Webinar: Best Practices for Pitching Mobile App to the Media


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It covers one of the most discussed and, quite often, misunderstood marketing topics: Pitching your app to the media. Along with a traffic generation campaign and social media marketing — media pitching is an essential component of a robust mobile app promotional campaign.

The video capture is available here - http://youtu.be/HrfH4tGlJ6o

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Webinar: Best Practices for Pitching Mobile App to the Media

  1. 1. July 2, 2014 Pitching Your App to the Media
  2. 2. Speaker Artyom Diogtev, Head of Branded Content, SMM, PR, ASO at ComboApp & GoWide Inc. Artyom is a deeply engaged social media expert who specializes in creating innovative online promotions for mobile products and websites. Contact: adogtiev@comboapp.com Twitter - http://twitter.com/Artie_d
  3. 3. Intro Public Relations
  4. 4. Expectations • Quality app development takes a lot of time, resources, money and jangles your nerves. • You have a bias towards your app (and, rightfully so) • You want to see your app in the spotlight • You try to reach out media with your pitch • Quite often you never hear back • A wave of frustration hits you in the face
  5. 5. Sober Approach • A general plan for pitching • A workflow spreadsheet • A solid pitch • Targeted list of bloggers to approach • Patience
  6. 6. An Editor’s Average Biz Day • The daily news cycle (also known as a "media workflow") is 24/7/365 • Each editor has their own beat • Editors often get +300 emails per day from various sources • Editors are NOT superhuman, they can only handle so many pitches per day • If they don’t get back to you it doesn’t mean your app is bad • You need a well planned PR approach to get their attention!
  7. 7. The Right Moment • Your goal is to find a free spot in the editorial calendar • If there aren't any free spots your pitch should be compelling enough to claim one • Have a list of outlets to approach (also known as a "media list") • If after three follow ups (with 2-3 days interval) you get no response, move on
  8. 8. Tools to find bloggers, writers, editors • BlogDash - a media database (30 days trial, $250/month) • GroupHigh - a search engine (2 weeks free trial, $625/month) • My Media Info - writers and editors contact info database ($262/month)
  9. 9. Pitch What is in a GOOD pitch? • A brief introduction to you and your company • Reference why you’ve selected the person to pitch to • 2-3 bullet points that summarize the major features of your app • Links to your press release, where your app lives in the app store and any social media profiles you have for your app • If you have a 30 second video demo for your app, include this! • Contact information for how the reporter can get in touch with • A direct call to action!
  10. 10. Communication Channels • Email isn’t always the best way to get a reporter's attention • Google up SM accounts as alternate places to approach your target • Always be polite and professional Courtesy Twentieth Century Fox
  11. 11. Pitching Schedule and Tracking Pitching is not a sprint, it's a marathon: It requires a good planning on your part. Your workflow spreadsheet schedule should contain such type of information as: • Date you submit your pitch initially • Follow up dates • The publication's editorial calendar (if you’ll manage to get a hold of such) • All promo materials you supply with your pitch • Status of the pitch (open, pending, not interested, writing, etc.)
  12. 12. Thank you!