Tips for Selecting an E-learning Outsourcing Vendor

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May. 26, 2014

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Editor's Notes

  1. Welcome to the Presentation on “Tips for selecting an eLearning Outsourcing vendor”
  2. There is a massive increase in eLearning development companies across the world , especially in India
  3. And there are chances that that Most of them do not have proper knowledge on Learning design and development process.
  4. Some of the companies may not have proper experience working with Fortune clients and is comfortable working with global audiences.
  5. Some of the companies are without having streamlined production processes and strong project management.
  6. With all such above contexts you will have dilemma in mind that how to select a right eLearning vendor.
  7. What aspects to consider while selecting a right vendor?
  8. Here is a tips that will enable you to select your right eLearning vendor for your eLearning development
  9. Make sure that your vendor-partner has a pedigree in training and learning.
  10. It is essential to have a learning design knowledge to the developers
  11. Learning Course Development requires the specialized skills of content analysis, instructional designing skills are required not only graphical components, courseware development tools and technical knowledge to develop effective courses
  12. When selecting an outsourcing vendor-partner, ensure that the vendor has considerable experience working with Fortune clients and is comfortable working with global audiences.
  13. you need someone who has a proven track record in handling projects successfully within your cultural context.
  14. Check how comfortable the vendor is working across time-zones and languages.   This will help address your concerns around cultural differences and cross-cultural communication.
  15. Look for a provider with a proven track record of success. Ask for samples before going to make any decisions.
  16. Check out your potential vendors’ references and ensure you select a vendor-partner that you can trust.
  17. Use those service providers with streamlined production processes.
  18. And strong project management
  19. It is also important to make sure that the vendor has formal review and quality control processes in place.
  20. Other things being equal such as skills, quality, and turnaround time, I’m sure you’d agree that cost is the bottom-line deciding factor for developing eLearning in-house or outsourcing it. By outsourcing to reliable and competent vendor-partners
  21. While going to Outsource your eLearning development follow this points in selection of eLearning vendor
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  23. Thank You