Typical meat menu


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Typical meat menu from Lake Garda (Italy).

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Typical meat menu

  1. 1. Italian Meat Menu from Lake Garda
  2. 2. Appetizers:•Maddalena’s OmeletteFirst Courses:•Lean Casoncei•Vegetable soup with chicken and riceSecond Courses:•Pork ribs with cabbages•Polenta Tiragna (with cheese)Desserts•Chestnuts boiled in the milk
  3. 3. Maddalena’s OmeletteIngredients: 8 fresh eggs, 5 mint twig, 10 tender new grass leaves, few springonions, 3 leaves of one blond onion, 30 grams of grated Grana, 5 spoils ofolive-oil, salt and pepper Preparation: let wither in the olive- oil all the new grass cut in thinstripes and the onion cut very thin and cook for some minutes. In the meantime mix in a bowl Grana, salt and pepper and pour the mixture in the pan with the new grass. Cook the Omelette on both sides. Serve the Omelette tepid or cold, cut into stripes garnish with tufts of parsley.
  4. 4. Lean Casoncei Ingredients: For the pastry: 400 g of flour, 3 eggs, 1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil, salt. For the filling: 300 g of cottage cheese foam ("Puin" mountain), 50 g of bread crumbs, 3 eggs, 150g boiled chard, salt and pepper. For the dressing: 70 g of butter, a few leaves of sage, rosemary 80 g of Parmesan cheese Put the flour, salt, eggs and olive oil on the pastry board. Knead well until all ingredients are mixed and then roll out two sheets, not too thin. Separately prepare the stuffing in a bowl with ricotta adding bread crumbs, boiled eggs, and finely chopped herbs, salt and pepper. Stir all the ingredients adding breadcrumbs if the mixture becomes too wet. Put on the pasta, at adistance of about 2 fingers, many filling balls, as big as a hazelnut, cover withanother sheet, close the dough between a ball and the other with your fingers andcut casoncelli moon-shaped or triangles as you like. Let them dry on a clothsprinkled with flour and cook in plenty boiling salted water in an uncovered panandlet them boil slowly. Drain them well, dress them with melted butter, sage androsemary and sprinkle with grated Parmesan cheese. Serve hot on hot plates.
  5. 5. Soup “Dirty”Vegetable soup with chicken and riceIngredients: half chicken, one carrot, one potato, one onion, chicken giblets,1.5 liters of good meat broth, one big nut of butter, one cube of stock, oneglass of dry white wine, 250 grams of rice and salt Preparation: mince thinly the onion, put it into a saucepan and brown it with butter. When it appears a good golden color, add the cubed cut vegetables and add salt. Let everything season and add the boned, skimmed and cut chicken. Brown for a bit then wet with wine. Let it evaporate add the cube the broth and the chicken giblets cut into small pieces and cook at medium temperature.When the chicken and the vegetables are almost cooked add the rice mixand cook the mixture. Serve with rich sprinkling of grated Grana.
  6. 6. Pork ribs with cabbagesIngredients: 1 kg. of pork’s meat, 1 kg. of cabbages, 4 onions, 4 spails ofolive-oil, salt, pepper Preparation: Wash the pork meat with care under a flux of cold water then put it to drain. Brown in a pan the sliced onion with the spoils of olive-oil, when they become gold planted, add the dried pork meat. Season the pork meat on both sides and add the washed and sliced cabbages. Mix the whole, browning it for a bit, then add hot a water. Add salt, pepper and cook with moderate flam for about two hours, adding if necessary, some hot water. Serve them hot.
  7. 7. Polenta Tiragna (with cheese)Ingredients: 300 gr. of integral flour (wholemeal), 100 gr. of Saracen flour,200 gr. of butter some sage leaves, 200 gr. of lean, full-fat cheese Preparation: Mix the flours and prepare a pudding of maize with 100 gr. of butter and the necessary water (about 1,5 lt.) After 45 minutes of cooking add the remaining butter and the cheese that will have cubed.Mix for 20 minutes then serve the porridge pouring it into a single holsterand season it with a bit of melted butter seasoned in an other containerwith the sage leaves.
  8. 8. Chestnuts boiled in the milkIngredients: 300 gr. of dried chestnuts, 500 ml. of water, 500 ml of milk, 1pinch of cinnamon, salt Preparation: put in tepid water the chestnuts for about two hours, so that you can easily remove all the pellicles which cover the chestnuts. The boil in a saucepan the water and the milk with the pinch of cinnamon and salt in a saucepan. When the liquid starts to boil, add the chestnuts, moderate he flame and cookeverything. They are excellent if served with their broth but you can alsoadd 4 handful of rice when the chestnuts are cooked and eat this sort ofsweet rice of chestnuts. Or you can put the mix (rice and chestnuts) in theoven in a buttered baking-tin and serve as a rice cake.