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Comigo and octoshape ppt


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Comigo and octoshape ppt

  1. 1. Comigo and Octoshape team-up to deliver an end-toend social and interactive TV solution for operators
  2. 2. • Joint solution brings the quality, economics and scale of cable, satellite and IPTV solutions to multi- screen broadband. • Comigo, the creator of a comprehensive multi-screen TV platform and Octoshape, an industry leader in cloud-based OTT streaming technology, today announced a partnership to deliver an end-to-end TV solution for operators, offering revolutionary social and interactive features and capabilities combined with a superior TV viewing experience.
  3. 3. • The Comigo-Octoshape solution leverages the best of both technologies: – Octoshape's patented suite of multicast technologies include multi-path and multi-source capabilities that enable a quality TV-viewing experience on broadband devices. The clear quality advantages combined with the scale and economic benefits of multicast technologies enable true operator-friendly business models such as a flat fee per subscriber and flat fee per channel.
  4. 4. • Comigo's flexible TV platform provides an intuitive TV viewing experience, offering ground-breaking personalization and social TV capabilities, as well as contextual interactive value-added services. • The platform includes a cloud-based back-end solution and an android-based set-top-box solution, along with client applications for smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android).
  5. 5. • "Partnering with Comigo was a natural step towards delivering the ultimate user experience," said Michael Koehn Milland, CEO of Octoshape. "Its solution provides powerful personal, social and interactive capabilities which delights users through a simple and intuitive user interface and opens up new revenue generating opportunities for the operator."
  6. 6. • "We are excited to partner with Octoshape to deliver an end-to-end solution to our operator customers," said Dov Moran, Founder and CEO of Comigo. "Octoshape excels in delivering TV quality experiences across best-effort networks with business models that enable operators to run a successful OTT service."
  7. 7. • Both companies are engaged in numerous projects and are further aligning their product roadmaps to continue to raise the bar in OTT Delivery. • Octoshape and Comigo can be seen together at International CES, Las Vegas, January 7 - 10, 2014.
  8. 8. Discover new revenue opportunities and learn more about what Comigo can do for you! Check out our demo today!