iPhone & iPad App Marketing "Top 100 Campaign" cases study


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This paper presents the list of the latest iPad and iPhone app marketing "Top 100 Campaign" case study

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iPhone & iPad App Marketing "Top 100 Campaign" cases study

  1. 1. Top 100 Campaign Case Studies
  2. 2. I. Heidi Part I for iPad About the app This bilingual interactive picture-audio book with wonderful illustrations by Diana Kizlauskas will delight your children. Over 130 years ago, the Swiss author Johanna Spyri wrote a series of stories about Heidi. Nobody could have imagined then that Heidi would become as famous as she istoday. In this first of three sequels, Heidi, an orphaned Swiss girl, lives happily with hergrandfather in a small hut in the Swiss mountains until one day her aunt Dete takes her toFrankfurt. About the companyKatrin Draemann Barothy is the founder and central producer of JustKidsApps, a mobilepicture & audio book, development and distribution company. She holds degree incomputer science and business administration. Mother to a seven year old who adoresaudio books as well as other books (both electronic and conventional). In Autumn 2010,after more than 10 years of experience working within the SAP environment, Katrindecided in to start on a new career challenge and produce childrens books gearedspecifically for the iOS marketplace. When Katrin started on this path there was only alimited choice of picture book apps available in German, and none in Swiss German. Shewas determined to change that, and that’s exactly what she did.
  3. 3. Heidi Part I for iPad ranking before Top 100 CampaignHeidi Part I for iPad ranking after Top 100 Campaign 3
  4. 4. During the five day period throughout which our Top 100 Campaign service was activelyimplemented Heidi Part I rose to into the App Store’s list of Top 50 Books for the iPad.The book was featured in the iPad Books’ “What’s Hot” section for several weeks in arow afterwards:Utilizing ComboApp’s Top 100 Campaign to promote Heidi Part I for iPad allowed theapp to achieve long-term results. The app has been periodically featured in iPad’s Books“What’s Hot” section long after all marketing activities had ceased.
  5. 5. II. MobiReader Pro About the app MobiReader Pro is an innovative mobile business tool that lets users instantly capture, document, and organize everything from business cards and contacts to entire documents easily and effectively. The app can process text written in English, German, French, Spanish, Italianand Russian. To capture contact details on any business card, simply take a photo of thecard with your mobile device’s camera. MobiReader Pro will instantly recognize andcategorize the contact’s name, their area of business, the company name, phone number,email address, and postal address. An augmented reality (AR) feature allows you to seethe location of an address as an icon in the camera view of your mobile phone. As youmove your camera around, the exact location will appear as an icon. About the companySince its establishment in 1999, DIOTEK Co., Ltd. has been leading the software marketfor mobile devices focusing on smart phones and touchscreen phones. Through strategicpartnerships with global device manufacturers, the company provides various productsworldwide for both general consumers and corporate customers, which includehandwriting recognition, electronic dictionaries, mobile OCR, speechrecognition/synthesis software, etc. 5
  6. 6. DIOTEK is now developing optimal solutions for mobile software and touchscreeninterface, which will enhance the utilization of innovative digital devices MobiReader Pro ranking before Top 50 Campaign MobiReader Pro ranking after Top 50 Campaign
  7. 7. As the result of implementing ComboApp’s Top 50 Campaign this app grew in visibilitywithin the App Store, and was included in the marketplace’s “What’s Hot” iPhoneBusiness Apps category feature. 7
  8. 8. III. Contacts AIO About the app Contacts AIO is a multipurpose social networking app that allows users to send SMS & group SMS messages as well as single & group emails, share location information, utilize social networking portals such asTwitter and Facebook, and more. The application supports English, Korean, and French,and offers users a pattern keyboard to make typing messages a quick breeze. About the companyGeniein Inc. is the leading Korean iOS app development company, based in Seoul,Korea. The company iOS apps portfolio consists of the iPhone apps like M-tube, E-mailTalkm Smart Keyboard (+Smart Favorites) and more.
