iPhone App Marketing: ComboApp Case Studies 2013


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Professional iPad, iPhone app promotion service. It presents case studies for the various range of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch app promoted on the App Store by ComboApp Marketing & PR Agency.

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iPhone App Marketing: ComboApp Case Studies 2013

  1. 1. ComboApp Case Studies 2013
  2. 2. ROIKMYERS PTE. LTD. Haloo – Live Chat, Dating, Meet New People (Social Networking) January 19th , 2013 Background Founded in Singapore, ROIKMYERS Pte. Ltd. is an innovative new mobile development studio focused on creating unique new ways for modern smartphone and tablet consumers to interact with their technology, world, and the tech savvy community around them. Challenge ROIKMYERS Pte. Ltd. was planning on releasing their inaugural mobile app into the highly competitive iOS Social Networking environment. As this was the first app released by ROIKMYERS Pte. Ltd. the organization contacted ComboApp to execute a marketing strategy on their behalf with the aim of ensuring that it would experience a quick dynamic launch onto the App Store. The client had mentioned their aspirations to reach a ranking within the TOP 10 in Free iPhone Social Networking Apps category right out of the gate upon initial launch. Haloo is an innovative mobile dating platform than gives users the power to connect with eligible bachelors and bachelorettes close to them. Built to enable users to live chat, find dates, and meet new people Haloo blends the lines between dating app, social discovery solution, fling- finder, and is perfect for tech savvy singles looking to flirt, chat, or simply hook up. Results After analyzing Haloo and reaching out to the client to understand their needs, ComboApp's marketing and analysis teams developed a customized strategy for Haloo aimed to promote the app as effectively as possible. After conducting an outreach, awareness, and engagement measures we were able to push the client’s product forward and successfully helped them achieve its pre-defined goals. Haloo was able to find a space within the Top 10 Free iPhone Social Networking list, maintain its top positions for an extended period of time, and develop a large base of consistent users. Haloo reached the height of its popularity on January 20th, 2013 when the app achieved the ranking of #10 on the App Store’s Free iPhone Social Networking Apps List in terms of
  3. 3. download volume. Nearly simultaneously Haloo also ranked in the App Stores most competitive category - the Top Free iPhone Apps List - on January 19, 2013, registering in the 80th position. Furthermore, Haloo retained its positions within these TOP 100 Charts for 5 consecutive days.
  4. 4. AS Mobile Applications GmbH iRobbery (Entertainment) January 31st , 2013 Background Founded in Hamburg in 2011, AS Mobile Applications is a mobile development studio committed to producing lifestyle and entertainment apps as well as digital content for mobile devices. Challenge AS Mobile Applications has been a longtime client of ComboApp, relying on us to successfully execute marketing solutions on behalf of their product portfolio. The client contacted us once again in January 2013, aiming to push the popularity of their newest mobile arcade game - iRobbery - and expand app's customer base. Additionally AS Mobile Applications sought to receive unbiased feedback from our marketing consultants and independent app shoppers alike to better gauge iRobbery's positive, negative, and its overall operational value as a mobile game. iRobbery puts player's hand-eye coordination and problem solving skills to the test, challenging them to maneuver a bag of cash out of various booby trapped bank lobbies without tripping up - and before the police show up to ruin the party. Every level of this wild mobile arcade rush is a race against time, need to keep a cool head and a steady hand and reap the rewards, hesitate for even a second or trip an alarm and it’s game over! Solution After discussing AS Mobile Applications’ specific goals for bolstering iRobbery’s popularity on the App Store and analyzing the game itself ComboApp synthesized and implemented the following marketing services on behalf of the game: • We utilized an augmented version of one of our seasonal Valentine’s Day oriented promotional packages - Lovely Downloads - to boost the product's ranking on the App Store via review aggregation and app enthusiast engagement measures; • To provide the client with an added measure of independent app downloads and unbiased feedback from mobile game lovers we executed our Download Generation service for free apps. We also engaged with these users to get their feedback regarding iRobbery’s pros and cons as a game.
