now that you’ve wonthe job, you email the buyer toreview the gig specifications.BUYER: Track your seller’swork progress, exchange files andreview any gig questions.
  12. 12. TICK …Bob and his team have 48 hrs after project “delivery” to askTOCK Sue to make “fixes” to the video timeline she created for them.
  13. 13. JOB WELL DONE! Bob confirms receipt of service and releases the payment to Sue.
  14. 14. WIN-WIN!Bob get a new client and givesSue a glowing review.