  9. 9. Contacts AIO ranking before and after Top 100 CampaignOnce our TOP 100 Campaign was carried out Contacts AIO broke into Apple’s TOP 100iPhone Utilities app list for the first time. Furthermore, Geniein Inc. was able to build onthe added visibility a place within the App Store’s TOP 100 lists, and establishedContacts AIO as a competitive alternative to more mainstream multipurpose socialnetworking titles. 9
  10. 10. IV. Alien Raid About the app Alien Raid is a new concept game combining shooting and defense features in one game to create an exciting and unique experience. Unlike previous defense games, Alien Raid provides shooting actiontogether with strategy elements to provide a more stimulating game experiences forplayers.Alien Raid includes beginner and expert modes, so users are able to approach and feel thegame with more ease and have more fun. The game provides a wide selection of stagetypes, such as endless mode, as well as target and sequence stages for a more diverseexperience. Different types of weapons are included for players to utilize to deal thevarious alien enemies they encounter. About the companyFounded in Seoul, Korea, Wizdom Studio Inc. is comprised of a team of professionalswho are committed to creating purely original and endlessly playable mobile games foriOS consumers the world over.Wizdom Studio Inc. had approached ComboApp in order to help the organization breakAlien Raid through into the App Store’s Top 100 iPhone Games category, and helpincrease the app’s exposure and visibility overall.
  11. 11. Alien Raid ranking before and after TOP 100 CampaignComboApp Marketing & PR Agency executed their TOP 100 Campaign on behalf ofAlien Raid starting September 23rd, 2011. Less than in one business day after ourcampaign had begun; the app broke into the App Store’s TOP 100 lists for iPhoneStrategy Games and Adventure Games categories. Furthermore, Alien Raid peaked in35th position in the iPhone’s TOP Paid Adventure Games category and in 56th position inthe iPhone’s TOP Paid Strategy category. 11
  12. 12. V. LoopMash About the app LoopMash is an innovative virtual instrument that presents customers with a new way to blend simultaneously up to four two-bar loops together by juggling similar elements across looped beats and tunes.Ported to the iOS platform, this instrument lets user choose from over 40 presets and 250included loops ranging all the way from ethno to disco. Quality content, intuitive controland 3-D navigation for effortless page browsing make this app a must-have for party-goers, music aficionados and pretty much everyone in between.The company was about to release the iPhone musical app and set a high bar of breakingthrough into the App Store iPhone Music chart as well as the general iPhone Apps Top100. Given the number of iPhone apps being released on the App Store daily, the task toelevate the app to the Top 100 list was extremely challenging. About the companySteinberg has been providing award-winning, technologically advanced music and mediaproduction products for musicians and producers of music, video and film since 1984.Today, Steinberg is one of the worlds largest manufacturers of audio software andhardware, with more than 1.5 million users worldwide. Steinberg also provides businesscustomers with license management and copy protection systems. The Steinberg range ofproducts has long since found world renown in all aspects of modern digital audioprocessing, and form the backbone of facilities specializing in music composition andproduction, mastering, restoration, broadcast, sound design, audio post for the filmindustry among many others. 13
  13. 13. LoopMash ranking after Top 100 CampaignComboApp began actively carrying out a TOP 100 Campaign on behalf of LoopMashdirectly after its initial release onto the App Store on March 14th, 2011. Results fromComboApp’s efforts in executing this campaign exceeded both the client’s expectationsas well as our own. Almost immediately after implementing our TOP 100 campaignLoopMash soared in the App Store’s TOP 50 Music apps category. Furthermore, the appretained a position within this list for two consecutive weeks. More generally, after ourTOP 100 campaign LoopMash remained in Apple’s Top 100 Music apps list for nearly amonth in total.In further windfall, LoopMash was also featured on the App Store’s coveted “New &Noteworthy” and “Whats Hot” iPhone app categories– a premiere position for any app togather buzz and visibility – and remained within them for several consecutive weeks.LoopMash was listed in the App Store’s “Staff Favorites” category after our TOP 100Campaign was implemented as well.