  5. 5. Results After executing every phase of the above mentioned services swiftly and in sync with client needs ComboApp was able to achieve and exceed their pre-defined download, feedback aggregation, and market awareness goals. Subsequent to the implementation of our marketing campaign on behalf of the app iRobbery broke through into the TOP 100 Free iPhone Entertainment Apps List on February 1st, 2013. It was able to achieve a solid ranking as the 85th most downloaded application within this category, a win which accounted for thousands of new downloads for the application. The client was also able to implement concepts mentioned by our gathered feedback to improve iRobbery, making it a more industry competitive title within the App Store for the foreseeable future.
  6. 6. Crescent Computing HomeTeam (Sports) January 11th , 2013 Background Crescent Computing is an emergent US based mobile applications developer whose primary goal is to create quality mobile products for modern consumers. The company prides itself on developing practical lifestyle solutions and digital platforms for busy users which enhance their lives. Challenge Crescent Computing was looking to heighten the visibility of their newest mobile application - HomeTeam - seeking to increase the app’s organic download volume. Coming to ComboApp, they also sought to grow HomeTeam’s media presence online via Social Media channels and various relevant family-oriented blogs/ focal centers and forums. HomeTeam is a simple team management app created for parents to keep track of their kids sports activities! Capable of displaying team rosters, keeping kids’ sports schedules organized, and storing contact information for parents of other kids all in a centralized hub, HomeTeam is the first personal organizer built around the specific needs of parents with child athletes! Featuring an integrated calendar and more, the app is also a perfect portal for coaches to keep their teams organized, on time, and always ready for the next big game. Solution After carefully analyzing HomeTeam as a product and meeting with the client to understand the exact scope of their needs and what they hoped to achieve on behalf of their app via our marketing efforts ComboApp chose to execute the following promotional steps: • We implemented our Facebook Boost service, developing an enticingly designed Facebook Fan Page for the app, and publicizing the page through until it received over 1,000 Likes from real fans • We publicized HomeTeam via featured articles at 12 of the highly popular “Mommy Blog” outlets on the web • We executed our Installation Boost service, something which brought the app to the attention of millions of prospective customers, improving app rankings and stimulating an organic downloads rush.
  7. 7. Results As a result of ComboApp’s concise and well-focused marketing efforts HomeTeam experienced a fast ascension through the App Store charts. On January 11th , 2013 the app skyrocketed from obscurity to prominence as the #3 highest charting app in the Paid iPhone Sports Apps category. From our marketing efforts the app was able to catch the attention of prospective customers from its target audience on a scale that exceeded Crescent Computing’s expectation, all of which was delivered on time and on budget.
  8. 8. SwagSoft POP ROCKS WORLD HD – MUSIC PRG GAME (Games) February 2nd , 2013 Background Founded in Singapore in 2010 by Aldric Chang and Ngo Chee Yong, SwagSoft is an established mobile applications developer focused on creating vibrantly engaging iOS experiences across genres as well as mobile and web programming solutions for modern clients' marketing and monetization needs. Challenge The client was interested in pushing their Pop Rocks World title to greater visibility and subsequently popularity among the iOS gaming community. In order to achieve that Swag Soft approached ComboApp looking to utilize our signature TOP 100 Campaign service. Pop Rocks World is a unique and addictive music RPG game that simulates a musician's arduous road to stardom. You will start off virtually unknown as a singer but with talent, luck and a lot of hard work, you can climb up the fame ladder. But once you become famous - if ever you do - will you continue to bask in your glory with millions of wild, screaming fans or will you sink back down to oblivion as other players strive to become more famous than you? Solution ComboApp took time to understand the client’s application, together with their expectations and the dynamics of the game they wished to promote. Our market analysis teams analyzed Pop Rocks World HD, synthesized the best set of marketing actions to be executed, and utilized their information to create an effective promotional campaign aimed to deliver Pop Rocks World to App Store’s TOP 100 charts. Results Comprehensive marketing and promotional techniques performed by ComboApp resulted in surpassing client’s expectations as Rocks World HD was able to break into two TOP 100 App Store Games subcategories simultaneously and find a large scale audience in the mobile marketplace. Highlights of Rocks World HD’s success included a peak position as the 2nd most downloaded application in the App Store’s Paid iPad Music Games subcategory attained on February 4, 2013 and as the 30th most downloaded app in Paid iPad Simulation Games subcategory attained on February 6, 2013. And as a further testament to its success, it retained its
  9. 9. market position within the App Store’s TOP 100 Paid iPad Music Games chart for 19 consecutive days as well.
