ComboApp California Trip: Sergey Kanishchev Reports from Apps World 2014


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During Apps World North America 2014 the ComboApp team was able to join in with our colleagues, share our opinions and learn from the masters. It was a buzz of activity, with people talking around the clock about mobile apps, listening to gorgeous keynote presenters and drawing wisdom from industry leaders in panels. It was energizing to be in amongst “our people” - part of a community - when, normally many miles and busy schedules prevent us from connecting in such a meaningful way.

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ComboApp California Trip: Sergey Kanishchev Reports from Apps World 2014

  1. 1. ComboApp California Trip: Sergey Kanishchev Reports from Apps World 2014 It’s  really  amazing  to  dive deeply  into  the  hopes  and fears  of  the  mobile industry  and  see first hand how   it  deals  with turbulence  and  reaches out for new horizons. During  Apps  World   North America  2014  the ComboApp  team was able to   join  in   with  our colleagues,  share  our opinions  and  learn  from  the  masters.  It  was  a  buzz  of  activity,  with  people  talking  around  the clock  about  mobile  apps,  listening  to  gorgeous  keynote  presenters  and  drawing  wisdom  from industry  leaders  in  panels.  It  was  energizing to be in amongst “our people” ­ part of a community ­  when,  normally  many  miles  and  busy  schedules  prevent  us   from   connecting  in  such  a meaningful way. Fruitful  meetups  with  the  current,  new  and  prospective  partners  were  filling  the few moments in between  presentations  and  workshops.  Apps  World  (or,  conferences  like  it)  are  a  great  time  to meet  as  many  new  colleagues  and  partners  as  you  can.  It  is  a  time  to  put  your  company  and ideas front and center, letting the results your hard work shine bright and impress people. This  conference proved  the  mobile industry   is  really maturing,   building more  and  more knowledge  and expertise  with   each passing  year.  A  lot  of companies   who started  out  in  a  “lean startup  phase,”  now lead  their   businesses to   the  new  heights (and  higher  revenues)
  2. 2. with  smart,  well  thought­out  approaches  that  deliver  measurable  and  achievable  results  to  their shareholders. Top  publishers  admitted  they’re  investing  much  more  ­and,  are  willing  to  invest even more, still­ because they see both the high revenues and potential for even greater successes. “Games  bring much more revenue nowadays and we  can invest more afterwards,” said Baudoin Corman, VP Publishing Americas, Gameloft. At  the  same  time,  senior marketing people at Zynga, Gameloft, Gree and other major publishers, underlined  that’s  its  crucial  to  pay  as  much  attention  as  possible  to  initial product releases  and updates.   Yusuf  Bhijee,  head  of  growth  at  Zynga  specifically  said  that  “app  developers  should come  well   prepared  to  battle  for  the  paying  customer”  as  the  cost  of  developing  chart­breaking apps and the cost of marketing those rose this year to the new levels. Specifically,  they   advised  developers  to  focus  on  delivering  high  quality  apps:  The  market  is overflowing  with  simple,  quickly  and  cheaply created apps. The competition is fierce these days. Quality matters. A  lot  time  and talk was dedicated to importance of  understanding where mobile revenues comes from.  The  speaker and  audience  agreed that  it’s  only  possible to   monetize  products and  services  by understanding  and extensively  using analytics  on  a continuous basis. Many  underlined  that it   is  important  to  not only   understand  your audience,  perform channel   attribution and  cohort  segmentation, but also you need to really do something with that data. Josh Williams, CEO  of  Kontagent  +  Playhaven  noted  that  “customizing  the user experience based on the data is what allows smart app developer to succeed in effective monetization.” One  the  most  important  takeaways  from  Apps  World  is  the understanding that  the industry has begun to recognize that the days of big push and and large/overnight money spends are over.
  3. 3. Oliver  Lo,  founder  of  the  industry  standard  analytics   tool  App  Annie,  agrees  on  this  point:   Lo admitted  that most  of the  successful  apps  are  still  very  social.  So,  developers  should  think  and introduce  features  to  drive virality and distribution across multiple channels, while effectively traIn 2014,  marketing  apps should and need  to involve completely new strategy: We need to turn from just  pushing  a  lot  of  downloads  ­to­  really  fine  tuning  strategy  used  to  find  loyal  users  (which developers  spend  so  much  money  and  effort  to   acquire).  In  order  to  see  revenue,  developers have   to  track   the  whole  user  journey  and  develop   a  profound  understanding  how  to  get  very personal and interact with their users effectively. cking  the  whole  user  journey  from  seeing  the  ad/downloading  ­to­  making  their  first  in­app purchase ­or­ engaging with in­app content. As  the  level  and  the bar of sophistication in mobile marketing is rising. It is vital for app owners to have  the  ability  to  not  only effectively  aggregate  data,  but  to also turn it into actionable steps that drive  high  lifetime  user values.  In 2014,  the  only  effective  way  for  a stand­alone developer to not only   reach  the  break­even  point,  but  to  find  your  app  in  world  leading  top  grossing  charts,  is  to find  a  trusted  partner  or  agency to help avoid all the hidden traps of mobile user acquisition,  data analysis and user engagement. These are the takeaways we at ComboApp pulled from Apps World 2014. Serg Kanishchev, Director of Marketing