Creating Product Training with Maximum Impact for Your Sales People


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To download: Check out this presentation to gain knowledge that supports sales objectives and learn how to create impactful product training.

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  • Welcome to the Presentation on ” Creating Product Training With Maximum Impact For Your Sales People”.
  • Why do sales people need product training?
  • Only when the sales team has good knowledge about the products of their organization, will they be able to convince prospective buyers and succeed in closing a sale. Good product knowledge helps in selling.
  • Sales people need to be trained on products and eLearning is an ideal medium for this purpose. Let’s see why.
  • Sales people are increasingly handling a large number of products. New products are entering the market more rapidly than ever before. Traditional product training programs, in a classroom environment, may not always be feasible. Therefore, an increasing number of organizations are using eLearning to train their sales people on products.
  • But would product training include just information about products? What do sales people expect from product training?
  • Sales people are target oriented and value the training that supports them in achieving their targets, i.e., increased sales.
  • And, what is the knowledge that helps sales people achieve their targets? They need information that helps them to confidently address questions in a sales meeting. Information that comes in handy would be
    Unique Selling Proposition of Products
    Basic understanding of their installation and operation
    Conceptual background about the position of product in the product line
    Current market Information and
    Solution Selling Ideas that give them an edge
    Let’s look at each one of them separately.
  • Sales people expect to get a general knowledge of products and their features, with particular emphasis on their USPs. Sales people should be able to recommend the correct product, from among the product line, based on a customer’s requirement. Using effective visualization and appropriate graphics, sales people can be given an orientation on the company’s product line and match it with the profile of their prospects.
  • Sales people expect to receive comprehensive, consistent and professional training that includes product installation, configuration or operation and some basic trouble shooting. This helps them to address customer queries confidently. Online demos, videos or animations can be effectively used for the purpose.
  • Sales people expect to obtain a conceptual background and understand the overall place of the product in the enterprise-wide process. They need to constantly update themselves of new product launches and understand how it changes the product portfolio and selling strategies.
  • Sales people need to know how their products fare in comparison to the other products available in the market in terms of quality, price and features. It is important to understand the on-field realities and incorporate them into training.
  • Selling is more successful when sales people translate product features into benefits for customers. Therefore, sales people would like to get ideas to sell solutions to customers rather than product features.
  • Conclusion:
    Without a firm grasp of the product, salespeople will not be able to guide or influence the buying decisions of their customers. Market dynamics and competitor information keep changing and a sales person is expected to be kept informed about these developments that have a direct bearing on the sales. Product training for sales people therefore, cannot be a single, one-time event, but should be an ongoing process.
  • Lack of information and employee awareness is a major threat to Information Security. Well-thought out training program is the key to ensure that your organization’s data is protected and secured at all times.
  • Thank You
  • Creating Product Training with Maximum Impact for Your Sales People

    1. 1. Creating Product Training With Maximum Impact For Your Sales People
    2. 2. Why do sales people need product training?
    3. 3. Product Knowledge is Essential or Selling.
    4. 4. Why is eLearning suitable for product training?
    5. 5. ELearning helps sales people to update themselves about the products of their organization on a continual basis.
    6. 6. What do sales people expect from product training?
    7. 7. Training needs to support them in achieving their targets.
    8. 8. Knowledge that supports sales objectives: • USP of products • Installation & Operation • Position of product • Market information • Solution selling ideas
    9. 9. USP of Products: • Key features of products • Product line • Profile of customers
    10. 10. Installation and Operation of Products: • Product installation • Configuration • Basic troubleshooting
    11. 11. Position of product • Knowledge of product portfolio
    12. 12. Market Information: • Training should align with on-field realities and challenges.
    13. 13. Solution selling Ideas: • How a feature helps customers to solve a problem
    14. 14. Conclusion: • An online product training enriches sales training programs by providing continual, ongoing support to the sales person.
    15. 15. To read articles on similar topics, please visit
    16. 16. Thank you