  14. 14. 15
  15. 15. VI. PadDraw Holidays About the app PadDraw is a drawing app for children. It displays drawings from books and allows child to tap on them in order to color them in. The colored drawings can then be saved as photos with a single tap from within thegame.The app comes with three coloring modes, each appropriate for a different age group. If achild wants to start fresh, they simply shake the iPad and the colors will reset so they cancolor their pictures again.The app includes a variety of cute images both children and their parents will approve of.Plus, with an easy and interactive layout, as well as a simple interface that makesselecting colors and coloring a breeze, children are sure be able to use this app to its fullpotential and enjoy it thoroughly. About the companyOriginally from Hamburg, Inhaber Olaf Japp is an established software developer whohas almost two decades of successful work experience under his belt. In 1991 he hascreated his first software consulting company, where he worked for a few fortune 2000companies like Dupont, Dresdner Bank and Commerzbank. After 15 years of consultingand traveling around in different towns in Germany he decided to move to Zürich-Switzerland which now is the "Silicon Valley of Europe". Here in Zürich he was working
  16. 16. for a bank in a C# .NET software development team for a couple of years. After a littlebreak, which he used to learn Objective-C to build software for Mac OS and iOS, OlafJapp started to build a business as an indie iOS/Mac OS developer.Olaf Japp has contacted ComboApp in order to successfully break through to the AppStore TOP 100 for iPad Educational category and ensure the raising of awareness of hisapp as well as obtaining high visibility on the App Store starting from the app’s initialrelease. PadDraw Holidays ranking after Top 100 CampaignDue to the efforts of ComboApp PadDraw Holidays scored TOP 100 lists in both iPadEducational and Games-Kids categories immediately after the app’s initial release.The awareness of the app among iPad users and its visibility has increased as planned. Apress release was created and distributed to dedicated media resources to coincide withapp’s launch on the App Store. The apps main features, the benefits it holds forprospective users, as well as its major sales points were highlighted there in aprofessional and concise manner. Also PadDraw Holidays was presented on the relatedforums (Mommy Bloggers community). 17
  17. 17. VII. 10Plus – The Brain Game for you and your kids! About the app 10Plus – The Brain Game is a fast paced counting adventure that’s as engrossing and entertaining as it is educational. With an emphasis onmathematics – and more specifically addition – the game presents players with a grid ofnumbers between 0 and 10, challenging them to add them up into sums of 10 as quicklyand as many times as they can. 10Plus is a mobile mathematics gym accessible andintriguing enough to be enjoyed by everyone and educational enough to prove helpful toanyone. Novices and young kids just beginning to learn math can utilize the game as alearning tool to help them master the basics of addition. About the companyFounded in Seoul, South Korea in August 2011, Playpiegames Co., Ltd. is an energeticgroup of creatively minded game lovers dedicated to utilizing innovation and imaginationto develop uniquely challenging and entertaining mobile gaming titles. The organizationsparent company, Actoz Soft, is a major global game developer focused on the onlinegaming sector.Playpiegames Co., Ltd. have contacted ComboApp in order to employ a custom tailoredpackage of highly effective marketing services geared to successfully break their newmobile application 10Plus through to the App Store TOP 25 for iPhone Paid EducationalGames category immediately after the app’s initial release.
  18. 18. 10Plus – The Brain Game ranking after Top 25 CampaignThe efforts of ComboApp’s professional team culminated in 10Plus –The Brain Gamescoring TOP 25 list in iPhone Educational Games and additionally TOP 50 in Puzzlecategories immediately after the app’s initial release. The application was featured in theNew Educational category for iPhone and scored #16 in TOP Paid iPhone EducationalApps.Furthermore, 10Plus –The Brain Game retained its position in TOP 50 in theEducational Games category for several consecutive weeks long after all activepromotional efforts had been completed on ComboApp’s part. 19
  19. 19. VIII. Snakes and Ladder World Edition About the app Snakes and Ladder World Edition represents a digital update of the classic board game of the same name. Snakes and Ladder allows playersto roll the dice, navigating a game board from start to finish as quickly as possible bytaking advantage of short cuts – ladders – and avoiding pitfalls in the form of snakes thatcould send them going backwards. Offering vibrant graphics and engaging fast pacedgameplay, this game can be enjoyed alone versus virtual opponents or by two live playersat once. About the companyIbexis Studio is a burgeoning game and mobile applications developer focused onproviding mobile solutions of the highest caliber to app shoppers across a diversespectrum or genres.Ibexis Studio had contacted ComboApp roughly a month after releasing Snakes andLadder World Edition onto the App Store. At the time the client contacted ComboAppthe app had virtually no prior success in generating any significant volume of downloads.To remedy this situation, Ibexis Studio decided to employ our services to break the appthrough into the App Store’s TOP 100 Paid iPhone Board Games category. Confident inthe quality of their product, Ibexis hoped that such success would greatly increase theirapp’s visibility throughout the mobile iOS marketplace and intrigue even moreprospective customers to download it. 21
  20. 20. Snakes and Ladder World Edition ranking before and after Top 100 Campaign
  21. 21. As a result of complex marketing and promotional techniques performed by ComboApp,Snakes and Ladder World Edition was able to rise from relative obscurity to its requestedTOP 100 Paid iPhone Board Games category, reaching 35th place in November 30, 2011.Additionally, Snakes and Ladder World Edition was featured in Apple’s Top GrossingiPhone Board Games list. 23
  22. 22. IX. A+WordPuzzle About the app An exciting, arcade action infused word puzzle blast, A+WordPuzzle challenges users to find words hidden in grids of letters. The player’sgoal is to diffuse word bombs to move from one stage to the next while highlighting asmany other words as they can along the way to get the best score possible.A+WordPuzzle takes the classic brainteaser to a new and exciting level, plunging usersinto an action-packed arcade experience complete with amazing graphics, special effects,hidden theme word, game center achievements and the chance to prove their textualsuperiority against other players. About the companyInterServ International Inc. is an experienced independent game developer founded inAsia. The company develops Massive Multiplayer Online Games, as well as Casualgames for PC, Xbox LIVE consoles, and Mobile platforms. Their experience, innovation,and quality have won prestigious awards, including “Most Innovative Game of E3″ in2004 with Iron Phoenix. This was the first game to allow 16 players to battle each othersimultaneously in an online environment via mobile device.With no previous experience in marketing apps within the App Store, InterServInternational contacted ComboApp shortly after the initial release of A+WordPuzzle. Inorder to increase the app’s visibility throughout the web, improve its position in the AppStore, and boost sales, InterServ International sought to break A+WordPuzzle throughinto the TOP 100 Paid iPad Word Games category.
  23. 23. A+WordPuzzle ranking before Top 100 CampaignA+WordPuzzle ranking after Top 100 Campaign 25
  24. 24. Our professional team’s efforts culminated in A+WordPuzzle rising well within Apple’sTOP 100 Paid iPad Word Games category. Ultimately the app reached its peak position -15th place - in December 30th, 2011. Furthermore, on this same day A+WordPuzzle brokeinto Apple’s highly competitive TOP 100 Paid iPad Educational Games list as well,peaking at #28 in that chart.
  25. 25. X. Oh My Nuts About the app Oh My Nuts takes the notion of wacky arcade action to a whole other level. A strategic touch & drag shooting adventure in the spirit of modern mobile classics like Angry Birds, Oh My Nuts challenges gamers to complete one simple mission to complete each level: Aim their pot-bellied pig - squirrel in mouth - just right so that he spits him clear across the screen ontoan acorn floating on the other side, and grabbing up to three available bonus stars whilehes at it. About the companyGara Entertainment came to ComboApp with clear promotional goals in mind.Specifically, the company wanted to drive Oh My Nuts to break into App Store’s TOP100 Family and Puzzle games lists, as well as growing overall awareness for the gamewithin the mobile marketplace. Although Gara Entertainment knew what they wanted toachieve via marketing efforts, they did not have a concept for how to turn this need into areality. As so they approached ComboApp to create and execute all appropriatemarketing services on their behalf. 27
  26. 26. Because the ComboApp marketing team has a wealth of real world experience in mobilegame promotions they were able to accurately analyze Oh My Nuts, establish concisetarget consumer demographics, and understand how to best customize our TOP 100Campaign services to benefit the app. Collaborating with the client, ComboApp compiledand executed a unique iteration of our TOP 100 Campaign to push Oh My Nuts amongapp engaged gamers and increase visibility and download volumes. This targeted multi-faceted promotion was able to inflate the game’s download numbers effectively enoughto bound past other titles and secure a place in both Apple’s TOP 100 Family and PuzzleGames subcategories.Immediately after ComboApp executed their marketing campaign on behalf of Oh MyNuts the game’s profile and popularity within the App Store grew exponentially. GaraEntertainment’s goals and expectations when starting this project were met and exceeded,as Oh My Nuts broke into the App Store’s TOP 100 iPhone Family Games list as well asinto its TOP 100 Puzzle Games list. The game rose to the 93rd rank and 87th rank on thesetwo lists respectively on February 25th, 2012. In addition to this, Oh My Nuts wasfeatured in Apple’s coveted New Apps lists within these two categories as well, furtherbolstering its exposure to the iOS app shopping community at large. Oh My Nuts ranking after Top 100 Campaign
