15 March Event by Leida Rijnhout


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15 March Event by Leida Rijnhout

  1. 1. Rio+20: “ Achieving Global Justice in the Green Economy”Innovative Thinking towards Fair Natural Resources Sharing This event is made possible by the support of the Federal Public Planning Service Sustainable Development (PODDO) Belgium
  2. 2. On the way to Rio, where are we ?• 3rd Prepcom and Rio+20: 13-22 June 2012• Regional preparatory meetings were in 2011• First and second intersessional too• Third intersessional will be next week (19-27 March)Zero draft: compiled document with input from governments, major groups and international organisations. This document is now being negotiated during the “informal informals” and intersessional.
  3. 3. The green economyIn zero draft more written on what it is NOT.. but still open for discussion. A lot of confusion however.Some countries against, as they see it as threat for their trade, and some because they are afraid of putting nature (too much) into the market.Europe wants roadmap, binding agreement and phasing out unsustainable production and consumption.USA want no roadmap, but a voluntary approach and promoting sustainable consumption.
  4. 4. International Framework for sustainable development Topics raised: •From CSD to Council? •From UNEP to UNEO? •From MDGs to SDGs? •International Environmental Court? •Ombudsperson for future generations ? •CSRA convention? •Principle 10?
  5. 5. Today’s topic:• How to achieve Global Justice and fair sharing of available natural resources ?• This important issue is often mentioned in the debates, but never really concretised. There is a kind of moral agreement about this, but still not a political one. Same in Climate Change negotiations.
  6. 6. Fair share for all ?
  7. 7. Hypothesis• The wealth of the overconsumers is often at the expenses of the poorer countries. Material and financial flows are going from South to North: who is helping who ?• But also on the account of future generations and the planet. » How to stop this ?
  8. 8. Use of natural resources pp ‘Contraction and Convergence’ Former Eastern Industrial countries European countries Ceiling (= overconsumption) Environmental Space Floor (= dignity life line) Developing countries Level of welfareBased on Rochol
  9. 9. Have an inspiring day !!
  10. 10. Program09:45-10:00 Welcome Address Opening Introduction - Ò the way to Rio: where are we? On by Ms. Leida Rijnhout, Executive Director of ANPED10:0 0 -10 :15 Introduction by EESC Representative - by Mr. Pedro Narro, Member of Sustainable Development Observatory10:1 5 -10 :30 Introduction by EU Danish Presidency - by Mr. Anders Rune Bjerrum, Special Advisor to the Minister on Rio+2010:3 0 -11 :00 ÒR eversed Development AidÓ by Dr. Francine Mestrum, researcher and activist11:0 0 -11 :30 ÒMDGs, SDGs: Towards a future international sustainable development framework?Ó by Ms. Denise Auclair - CIDSE11:3 0 -11 :45 COFFEE BREAK
  11. 11. 11:45-12:15 ÒMill nnium Consumption GoalsÓ e by Thomas Brose Ð Klimab ndnis Ð Bonn - Germany12:1 5 -13 :00 Panel debate: ÒWill Rio+20 pave the way for a more just world order?Ó moderated by Ms. Laura Shields, Freelance Journalist • ΟΕΧ ∆ Ð M r. n‡n O l r Ear C eiigh, evel D opm entAssistance mitt Com ee · Bel an Di gi rectoateG eneralor Devl r f e opm ent( G D) Ð Ms. R enata D Vandeputte · CONCOR D -Sally Nic on,WWF hols
  12. 12. 14:30-15:00 ÒGl bal management of Resource useÓ o by Mr. Joachim Spangenberg - EU Commission Resource Efficiency expert15:0 0 -15 :30 ÒQuotas for resource useÓ by Ms. Veronika Kiss Ð CEEweb15:3 0 -16 :15 Panel debate: Ò Can we learn to live well while respecting the EarthÕs ecological limits?Óm odera ted by Ms. Lau ra S hie lds, Free lan ce Jo urnalist • ΕΥ Χοµµ ισσι ν ∆ Γ Ενϖι ονµ εντ ∠ Μρ. ϑακυβ Ωε ϕχηερτ ο ρ • ΕΤΥΧ ∠ Μσ. Κιρ τον−∆ αρινγ ϑυδιτη λ • ΥΝΕΠ − Μρ. Χηρισς ανδε ν Βιλχ ε, Ηε αδ οφ Λιαισ Οφφιχετο τηε Ε Υ κ ον • ΕΕΒ ∠ Μρ. ϑερεµψ Ω ατεσ, Εξεχυτιϖε ∆ι ρεχτορ16:1 5 −1 6 :3 0 ΧΟΝ ΧΛΥΣΙΟΝΣ, βψ Μσ. Λειδα Ρι ϕ νηουτ