PPC Setup & Management webinar


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Learn to Setup & Manage your first PPC Campaign

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  • Paid advertising platform through googleNot provided- takes away access to keyword data and rankings research we had access to before, making it only possible to obtain keyword ranking data through paid google services, aka adwordsPPC is a piece of marketing not the whole thing, you lose rankings and traffic as soon as you stop paying, ads also have a lower CTR than high seo ranked websites. Not to mention adwords is a competitive platform and it can be very expensive to continuously run
  • Not just on google and not just in text form. You can create display ads which are image ads that pop up on sites that partner with google such as: bloomberg.com, us-lease.com, investopedia.com, businessinsider, usatoday, leasetrader.com
  • Choose Keywords- keyword planner, take into account search traffic, CPC, and compeitiion. Don’t forget you can find keyword variations using industry targets.choose about 10 keywords for each product target you want to focus on to spread your outreach potential and gain some search diversity. Keyword matching- broad match- similar phrase and relevant variations ex. Keyword target is equipment leasing, but you are getting traffic for equipment financingphrase match- searches contains that exact phrase in order ex. Construction business Equipment leasing exact match- only when the search query is that exact phrase Negative keywords. Ex. Equipment leasing Negative keyword management helps increase your CTR % CTR=clicks/impressions
  • Auction status Ad Rank = max. CPC (the maximum amount you are willing to pay for a click on your ad) multiplied by the so-called “Quality Score”.The higher your Quality Score, the lower will be your CPC.
  • Quality score of 5/10 or higher and a CTR of at least 1% shows you are on the right track for PPC successQuality score for each of your keywords can be found under your keywords tab in the ‘status’ column. Click the speech bubble next to the the status of each active keyword
  • PPC Setup & Management webinar

    1. 1. Learning To Setup & Build Out Your Paid Search Ads
    2. 2.  What is AdWords?  Recent Google Updates  PPC as a Piece of The Pie  Brand Visibility  Track Every Cent
    3. 3.  Create Google AdWords Account  Set Budget  Choose Keywords  Location Specific?  Determine Audience
    4. 4.  Campaign  Ad Groups  Keywords  Ads
    5. 5.  Keyword Matching  Broad March  Phrase Match  Exact Match
    6. 6.  Creating Ads Using Landing Pages & Keywords  Ad Placement Bids  Ad Rank= Max. CPC X Quality Score  Higher Quality Score=Lower CPC
    7. 7.  Relevance of Keywords & Landing Pages  Relevance of Keywords & Ads  Landing Page Performance  Click-Through-Rate (CTR)
    8. 8.  Watch Traffic & Impressions  Watch 1st Page Placement Bids  Setup Analytics Goals For Landing Pages  Negative Keywords  Ad Placements
    9. 9.  Find Click, CTR, & Impressions In Your Dashboard
    10. 10.  In The Keywords Tab, You Will Find:  Each Keyword Bid  Each Ad/Keyword Average Rank
    11. 11.  In The ‘Admin’ Section of Your Google Analytics Account.  Click ‘Goals’
    12. 12.  Create New Goal
    13. 13.  In Your Adwords Dashboard:  Click Display Network  Then Placements
    14. 14.  http://www.spyfu.com/  http://www.semrush.com/  http://www.ispionage.com/
    15. 15.  Slide Deck Available:  http://www.slideshare.net/CommCapMark  Full Recorded Webinar:  http://www.commercialcapitalmarketing.com/webina r-resources/  Questions About PPC?  Email Me: brittney@commercialcapitalmarketing.com