  10. 10. TORR, LLC SLAP IT UP Platinum (Entertainment) April 16th , 2013 Background Torr LLC is an emerging mobile applications development studio currently focused on bringing innovative interactive tools and solutions for mobile users eager to get a bit more out of their day-to-day lives and interactions with one another. Challenge TORR LLC has had a long history partnering with ComboApp for the company’s promotional needs, initially contacting on behalf of their mobile app SLAP IT UP Platinum in January 2013. ComboApp had implemented a wide array of marketing services for this app including developing App Icon & Promo Screenshots, carrying out an extensive Focus Group Study to assess the product’s strengths and weaknesses, and ultimately publishing reviews on its behalf through various review websites. With the release of SLAP IT UP update ver. 1.5 the client has reached out to ComboApp once again with the task of increasing app’s popularity and expanding its base of iOS users. SLAP IT UP Platinum is a unique social app for iPhone and iPad that lets you create custom handshakes with other users. Make a “slap” for every crew, clique, and group you know, share them digitally to celebrate, or learn them by heart and slap it up with the friends around you! Solution After reviewing our services and discussing the vision and concept behind SLAP IT UP Platinum with our team, TORR LLC elected to utilize our signature TOP 100 Campaign service. This included a consolidated approach to using various promotional tools and ensuring that they work in synergy with one another, while efficiently executing work-flow measures and swift implementation to guarantee our campaign yielded optimal effects. Results The app broke through into App Store’s TOP Paid iPhone Entertainment Apps within one day of launching our TOP 100 Campaign. ComboApp was able to far exceed the client’s expectations and set goals, pushing SLAP IT UP Platinum from obscurity to a prominent #15 within its category on the App Store on the first day of campaign implementation. At its peak SLAP IT UP Platinum ranked as the 12th most popular Paid iPhone Entertainment App on April 17th, 2013.
  11. 11. Force Interactive GiGi (Utilities) April 16th , 2013 Background Rochester, NY-based Force Interactive, in partnership with GiGi, LLC, is a company dedicated to developing innovative yet intuitive products that better human connection with the digital world. Challenge Force Interactive had contacted ComboApp prior to the initial release of their brand new mobile security app named GiGi. The client was looking for a marketing solution aimed at ensuring app's successful launch. In part, the client’s initial goals included breaking into the TOP 25 Free iPhone Utilities Apps category. A powerful new secure messaging, file, photo, and video sharing platform, GiGi offers users an intuitive yet private way to connect with one another. The app features flexible messaging options including unique ‘self-destruct’ and group messaging modes as well. Get GiGi and instantly get the power to keep in touch via text, send pictures, videos, and emails, all without worrying about your conversations being compromised, stolen, or simply viewed without your permission. Solution ComboApp analyzed GiGi in great detail and developed a multifaceted campaign to address goals set by the client and deliver the app to TOP 25 Free iPhone Utilities Apps. We utilized some of our most powerful tools including running full Focus Group Study in order to optimize the app into more appealing product, designing a new App Icon & Promotion Screenshots, providing powerful SEO and ASO solutions for the product, and creating outward buzz on its arrival via various social media and digital media channels.
  12. 12. Results As a result of ComboApp’s concise and well-focused marketing efforts, within one day GiGi successfully broke through into the TOP 25 Free iPhone Utilities Apps list, becoming the 16th most popular app in this category. Furthermore, the app remained in the TOP 100 Free iPhone Utilities Apps list for 4 consecutive days, giving hundreds of thousands of active targeted consumers the chance to see it, interact with it, and download it for themselves.
