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Community Management for Your Mobile App


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How to build and manage a loyal community for your mobile app with the help of social media networks!

Published in: Marketing
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Community Management for Your Mobile App

  1. 1. Community Management How to build and manage a loyal community for your mobile app with the help of social media networks! April 27, 2015
  2. 2. Community Management App developers need to permanently communicate with their users in order to understand the level of the user engagement with their app through building relationships with their users through social channels. Though, there’s more art than science to conducting these real-time, two-way conversations in an ever-evolving space. Some argue that the raw number of "Likes", comments and retweets don't mean anything. Instead, they display a fan’s level of investment, loyalty and engagement to determine whether social media is "paying off."
  3. 3. Community Management The main objective to community management is growing an app’s community, providing interesting content and increasing engagement, which should ultimately lead to increased revenue. We know that the price of users attracted through social media channels is much lower than other traffic channels. We need to build a community of engaged and satisfied users who will eventually become brand advocates and attract new users by word-of-mouth.
  4. 4. Why Your Community Management Matters Inform - Communicate - Engage - Promote - Inform users on bugs fixes, new updates or the release of embedded features - Receive app user feedback from for product optimization - Acknowledge negative feedback to minimize brand reputation damage - Maintain user engagement with promo activities - Set a platform for positive word-of-mouth
  5. 5. Strategies ComboApp Uses ● Develop and manage your product’s community ● Monitor the media and competitive activity to ensure timely reaction ● Craft your message to engage your target audience ● Support your content updates in the media to suit the market demands ● Increase your customer retention and loyalty ● Leverage user feedback analysis and customer support ● Reputation management - reduce negative reviews providing immediate feedback to minimize brand reputation damage and keep the user engaged
  6. 6. About ComboApp ComboApp Group is an app marketing company that provides app marketing services for a global mobile app marketplace. The company is made up of three units which include ComboApp Consulting, ComboStore and GoWide. The vital part of the group is the ComboApp's Innovation Hub - the team of programmers and analytics that supports all projects. ComboApp Consulting is a global mobile app marketing company aimed at supplying guidance and complex assistance to companies who develop and promote their mobile apps. Having We provide clients with everything from creative development - to - product/campaign strategy and analytics - to - media placement and traditional public relations campaigns. This includes identifying target markets, validating concepts, shaping business models, qualitative research, data analysis, preparing the app launch and more. ComboStore is a “one stop checkout”, mobile app marketing super-store designed to help mobile app owners and mobile developers leverage every dollar of their marketing budget to provide the most targeted, effective results possible to amplify the promotion of their app in the mobile ecosystem. The goal of the ComboStore is to level the marketing playing field, providing even those with a tight budget with the promotion tools required for success. GoWide is a global mobile ad platform enabling businesses to run effective cost-per-mobile app downloads and mobile CPA campaigns based on its own proprietary technology of programmatic media buying. Its unique algorithm - consisting of aggregation and the inventory of mobile web and in-app publishers - allows dramatic optimization of ad operations and lowers media buying costs for advertisers. ComboApp, Inc. Willis Tower, 93rd Floor 233 S Wacker Dr SUITE 9390 Chicago, IL 60606, US Tel: (+1) 773.305.0886 Website: