TOP 5 apps from CES 2014


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The TOP 5 mobile apps presented on CES 2014 in Vegas. Check out what innovative ideas have surfaced this year!

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TOP 5 apps from CES 2014

  1. 1. Top Five Apps from CES 2014! ! In the tech world, after you’ve cleaned the New Year’s confetti out of your underoos, the next thing to get geeked out over is the Consumer Electronics Show (or, for those in the know: CES) in Las Vegas. ! To be honest: CES is like Christmas for tech geeks. The three days of the conference bring endless amounts of gizmos and gadgets for media to write about and for regular consumers to obsess over until they see them on retail shelves later in the year. (Hopefully. Since a great number of the gadgets presented at CES -and, look so life changingly-awesome in a booth from the floor- won’t ever materialize for mass production. *insert sad panda face here*) ! In amongst all the gadgets and gizmos, there are also the best of the new apps for the coming year making their debut from the floor of CES. Natch, this is because the gadget market is symbiotic with that of the mobile app. (For example: What is the iPhone without its apps? Who here has an iPhone simply for talk and text? We surely don’t know anyone who approaches their mobile device in such a manner. In fact, we know of many people who bought devices simply to download a trendy app!) Let’s look at some of cool apps being presented this year. ! i. SlingPlayer 3.0 for iPad (Sling Media)
 The conversations about Apple TV and all the predictions of when/why this product will be released aren’t going to end anytime soon. And, as TV -in general- is kind of a depressing situation, stuck in the 20th Century as it is - it is really refreshing to see an app like SlingPlayer being released into the wild. Version 3.0 of this app was named as 2014 CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award Honoree. In fact, SlingPlayer holds the best chance of resolving one of the most favorite topics tech pundits like to pundit about. The app brings TV to your iPad, iPhone and Android phone -and, now - tablets and phones running Windows 8. There is a flip side: You need additional hardware. It’s called a SlingBox and comes in several different models. Think of it as your ultimate remote control, the only one you need. And, there is more - SlingPlayer gives you features that regular TV doesn’t offer (because they CANNOT) -i. All your TV programming from home ii. From anywhere in the world with an Internet connection iii. With easy program discovery* iv. Live sports stats* v. The latest movie and show ratings* vi. Integration with Facebook and Twitter* vii. And the best remote control experience ever*
  2. 2. i. Cable set-top box and DVR ii. Satellite set-top box and DVR iii. Basic cable iv. Digital Over-the-Air broadcasts (Slingbox PRO-HD only) v. Tivo vi. Apple TV vii. Home security cameras viii. Blu-ray/DVD players Downside? It’s for folks who live in US and Canada only. *insert sad panda face here*
 ii. ! iii. ! PasswordBox named Mobile App Showdown Winner (PasswordBox) - (Live vote winner)
 Apple has introduced KeyChain tech in iCloud to bring cross platform (iOS and OSX) password storage service to their customers. While there are similar solutions on other platforms, none of them have come close to doing what PasswordBox does. And, hence they have won audience hearts and awards via the online voting. And, it’s a no brainer we use so many different websites and it is our habit to use the same password for multiple sites. This has held disastrous results for so many people when that single password was hacked. PasswordBox has been on the market since summer 2012 - it wasn’t the app that was unveiled at CES - but, just like SlingPlayer it was the long time proven success and appeal to its users that were the factors that won the major award for the app at the show. There are many features you can find on the PasswordBox iTunes App Store page, but above all - it just works. (Which is what really makes most Apple products famous, isn’t it?) Ballerz (online winner)
 This app is all about virtual streeball. Forget the frustration of no-shows to your games, with this app you can gather lots of your peeps via mobile and enjoy a virtual game from wherever you happen to be. The app isn’t available yet - but, the team behind it was so straightforward and eloquent making the case for the app’s relevancy that it evoked a strong audience reaction -especially when they recalled their experience of serving in Navy. The team says that the app combines a first class ratings/rankings system, GPS tech, social networking and an overall love of streetball culture. ! !
  3. 3. ! ! ! iv. GreatCall Link
 This 5-Star software companion allows you to cull information from active 5-Star devices that keeps you informed as to where your elderly relatives are or have recently been. Basically, the app gives you crucial pieces of information that tell you where is your grandma or grandma or your mum and dad have been today (or, several days ago), if the device battery you are tracking is charged and turned on. The app (like 5-Star devices) is straightforward and simple to use. This is another great example that reminds us that even though the majority of mobile app ecosystem is dedicated to entertainment, apps like this one really make a difference, sometimes between life and death. It’s great that this app can provide peace of mind for users, knowing their relatives are safe, and that they can send help right away once a problem occurs. v. Closeli 
 The app-contrable nanny-cam/camera monitor isn’t really a new concept. But, ArcSoft brings a second breath to this familiar tech by adding facial recognition technology that allows users to detect unexpected motion or sound and know immediately if something is going on in your child’s room. The app gets a 720p video stream from a Simplicam camera that will surface on the market sometime in the next month ($150). There is more: By mid-2014, based on a previously established profile, the camera will be capable of recognizing family members. The service subscribers will also be able to record short clips and share them via social media from their iPhone. From a $49 annual fee for the lowest tier you’ll be to record 24-hours of video and save up to one hour of clips. If that isn’t cool, we don’t know what is :-)