  13. 13. MobArts Ltd 700 Solitaire Games HD - Spider, Freecell, Klondike and more! (Games) May 18th , 2013 Background MobArts is an established mobile application and game development studio dedicated to providing mobile consumers with innovative solutions and high caliber games which offer genuinely memorable experiences. The Bulgarian based company has a proven track record of top quality digital products, with fifteen iOS applications currently available live on App Stores the world over. Challenge MobArts previously worked with ComboApp in September 2012, at that time seeking graphic design help in the form of optimized application icons for a number of their existing products. The company contacted ComboApp again in May 2013, seeking out our marketing and promotional services in order to bolster the popularity of their gaming title - 700 Solitaire Games HD – Spider, Freecell, Klondike and more! The client sought to improve the omnibus games’ App Store rankings as well as expand its playerbase. 700 Solitaire Games HD offers players access to hundreds of different single player card games in a single package. Regardless of whether mobile gamers like classic solitaire or a unique variant of the game, 700 Solitaire games HD has them covered, with every game rendered with vibrantly colorful graphics, featuring smooth animations, and seamlessly effective controls. Solution After discussing the client’s needs and taking time to review 700 Solitaire Games HD as a product to get a sense of its highlights and the points that would help us effectively position it for upcoming promotions, we proposed a multi-tier marketing push on behalf of the title based off of our signature TOP 25 Campaign for iOS applications. Results As the result of ComboApp’s marketing and promotional efforts 700 Solitaire Games HD was able to break through into the App Store’s TOP 5 Paid iPhone Card Games and TOP 5 Paid iPad Card Games lists concurrently within one business day of us beginning execution on MobArts’ TOP 25 Campaign for the app. Furthermore we were able to handily exceed the clients expectations, ultimately pushing 700 Solitaire Games HD to a peak position as the #2 most popular game in the App Stores Paid iPhone Card Games list, and into the #4 position on its Paid iPad Card Games list - both of which were achieved on May 18th, 2013. The application also
  14. 14. charted #41 in the TOP Paid iPhone Puzzle Games and #61 in TOP Paid iPad Puzzle Games as well, and in the end retained its position within TOP Paid iPhone Card Games and Paid iPad Card Games for 3 consecutive days respectively. This brought thousands of new users to the application and significantly grew its public profile as a product amongst mobile consumer. We were able to achieve these results in a matter of days, doing so with smooth work-flow and a genuine dedicated to MobArts’ needs.
  15. 15. Freethought Labs City of Splendors (Games) June 1st , 2013 Background Founded in Hong Kong, Freethought Labs is an innovative mobile game development studio committed to re-imaging what heights mobile games can rise to, and how deep the player experience can be on the go. Challenge Freethought Labs created their first mobile iOS product – City of Splendors – in 2013 with plans to release it in June of that same year. Without any previous marketing experience within the mobile arena, the company reached out to ComboApp in order to ensure that their admittedly ambitious goals would be properly realized. As so Freethought Labs wished to structure and execute a promotional campaign on behalf of City of Splendors that would be well tailored to grow the games’ public profile effectively and scaled largely enough to fulfill the full scope of their needs. Freethought Labs’ title, City of Splendors, is a wildly immersive new MMOSLG adventure where players are the masters of their own destiny - free to build up armies and cities, embark on quests, make alliances, battle players from all over the world, and consolidate their power in a bid to dominate every corner of the realm of Troon. City of Splendors is as much about battling and conquest as it is about creating powerful cities and consolidating power though - and that's where the social gaming fun begins! Solution Freethought Labs needed a marketing solution that promoted both the iOS and Android versions of City of Splendors. In order to do so successfully we initiated a deep and open dialogue with the client, simultaneously analyzing both the game and the marketplace it was due to be released within and aligning all of these factors into a sound marketing campaign. Ultimately the client and ComboApp’s marketing experts agreed on implementing customized versions of the following ComboApp services in order to accomplish their goals: • Focus Group Study (iOS, Android) • App Description (iOS, Android) • Press Release (iOS, Android)
