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The Learning Management System for Successful Customer Training

  1. The Learning Management System for Successful Customer Training Corporate organizations are taking the help of L&D to gain and retain customers. The idea of customer training, while not new, has taken a life of its own in the past few years. Let’s see why it is important and how an LMS can help make it a success.
  2. Why is Customer Training Important? Customer training: • Reduces customer service interactions and support costs • Ensures better customer onboarding and faster product adoption • Improves customer retention rates • Increases chances of up-sales and cross-sales • Empowers customers with the knowledge needed to use the product or service And How does the LMS Facilitate Customer Training?
  3. 1. Acts as a Centralized Hub for All Product or Service-related Information • Instead of Googling how to use a product or service and get loads of unreliable information, customers can simply access everything they need to know on one platform. • Instead of reading boring user-manuals, customers can access courses in different formats to learn about the product or service.
  4. 2. Offers Self-paced Learning at Customers’ Convenience • As customers would prefer to learn at their own convenience, you cannot schedule training programs for them (unlike your employees) at a fixed time or location. • They need individual learning paths and self-paced learning that they can access anytime and anywhere. That’s what the LMS would provide!
  5. 3. Facilitates Customer Certification on Industry Standards • With B2B organizations, especially SaaS companies, customers often need to be certified on standard operating procedures (SOPs) and other industry standards before they can use your product or service. • A 21 CFR Part 11 compliant LMS will come in handy for certification courses.
  6. 4. Enables Collaborative Learning with Other Customers With the LMS in place, customers from different parts of the world can interact with one another and exchange ideas, tips, and experiences through: • Discussion forums • Chat boxes • Product pages on social media
  7. 5. Helps Improve Training thro’ Feedback, Tracking, and Reporting • The LMS helps you track customers’ experience, collect feedback from them. • You can use these insights to improve your training and your product or service.
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