  27. 27. 29
  28. 28. XI. Manal AlAlem Kitchen About the app Manal AlAlem Kitchen includes dozens of traditional Middle Eastern dishes as imagined by Manal AlAlem, complete with photos, accessible ingredients, easily understandable measurements, as well as simplepreparation and cooking instructions. Every recipe in this digital cooking book featuresprofessionally translated, user-friendly, step-by-step instructions which guarantee that thecooking process stays both easy and fun for users. The app features beautifully executedfull-color photos of every recipe to give users a valuable visual reference point for howthey should look as well. About the companyChef Manal AlAlem is a culinary icon in the global Arabic community. She has producedand hosted her own TV cooking show, opened educational cooking centers in multipleArabic nations, and authored best-selling cookbooks published throughout the world inmany languages including English.The client has contacted ComboApp prior to initial release of Manal AlAlem Kitchen,innovative cooking app featuring exclusive recipes from world famous Arabic chef 31
  29. 29. Manal AlAlem in English. They were interested in successfully breaking their newmobile application through into the App Store’s TOP 100 Paid iPhone Lifestyle categoryimmediately after the app’s initial launch.Recognizing the need for a highly customized approach, ComboApp tailored a multi-tiered marketing campaign for Manal AlAlem Kitchen that sought to engage an audiencedemographic that would be most receptive to this product – food enthusiasts in particular.We were able to achieve our clients’ goal of breaking Manal AlAlem Kitchen into theApp Store’s TOP 100 Paid iPhone Lifestyle Apps list by utilizing a wide variety ofhighly effective marketing services and techniques, particularly by tapping ourconsiderable resources in the Mac focused web media arena and positioning the appaccurately and effective within the public eye. Manal AlAlem ranking after Top 100 CampaignAs a result of the comprehensive marketing and promotional techniques performed byComboApp, Manal AlAlem Kitchen was able to break into the TOP 100 Paid iPhoneLifestyle category as per the client’s request and find a large scale audience in the mobilemarketplace. Highlights of Manal AlAlem Kitchen’s success included a peak position asthe 69th most downloaded application in the App Store’s Paid iPhone Lifestyle category –attained on March 9, 2012.
  30. 30. XII. Bouncing Bubbles - The absolutely crazy bubbleshooter game About the app A wildly engaging arcade gaming adventure, Bouncing Bubbles game offers players a new spin on classic bubble shooter games, challenging users to blast all the bubbles off their screen in as few shots as possibleacross multiple unique game modes. About the companyFounded in Germany, JRSoftWorX is an innovative mobile applications developerfocused on creating dynamic entertainment apps across a diverse set of mobile platforms.JRSoftWorx has released nineteen unique apps on the App Store.The client was interested in pushing their Bouncing Bubbles title to greater visibility andsubsequently popularity among the iOS gaming community. JRSoftWorX approachedComboApp looking to utilize our signature TOP 100 Campaign for both the iPhone andiPad optimized versions of the game. 33
  31. 31. Starting from the first day of execution of our TOP 100 Campaign on behalf ofJRSoftWorX, Bouncing Bubbles for iPhone rose from its former #230 position tobecome the 5th most popular app in the App Store’s Paid iPhone Dice Apps category. Theapp remained in this category’s TOP 100 list for almost two consecutive weeks - 12 daysin total. Meanwhile, the iPad optimized version of Bouncing Bubbles peaked at #16 onthe App Store’s Top Dice Paid iPad Apps list on March 28th as well. Bouncing Bubbles (iPhone version) ranking before and after Top 100 Campaign Bouncing Bubbles (iPad version) ranking before and after Top 100 Campaign
  32. 32. 35
  33. 33. XIII. 4KidCal About the app 4KidCal is a wild new calendar app created specifically to help young children learn how to organize events, make plans for the days ahead, and learn the invaluable skills of long term time management. The app makesplanning a vibrantly colorful and highly intuitive experience, and even comes completewith eloquently simple task modules and effortless scheduling options. About the companyFounded in Roslyn, New York, 4KidCal LLC is an innovative new mobile applicationsdeveloper committed to designing mobile experiences geared to help tech engagedyoungsters get a head start on advancing valuable life skills. 4KidCal LLC was aimed toensure the successful launch for their debut product 4KidCal. Specifically, thedeveloper’s goal was to break their app into the App Store’s TOP 100 iPhone Educationcategory upon its release.After careful detailed analysis of the app and reaching out to the client to understand theirneeds, ComboApp’s marketing team implemented our premiere TOP 100 Campaign,promoting 4KidCal via multiple web based media channels, Mommy Bloggercommunity, and throughout the App Store itself. Promotional tactics focused on the“mobile savvy” parent community and framed 4KidCal as an educational yetentertainingly engaging experience for children regardless of age.