  16. 16. • Forum Release Announcements (iOS, Android) • YouTube Video Review Boost (iOS, Android) • Guaranteed Coverage at 10 Review Websites (iOS, Android) • Download Generation (iOS) Results In executing the aforementioned marketing services as part of our overall campaign, ComboApp undertook an in-depth Focus Group Study to identify pitfalls and areas for improvement within the version of City of Splendors we initially tested. Through diligent analysis and observation we were able to isolate and identify many of the game’s vital drawbacks thus giving the client an opportunity to improve their product, greatly increasing its chances of mainstream success upon launch. The ComboApp team also coordinated the collection of objective reviews for City of Splendors, which included vital early feedback that enabled the client to optimize their app even further. City of Splendors was then rolled out publicly via numerous media channels - which included published reviews of the game on influential gaming blogs, active buzz building discussions on popular gaming forums throughout the web, and the build-up of a large-scale presence on the world’s biggest social media network YouTube. Extensive coverage was also provided by digital media outlets via our Press Release writing and distribution efforts both prior to, during, and after City of Splendors’ release onto the App Store and Google Play. The results of our multifaceted promotional campaign, paired with additional independent efforts from the Freethought Labs led to outstanding final returns on our joint efforts. City of Splendors became a widely popular mobile gaming title, ultimately achieving exceptionally high rankings within the App Store. Among its milestone accolades, the game was able to gain a peak chart position on the App Store as: • #1 title in the market’s wildly competitive Top Free iPhone Strategy Games category, • #10 spot in its TOP Free iPhone Action Games category, • #32 rank in its TOP Free iPhone Games category, • and charted in #72 in the App Store’s Top iPhone Free Apps list - all simultaneously occurring on June 27th, 2013.
  17. 17. match2blue GmbH mapp2link - your RADAR for LinkedIn (Business) June 4th , 2013 Background match2blue is a German-American technology company that specializes in Mobile Business Community and Relationship Management. It offers a holistic portfolio of mobile solutions and community-enabling applications that are highly customizable to the requirements of businesses that strive to connect and engage with their employees and/or customers in real time. Challenge match2blue contacted ComboApp to guarantee that the marketing support efforts they envisioned coinciding with the release of a newly updated version of mapp2link, one of the company’s iOS Business app titles, would be carried out effectively. match2blue was in need of a marketing campaign solution capable of pushing mapp2link into the App Store’s prestigious TOP 25 Free iPhone Business Apps chart, where the app could easily attract the attention of a broad group of app shoppers solidly within the company’s target user demographic. Solution match2blue’s dedicated ComboApp marketing team ran an in-depth analysis on mapp2link in order to understand the app well as a product, and also as a means to intelligently position it in the eyes of consumers via any future implemented marketing measures. After doing so we agreed on a specific set of custom marketing services whose central aim was to push mapp2link into the TOP 25 Free iPhone Business Apps list. ComboApp implemented services diligently, via effective proprietary workflow specifications, and did so via a streamlined cost effective approach in order to maximize match2blue’s return on investment as a client. Results ComboApp began active implementation of mapp2link’s marketing campaign on June 4th , 2013. Results came quickly, as mapp2link was featured on the App Store as #19 title in its Top Free
  18. 18. iPhone Business Apps on the same day. This was the exact result match2light was aiming for and was able to attain without any delay, leaving them satisfied with ComboApp’s concerted efforts and happy with our organization as a whole. As an added boon, due to ComboApp’s efforts mapp2link was able to remain in the App Store’s TOP 100 Free iPhone Business Apps chart for 2 consecutive days, gaining interest from thousands of interested app engaged shoppers.
  19. 19. WEREDSOFT FreeZom - Flying Adventure of Zombie (Games) July 24th , 2013 Background WEREDSOFT is a South Korean based Game Development company which specializes in bringing new exciting gaming experiences to iOS and Android users. Challenge WEREDSOFT was shopping around for an effective marketing support solution to coincide with the impending update of their iOS game FreeZom – Flying Adventure of Zombie (FreeZom). The company was eager to push its product into the App Store’s TOP 100 Paid iPhone Action Games list and ensure that it stayed there for a minimum of 24 uninterrupted hours after releasing their game’s update - an effort that would guarantee FreeZom the attracted attention of thousands of engaged app shoppers. FreeZom - Flying Adventure of Zombie is a fun game with that unique “one-more-to-go” addictiveness factor. Featuring a compelling story and likable protagonist players are charged to get their zombie hero through a wild journey en route to escaping from Earth! The game features a wealth of unlockable items and an interactive online leaderboard as well, ensuring that gameplay stays fresh and that gamers are motivated to play again and again. Results ComboApp was able to exceed the goals initially set by WEREDSOFT via our concerted marketing efforts. FreeZom broke into its targeted TOP 100 category quickly, eventually ascending into the App Store’s even more prestigious TOP 50 Paid iPhone Action Games list. ComboApp’s TOP 100 Campaign on behalf of ZomFree began on July 24th, 2013, and on the same day FreeZom rose from its uncharted position to rank as the #41 app on the App Store’s Paid iPhone Action Games category, and #23 in its Paid iPhone Adventure Games category. As an additional result ZomFree even secured a spot in the coveted TOP 100 Paid iPhone Games list, ranking at #93.
