Create a quiz using google forms


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How to create a quiz using Google Forms
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Create a quiz using google forms

  1. 1. Conduct a survey using Google Forms A step-by-step process to create a survey and generate data Let’s go! Image: Running Feet by P.A. FlickrCC
  2. 2. Surveys are tools for gatheringinsights about a particular focusarea. Surveys require an audience torespond. Consider networking acrossschools to get maximum responsesfor student surveys.Creating, conducting and evaluatingthe results of surveys promotescollaboration, inquiry, developmentof shared knowledge and skills.Why not factor in Google Formsurveys as a regular feature of theclassroom experience?! Image: Collaborative Futures by Mandiberg FlickrCC
  3. 3. what do we want to know? Thesis example:Instead of reading about the rest ‘Having a family pet is expensive’of the worlds data, why not gatheryour own? Using Google Forms, get your students to generate questionsAsk students to create a set of around this thesis to reveal howquestions around a particular pets are regarded, what kind of petsthesis. Encourage them to create people have, how many pets, costsquestions which will reveal boththe details and the big picture related to keeping pets, etc...answer to the thesis proposition.When it’s time to analyse the datathey will be looking to see if theirthesis can be proven. They mayalso find additional points ofinterest through the resulting data,depending on the shape of thesurvey questions. Image: Black & white cat by Nugavis FlickrCC
  4. 4. Create a FormSign into your Google Account and select ‘Drive’ on the Google ToolbarClicking on the red ‘Create’button will reveal thevarious formats you can usewithin Google Drive. Choosethe green icon to create aForm (or spreadsheet optionfor different purposes) forthis learning module.There is no ‘Save’ button asyou work on your Form.Changes are automaticallysaved.
  5. 5. Give your survey Form atitle.Choose a theme if you wish;this will change theappearance of the Form forrecipients.Set the first question as a‘text’ option and askstudents to write theirname. Make it a ‘requiredquestion’.Choose the question typeMake all questions ‘required’so data received reflectseach students voice.
  6. 6. Example of a ‘scale’ question type.‘Scale’ is selected.Option to describe the extremesof the scale.Add another question to thesurveyHow the survey respondent seesthe scale question
  7. 7. Before you finish, you mustcreate a destination for theresults of the survey. It’ssimple. The default optionis fine, just click ‘Create’.Students will click on the‘Submit’ button when theyhave finished the survey.Results will be sent to thespreadsheet that you canaccess and share with theclass.Check in your Google Driveto see the Responsesspreadsheet next to yourGoogle Form quiz.
  8. 8. Select ‘view live form’ to see how it’sshaping up What the respondents will see
  9. 9. Sharing directIf you do not use Google Sites youcan share the form directly toothers when you have finishedcreating the questions.Select the blue ‘send the form’button on the Google Form pageyou are creating your questions in –located on the top right of screenor at the end of the question listyou have created.A pop-up box like this one willrequire some detailsSend the embed link to manypeople via email. OR, add specificemail addresses for specificrespondents.
  10. 10. Sharing through embedding on a Google SiteClose the quiz when you have finishedadding questions. Go to your GoogleSites Page and turn the editing tool on.Go to Insert > choose Documents >Choose Forms > find the one you wantto use and click on Select > adjust asrequired in the pop-up box > click onSave.Save your Google Sites Page and theembedded quiz will appear.VIP - Make sure you have shared theGoogle Page using the ‘anyone with thelink’ option.
  11. 11. Go back to your Google Drive and open thespreadsheet to see student responses.You will see something like this:To see results presented incolour graphical presentation,select Form > Show summaryof responses
  12. 12. Your class survey resultsnever looked so interesting!
  13. 13. prepared by Comet for the Byte project April 2013