  34. 34. ComboApp executed all marketing measures ordered by the client in a swift fashion, andtimed to make the largest possible impact amongst the app engaged public at large. Asthe result of ComboApp’s Top 100 Campaign service implementation 4KidCal brokeinto the App Store’s list of Top 100 iPhone Paid Education Apps and was featured as 36thmost downloaded app in the category on June 16, 2012. 4KidCal ranking after Top 100 Campaign 37
  35. 35. XIV. Funky Bee About the app Funky Bee is a wildly original new adventure game that throws gamers into a quirky treasure hunting odyssey across exotically diverse locations populated with equally interesting characters. The game features funmini-games and innovative puzzle challenges to keep things fresh, as well as colorfullyoriginal cartoon graphics and a narrative that are engaging and comical enough to keepusers cracking up and thoroughly entertained as they play for hours on end. About the companyFunky Bee Games A/S is a new casual gaming development company based in Denmarkand founded by entrepreneur Claus Topholt. The developer’s inaugural mobile title,Funky Bee, was released onto all major platforms during the first half of 2012.The client had contacted ComboApp prior releasing their first mobile application FunkyBee for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. They were interested in successfully breakingFunky Bee through into the App Store’s TOP 100 Free iPhone Adventure and PuzzleGames subcategory as well as 100 Free iPad Adventure and Puzzle Games subcategory.Funky Bee Games A/S was looking for such results to be achieved on the US, UK andHong Kong App Store.
  36. 36. ComboApp’s professional marketing team executed the aforementioned marketingefforts in a concise and ultimately highly effective manner. The culmination of our worksaw Funky Bee reach its own pre-defined goals - which the client had set up at the outsetof our collaboration. The app was able to garner an impressive amount of new userdownloads in a relatively short amount of time, something that helped its heightenedprofile and alternatively helped drive its visibility up even further.Hallmarks of Funky Bee’s successful marketing push came in the form over numerousmilestone achievements: • US App Store: In August 16th, 2012 the application peaked at #31 in iPhone Free Puzzle Games, # 40 in iPhone Free Adventure Games, #30 in iPad Free Puzzle Games, and as # 39 in iPad Free Adventure Games subcategories. • UK App Store: In August 16th, 2012 the application peaked at #43 in iPhone Free Puzzle Games, # 32 in iPhone Free Adventure Games, #45 in iPad Free Puzzle Games, and as # 41 in iPad Free Adventure Games subcategories. 39
  37. 37. • Hong Kong App Store: In August 15th, 2012 the application peaked at #9 in iPhone Free Puzzle Games, #8 in iPhone Free Adventure Games, #7 in iPad Free Puzzle Games, and as #12 in iPad Free Adventure Games subcategories. On the same day Funky Bee was featured as #53 in prestigious iPhone Top Free Games and as #120 in ultra-competitive iPhone Top Free Apps lists. In August 15th, 2012 the app has also scored as #60 in Free iPad Games Apps and #98 iPad Top Free Apps lists as well.
  38. 38. XV. Fire Busters About the app Compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, Fire Busters perfectly blends puzzle based gameplay with fast paced action fun. Fire Busters is an expansive game, boasting 5 diverse stages for a total of 80 uniquely designed levels. Withvarious unlockable achievements such as various water colors, the option to clear an especiallytough level via Firefighter Plane, and access to an in-depth user guide via YouTube, theres morethan enough thrills and turns in this game to keep players from getting frustrated or bored forhours on end. About the companyKorea based HotDog Studio Inc. is a progressive smart phone game development company. Todate it released 12 game apps onto the App Store and is proudly providing iOS users withpremiere gaming experience. HotDog Studio Inc. contacted ComboApp prior to initial release oftheir new game Fire Busters onto the App Store. The client was interested in successfullybreaking their new mobile application through into the App Store’s TOP 100 Paid iPhoneArcade Games or Puzzle Games subcategories immediately after the app’s initial launch.ComboApp executed all marketing measures ordered by the client in a swift fashion, and timedto make the largest possible impact amongst the app engaged public at large. Effective pre-planning and execution methods were integral in helping to push Fire Busters to success withinthe App Store. Moreover we managed to surpass the goals pre-defined by the client sinceimmediately after the initial release on October 5, 2012 the app broke through into two TOP 100Paid iPhone Games subcategories – Arcade and Puzzle respectively. 41
  39. 39. The success of ComboApp’s marketing efforts were highlighted on the day of Fire Busters’initial release, when the app was simultaneously ranked as the 13th most popular app in AppStore’s Top Paid iPhone Puzzle Games category, 19th in its Top Paid iPhone Arcade Gamescategory, 59th in its overall Top Paid iPhone Games list and 97th in App Store’s Top Paid iPhoneApps chart. As an added measure of its attained prominence, Fire Busters also peaked as the 69thin Top Paid iPad Puzzle Games and 88th in Top Paid iPad Arcade Games subcategories as well.Fire Busters retained their position within TOP 100 iPhone Puzzle Games for two consecutiveweeks (October 5-14, 2012) and stayed in iPhone Free Arcade’ TOP 100 chart for sixconsecutive days (October 5-10, 2012).