  20. 20. POD LLC Golf Money (Sports) August 12th , 2013 Background Founded in 2003, POD LLC is committed to bringing high caliber applications to a diverse array of clients. POD LLC creates their mobile products for today's savvy media consumers. Challenge POD LLC was looking for a large scale promotional campaign on behalf of their app Golf Money. The company sought to reach a large volume of prospective customers, build buzz surrounding their product, and increase its overall visibility within the mobile marketplace in parallel with the release of a newly updated version of the application. Specifically, the client showed great interest in getting help to push Golf Money into one or more of the App Store’s TOP 25 charts in a bid to gain the wide reaching attention of mobile-savvy golf enthusiasts. Golf Money is a unique golf betting companion gives users the power to keep their golfing performance, bets, and more all together via a single intuitive hub that’s always available right at their fingertips. Users are free to add in contacts, track results and past bets by opponent and course, and review gambling history for any timeframe. Golf Money also features full betting and performance bookkeeping functionalities, meaning that users can review and scrutinize everything from their lifetime earnings, to performance histories against specific players or on specific courses on demand from anywhere. Solution ComboApp conducted an in-depth overview of Golf Money to ensure that the product’s dedicated team was informed enough to accurately and effectively position the app correctly - placing it front and center in front of its target audience of mobile-savvy golf enthusiasts and encouraging them to engage with and utilize the product. Ultimately we were able to synthesize a promotional campaign geared to expand the app’s specific profile and meet the client’s pre-set audience discovery and visibility enhancement goals. The campaign we prepared and implement on behalf of Golf Money included the following ComboApp services: • TOP 25 Campaign • Video App Demo creation • Mobile Video Campaign • YouTube Boost
  21. 21. • Press Release creation & distribution • App Reviews at 3 Relevant Blogs • Facebook Fan Page creation & Facebook Promo Campaign Results ComboApp began active implementation of Golf Money’s TOP 25 Campaign on August 12th, 2013. Our efforts were met with immediate results as on this same day the application skyrocketed up through the App Store’s charts. The product was able to climb out from relative obscurity to attain a rank of #14 in the App Store’s coveted TOP 25 Paid iPhone Sports Apps feature list. Though a major highlight of the campaign, our promotional campaign on behalf of Golf Money included the following implementations and highlights as well • Drafting and distribution of a professionally written Press Release which was picked up by multiple tech-related media outlets • App reviews published at 3 blogs focused around golfing as a culture, game, and industry • The creation of a compelling Video App Demo highlighting the app as a whole and its major functionalities • Implementation of a YouTube Boost which delivered 5,702 views from an audience of targeted YouTube viewers, beating out initial projections of 5,000 accrued views • Execution of a Mobile Video Campaign which delivered 50,000 views to the promotional video we had previously created, all of which were obtained by targeting US-based mobile-savvy users whose primary interest lay in iOS platforms • Design, launch, and initial curation of a Facebook Fan Page for Golf Money • Execution of a consolidated Facebook promotional campaign which resulted in the aggregation of 506 active Facebook Page Fans interested in iOS solutions, golf and other related sports. As a result of our diversified, targeted promotional efforts, Golf Money was able to enjoy a significant increase in visibility throughout the App Store - as well as amongst tech savvy golf enthusiasts around the web. The client was excited as we were able to exceed their expectations with our results. The client also appreciated the large scale nature of our promotional “curtain”, as well as the transparency and openness of our marketing methods and all subsequent reporting.
