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Germany album by Lithuania


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Germany album by Lithuania

  2. 2. BY Kamilė Vinnikaitė Gesta Pažėraitė Radvilė Džiaugytė Vijorika Petrauskaitė Miglė Liudžiūtė FROM Kaunas Milikoniai Secondary School, Lithuania
  3. 3. Jürgen Klopp is a famous football coacher ANGELA MERKEL was a former research ALBERT EINSTEIN’S ideas changed Europe
  4. 4. Martin Luther is a real European citizen Daniel Brühl had to run away
  5. 5. OKTOBERFEST festival is held in Theresienwiese Müritz National Park is in MecklenburgVorponmen To visit Bavarian Forest National Park, go to Bayern
  6. 6. Golden/Silver Bear You can Willy Brandt didn’t like BERLIN WALL see this rare animal in February in Berlin RHINE RIVER has been a defensive feature and international border Since Ancient times
  7. 7. Thank you for CURRYWURST., Herta Heuwer Tartars took SAUERKRAUT to Europe
  8. 8. Ludwig van Beethoven, Johannes Gutenberg, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Albert Einstein are posing near Brandenburg Gate.