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Strategies for Effective Information Security Training


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To download: Here is the presentation on Strategies for Effective Information Security Training. The presentation gives handy tips on using training to ensure data security and information security within the organization.

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Strategies for Effective Information Security Training

  1. 1. Strategies For Effective Information Security Training
  2. 2. What is information security training?
  3. 3. Need for information security training
  4. 4. What are the strategies for effective information security training?
  5. 5. Make the employees aware of the importance of information security
  6. 6. Deliver information security training to the employees.
  7. 7. Get the top management to lead and motivate the employees.
  8. 8. Coordinate and facilitate effective communication
  9. 9. Explain the do’s and don'ts to the employees clearly
  10. 10. Revise the information security training curriculum periodically
  11. 11. Update employees on an ongoing basis
  12. 12. Measure the information security training program effectiveness
  13. 13. Define and state the roles and responsibilities of employees
  14. 14. Reward employees for following security practices
  15. 15. Conclusion Employees at every level need to understand basic security policies as well as their responsibilities
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