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Spain album by Portugal


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Spain album by Portugal

  2. 2. BY Manuel Mata Rafael Romero Manuel Villegas FROM Córdoba-Spain
  3. 3. Cristiano Ronaldo has an international career José Mourinho has been living and working in four European countries Daniela Ruah studied in Portugal, UK and EEUU
  4. 4. Henry lived a lot of adventures in Asia Luis Vaz de Camoes' tomb is in the Monastery of Batalha Antonio Salazar founded the Estado Novo
  5. 5. Its English name evolved from a misinterpretation of the oral pronunciation It commonly said its name is for a bird Its ancient name had its origin in a warrior
  6. 6. It was created in 1971 It started with Grândola, Vila MorenaIt started with Grândola, Vila Morena
  7. 7. They are the current CERH European League holders It said you can cook it on 1001 ways
  8. 8. We are in Guimaraes. This square is beautiful... We love Portugal!!