  22. 22. Rojo SEA EyeSpy: Hidden Objects Quest (Games) October 28th , 2013 Background Rojo SEA, founded in 2011 with a home base in Malaysia, specializes in developing mobile “freemium” games, web games, mobile payment and gaming platforms. As a company, their objective is to combine and harness the power of the social, mobile and game experience and create a suite of products available across multiple platforms. Challenge Rojo SEA was interested in procuring a multifaceted promotional package to boost visibility of their Android game, EyeSpy: Hidden Objects Quest. Their priorities were expanding the profile of the app on both Google Play and the web, optimizing EyeSpy via Google Play search and putting a targeted marketing campaign that would put EyeSpy front and center in front of gaming enthusiasts most likely to become engaged, loyal users. EyeSpy is crafted in a wildly vibrant cartoon style and features a cuddly animated bunny as its hero. Developers felt that the game would be a perfect daytime distraction for mentally engaged game lovers and would double as a dynamic visual awareness learning platform for children. Given this, ComboApp’s challenge was to develop a strategy which would target and engage both diverse user demographics. Solution ComboApp conducted an in-depth study of the app and its potential target audiences. The purpose of the study was to develop a strong multifaceted promotional campaign that ensured the app was branded and positioned to appeal to the core audiences Rojo SEA was interested in connecting with. After determining the best positioning for EyeSpy, ComboApp customized a promotional campaign to address visibility and discoverability challenges the game was facing. The following services were recommended and implemented: • Google Play Optimization • App Description • Press Release
  23. 23. • Guaranteed Coverage at 10 Review Websites • App Submission to 50 Review Websites • Youtube Video Review Boost • User Acquisition Campaign Results On October 28, 2013 ComboApp launched a promotional campaign on behalf of EyeSpy. The strategy involved coordinating multiple PR efforts with a user acquisition campaign. In the course of the campaign, ComboApp was able to successfully produce the following tangible results for Rojo SEA: • Generation of 4,500+ new EyeSpy users in the target audience demographic • A total of 16 reviews on popular mobile and app focused media outlets • 10 video reviews published on highly visited YouTube channels hosted by app-focused vloggers • A professionally written press release • Press release distribution to multiple related media outlets • 50+ pickups/link backs to the press release by related media outlets • Creation of attention grabbing marketing copy that was optimized for the Google Play algorithm • A new app title and relevant keywords were developed as part of the Google Play Optimization package The campaign -swiftly and professionally executed by the ComboApp team- met and exceeded the goals set by the client. The net result of the combined strategy was that EyeSpy’s visibility was increased and the search/discoverability problems were resolved through Google Play optimization. These direct actions caused thousands of new users to download the game.
  24. 24. Ken Dragon Blockman Adventures (Games) December 4th , 2013 Background Ken Dragon is an emerging mobile developer focused on creating top notch gaming experiences for iOS users worldwide. Challenge Dragon’s first iOS app, Blockman Adventures, was released on September, 2013. Since the client sought to increase the visibility of the app, and bring it to the attention of mobile gaming enthusiasts, he was specifically interested in the signature ComboApp TOP 100 Campaign. Blockman Adventures is based on the classic Japanese Sokoban puzzle game. The basic premise of the game is that the player has to push blocks or crates around a spatial area (usually a warehouse) to deposit them in storage areas. By sliding their fingers, users guide Blockman to push blocks through the puzzle to the exit platform. It is also possible to encounter “magic” items which give you additional strength and crystals to unlock plates, doors and walls to make the game objective easier. There are no time limits and wrong moves can be undone with the rewind button. Results The objective of the TOP 100 Campaign was to launch Blockman Adventures into the TOP 100 Paid iPhone Puzzle Games subcategory and ensure the app remained there for 24 hours. ComboApp’s efforts were met with immediate results: The app broke into the requested TOP chart the same day that the campaign launched and remained there for 48 hours. (24 hours beyond the requested result.) In addition, Blockman Adventures reached position within the TOP 25 Paid iPhone Puzzle Games chart for eight of the 48 hours it was ranked in the TOP 100. On December 5, 2013 the app reached its top ranking of #24 within the TOP 25 Paid iPhone Puzzle Games.