  40. 40. 43
  41. 41. XVI. Magnet Boy About the app Magnet Boy brings mobile players a completely fresh experience that blends together arcade action, platforming fun, and puzzle gaming elements. Showcasing smooth, highly dynamic gameplay, this adventure throws playersinto the shoes of Magnet Boy and its their job to gather up robot parts in order to rebuild thebroken robots they belong to. Players will need to use precision, quick thinking and impeccabletiming if they wish to succeed! About the companyEstablished in Mongolia in 2005 Mongol Content LLC is an innovative software solutions andmobile applications developer committed to creating industry leading solutions and experiencesfor modern consumers. The client had contacted ComboApp prior to releasing their mobileapplication Magnet Boy for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. They were interested insuccessfully breaking their new mobile application through into the App Store’s TOP 100 FreeiPhone Puzzle Games subcategory immediately after the app’s initial launch.After careful detailed analysis of the app and reaching out to the client to understand their needs,ComboApp’s dedicated team implemented a multi-tiered TOP 100 Campaign for Magnet Boy.Implementation of this complex marketing campaign was tailored to target the recreationalmobile gaming community as a whole and was meant to increase the app’s visibility throughoutthe web, ensure that the product obtained high ranking in the App Store, and boost downloads.
  42. 42. ComboApp’s professional marketing team executed the aforementioned marketing efforts in aconcise and ultimately highly effective manner. The culmination of our work saw Magnet Boyreach its own pre-defined goals - which the client had set up at the outset of our collaboration.Ultimately the app reached its peak position - 60th place - in Free iPhone Puzzle Gamessubcategory on October 26th, 2012. Furthermore, Magnet Boy retained its position within theTOP 100 chart in aforesaid App Store subcategory for six consecutive days. 45
  43. 43. XVII. Haloo – Live Chat, Dating, Meet New People About the app Haloo is an innovative mobile dating platform than gives users the power to connect with eligible bachelors and bachelorettes close to them. Built to enable users to live chat, find dates, and meet new people Haloo blends the linesbetween dating app, social discovery solution, fling-finder, and is perfect for tech savvy singleslooking to flirt, chat, or simply hook up. About the companyROIKMYERS Pte. Ltd. was planning on releasing their inaugural mobile app into the highlycompetitive iOS Social Networking environment. As this was the first app released byROIKMYERS Pte. Ltd. the organization contacted ComboApp to execute a marketing strategyon their behalf with the aim of ensuring that it would experience a quick dynamic launch ontothe App Store. The client had mentioned their aspirations to reach a ranking within the TOP 10in Free iPhone Social Networking Apps category right out of the gate upon initial launchAfter analyzing Haloo and reaching out to the client to understand their needs, ComboAppsmarketing and analysis teams developed a customized strategy for Haloo aimed to promote theapp as effectively as possible. After conducting an outreach, awareness, and engagementmeasures we were able to push the client’s product forward and successfully helped themachieve its pre-defined goals. Haloo was able to find a space within the Top 10 Free iPhoneSocial Networking list, maintain its top positions for an extended period of time, and develop alarge base of consistent users. 47
  44. 44. Haloo reached the height of its popularity on January 20th, 2013 when the app achieved theranking of #10 on the App Store’s Free iPhone Social Networking Apps List in terms ofdownload volume. Nearly simultaneously Haloo also ranked in the App Stores most competitivecategory - the Top Free iPhone Apps List - on January 19, 2013, registering in the 80th position.Furthermore, Haloo retained its positions within these TOP 100 Charts for 5 consecutive days.