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Kular, Jaideep - Tutorial 7


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Tutorial 7 (Week of March 6th)

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Kular, Jaideep - Tutorial 7

  1. 1. TUTORIAL 7 |T22 & T29 Informational Interview + Networking
  2. 2. agenda • skills matrix debrief • personal feedback debrief • informational interview assignment • networking event + reflection assignment • action items
  3. 3. where are we at? Week 9 Week 13Week 10 Week 12 • tutorial: event networking/ informational interview • resume and cover letter due (mar 7th @ 2PM) • networking event (mar 9th from 6- 8PM in CPA Hall) • lecture: interview prep • tutorial: interview questions • interview stream due mar 31st @ 11:59 pm Week 11 • lecture: informational interview • networking reflection due (mar 14th @ 11:59PM) • lecture: when you’ve got the job! • mock employment interviews (apr 3rd to apr 6th) • informational interview assignment due (apr 14th @ 11:59pm)
  4. 4. skills matrix – marking complete!
  5. 5. where does networking happen?
  6. 6. chance meetings
  7. 7. facilitated events
  8. 8. via direct request
  9. 9. purpose behind networking • get your foot in the door (faster) • gain insight about a company, industry, or career path • practice your interview and networking skills • find a potential mentor • show them who you are beyond your resume and cover letter
  10. 10. the informational interview assignment • contact details (name, company, title, phone, email) • list of questions asked • major insights gained – what did you learn during your informational interview? **This is the most important part, should be 40% of final paper** • did you request/receive any information regarding additional connections? • follow up action – What will you do to maintain this connection? **Screen shot of thank you email (post-meeting) required** • what are your next steps having conducted this informational interview? 20%
  11. 11. the informational interview assignment • Due Friday April 14th @ 11:59pm via Turnitin • Minimum of two pages, single spaced • In-person and NOT a current UBC student/staff/faculty or family member • Look at potential questions on the course blog • Look at assignment criteria and grading rubric on the course blog 20%
  12. 12. landing an informational interview
  13. 13. steps to land an informational interview 1. Find 4 or 5 potential contacts 2. Research them (google, linkedin) and reach out to contacts you have in common 3. Decide what you want to talk to them about and brainstorm questions and points of commonality 4. Send out your invites! Don’t be offended if they don’t immediately reply
  14. 14. informational interview timeline Week 9 Week 13Week 10 Week 12 • Determine potential informational interview candidates • Compose and send first round email • Have interview date/time confirmed • Brainstorm questions for interview Week 11 • Compose and send second round email • Informational Interview assignment due (Apr 14th @ 11:59PM) via Turnitin
  15. 15. sample info interview request
  16. 16. sample info interview follow-up/thank you
  17. 17. networking event!
  18. 18. the comm 202 networking event • SAVE THE DATE (mandatory attendance) • Thursday, March 9th from 6:00pm-8:00pm @ CPA Hall • Alumni, senior students, and local professionals convening for an evening of networking with this semester’s COMM 202 students • Excellent opportunity to practice and refine your networking skills and learn more about how to make the most of your time at Sauder! • Dress in business casual
  19. 19. networking event reflection • 1) GOALS IN ATTENDING EVENT: • Your goals in attending the event (what was your purpose in going + define SMART goals beforehand) • 2) HOW DID YOU PREPARE FOR THE EVENT: • How you researched the contacts before the event? • What was it about these people that motivated you wanting to talk to them? • 3) CONVERSATION SUMMARIES: • A brief summary of who you spoke with and what you learned in the conversations • Focus on 3+ conversations • 4) REFLECTION ON LESSONS LEARNED: • A reflection on the lessons you have learned about the networking process • 5) ACTIONS STEPS: • Next steps you will take to continue building a relationship with your new contact 10% MINIMUM ONE PAGE, SINGLE SPACED: Due Mar 14th at 11:59pm via Turnitin *Reference course blog for assignment criteria and marking rubric*
  20. 20. how to succeed web to web eye colour comfy shoes smile!name tag on right
  21. 21. addressing the room • Look for singles or doubles! • You want to be memorable - the less people in your circle the easier that becomes!
  22. 22. the approach • don’t interrupt – when joining a networking circle, wait for a lull in the conversation • never have food and a drink, you need a free hand to shake! • go with a wingman, but not a Siamese twin
  23. 23. keep it simple • just simply say hi! • Hi, my name’s Jaideep. • Jaideep, it’s good to meet you! My name is Bob. • show you’re interested in talking to them • Hi Bob, it’s great to meet you as well. I was actually hoping to chat with you this evening as I noticed on your LinkedIn profile that you…and I would love to hear more about your experience. • start the conversation. ask a question / have them talk about themselves / stay positive • Do you have any advice for students…looking to make the most of their time at Sauder? …looking for a career in your field?
  24. 24. continuing the conversation • be careful not to monopolize peoples’ time • listen for facts, feelings, free information and implied statements • introduce others, tying them into the conversation • identify commonalities • ask open ended questions #listen
  25. 25. the graceful exit • spend 5 to 10 minutes with one person; wait for a lull • excuse yourself kindly and assertively: • “It was nice to meet you” • “I’m glad you were here today. It’s been great chatting with you. Thanks so much.” • “I don’t want to monopolize all your time today. Thank you for taking time to speak with me and I hope you enjoy the rest of the event.” • shake hands and exchange cards or ask to connect (if the conversation was meaningful)
  26. 26. Hi Bob, I had a great time connecting with you at the Comm 202 networking event. It’s always great to meet someone who is equally as passionate about entrepreneurship and social impact. I’ll keep in mind the point you mentioned about starting my entrepreneurship career early! I would love to continue our conversation about your experience at Bob&Co. I know that you must be very busy, but would you have some availability next Wednesday afternoon? I’d be happy to meet you downtown or wherever is convenient. Thank you, Jaideep follow-up after great conversations, send a personalized email or LinkedIn request (or maybe an informational interview request?)
  27. 27. what does it look like?
  28. 28. comm 202 networking event pet peeves • asking questions and not listening to the answer • asking rapid-fire questions so no one else can speak • when students only talk about their option choices or career path! • try connecting over a common interest beyond work and school
  29. 29. comm 202 networking event pro tips • eat dinner beforehand • do some research on the delegates, but don’t get consumed in stalking every LinkedIn profile • dress classy and comfortably • have a few interesting questions / topics to chat about ready to go. how do you want to be remembered? • when all else fails, find a 202 TA and we’ll help you join a circle • head to an area that is less packed • manage your energy – take a breather if you need it
  30. 30. action items 1. Resume & Cover Letter due March 7th @ 2PM on TURNITIN and @ 11:59pm on COOL (put resume, CL and job posting in ONE PDF doc) 2. Networking event on March 9th from 6-8pm in CPA Hall 3. Networking Reflection due March 14th @ 11:59PM on Turnitin 4. Next week is lecture with Victoria! 5. Start thinking about who you want to interview for the Informational Interview assignment!