iPhone App Marketing: ComboApp Korean Case Studies


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Professional iPad, iPhone app promotion service. It presents case studies for the various range of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch Korean apps promoted on the App Store by ComboApp Marketing & PR Agency.

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iPhone App Marketing: ComboApp Korean Case Studies

  1. 1. Nate GamesGreat Tank War (Games)June 30th, 2010BackgroundNate Games is the game publishing brand of Koreas largest mobilecarrier, SK Telecom. The brand currently owns over 400 games withservices enabled for diverse platforms. Nate Games produces gamesin a wide range of genres, from massive RPGs to simple games formen and women of all ages.ChallengeNate Games were looking for a solution to produce great exposure on Social Media sites likeTwitter and Facebook during the launch of several gaming titles and for post-launch publicitythrough fan community forums and to generate positive feedback on the App Store and thereforeincrease sales.SolutionAfter the game was released on the App Store, the Social Media program was implemented. Theprogram applied the following Social Media activities:• Creating custom Twitter account, grow the Followers list, communication with fans, tocreate anticipation for the games launch and generating initial public interest• Creating custom Facebook Fan Page, grow its fans list, engage the fan community onFacebook, launching contests to encourage people to bring fans to the Fan Page• Spreading the word about the game on the TouchArcade.com, iPhoneDevSDK.com,MobileTechReview.com games community forums• Promoting the game on various iOS games related Facebook Fan PagesResultsAs the result these Social Media activities the Great Tank War was featured on the "New andNoteworthy", "Whats Hot" and "Top Grossing iPhone Simulation" categories. On Twitter,Facebook and the TouchArcade forum the game reached its audience with iOS simulator gamefans. The overall Social Media activities generated positive comments from game customers andhelped Great Tank War to get 3.5 stars customer satisfaction review on the App Store.
  2. 2. 2Nate GamesCrimson Gem Saga (Games)July 30th, 2010BackgroundNate Games is the game publishing brand of Koreas largest mobilecarrier, SK Telecom. The brand currently owns over 400 games withservices enabled for diverse platforms. Nate Games produces gamesin a wide range of genres, from massive RPGs to simple games formen and women of all ages.ChallengeCrimson Gem Saga is a role-playing video game developed for the PlayStation Portable in SouthKorea by IRONNOS and published by SK Telecom as Astonishia Story 2. It was released inNorth America on May 26th, 2009 by Atlus under the title Crimson Gem Saga. More than a yearlater in July, 2010 the game came to the Apple iOS platform; the company was looking for away to connect its brand new game with its fans through Social Media channels.SolutionPrior to the game release on the App Store the Social Media channels were utilized to makeCrimson Gem Saga game fans aware and anticipate the game release on the App Store. CustomTwitter account and Facebook Fan Page were created with the game screenshots and video clips.Also the game got its way on the famous TouchArcade forum and the contact with fans wasestablished by 3 Social Media channels - Twitter, Facebook and forum (TouchArcade). Theconstant direct contact with the game fans allowed to collect feedback and release a successfulupdate, which addressed the majority of issues, reported by the game fans.ResultsThe complex of Social Media activities invoked the game fans response, great number ofpositive feedback on the App Store, the game was featured in a number of Top categories - Newand Noteworthy, Whats Hot, Top Grossing Role Playing Games, iPhone Best Role PlayingGames and got 4 stars customer satisfaction review.
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  4. 4. 4InfoMind Inc.LohasMoney ( All-In-One Money Planner ) (Finance)January 1st, 2011BackgroundInfoMind Inc. is an innovative new mobile applications developer currentlyfocused on creating practical financial resources for the mobile marketplace.The organization is dedicated to bringing a high level of functionality to mobilebudget tracking and planning tools to give consumers unprecedented controlover their personal finances.ChallengeInfoMind Inc. turned to ComboApp prior to the release of a significant update ofLohasMoney, the company’s premiere mobile finance utility. InfoMind Inc.employed ComboApp to execute a complex professional marketing campaign in order toincrease app ranking after the update.Detailing the app’s full functionality and consumer appeal – LohasMoney helps users tocomprehensively manage their expenditures, income, budget, billing statements and assets froma centralized mobile hub. The app allows users to quickly create quantitative measures of incomeand expenses on a variety of scales, in a variety of ways, and provides them with graphicalreports that effectively illustrate the state and organization of their financial affairs.SolutionThe client was eager to utilize ComboApp in order to implement a large scale marketingcampaign on behalf of the application. This effort was designed to cover a broad spectrum ofpossible promotional avenues and capture the attention of “mobile-aware” audiences on amassive scale. Understanding the needs of the client, ComboApp executed a complex marketingcampaign geared to pique the interests of any and app financially conscious app shoppers.InfoMind Inc. chose to utilize the following services to comprise their campaign:• Branded Press Release - drafting and distribution.• Guaranteed Submission to 10 major review websites.• 10 iTunes App Reviews by Independent Reviewers• Submission to 50 review websites• Sales Generation/Download Generation (100)• Forum Participation
  5. 5. 5• Mainstream Promotion via YouTube• Video Demo review – distributionResultsAs a result of ComboApp’s marketing efforts LohasMoney experienced a significant surge inpopularity and firmly established itself as one of the most popular Finance Apps on the AppStore. Though directly competing with applications developed by some of the most globallyrecognizable financial institutions and corporations, LohasMoney was able to cement itsmainstream success due to ComboApp’s marketing efforts. To quantify this success: At theheight of its popularity, LohasMoney was ranked as the 2ndmost popular – and most downloaded– Paid Finance app on the entire App Store.
  6. 6. 6Bdrive Inc.Bdrive (Productivity)January 25th, 2011BackgroundBdrive Inc. is an innovative personal cloud solutions studio currently focusedon developing applications for iOS platforms. The organization is committed tocreating functional remote access solutions to ensure that consumers stay asconnected to their personal data as theyd like to be.ChallengeBdrive is a mobile file access utility which allows users to view files stored ontheir personal PC from their mobile devices without the need to sync the twodevices or use up any storage space importing the files they want to view.Bdrive Inc. had contacted ComboApp on two separate occasions – once before the release ofBdrive seeking assistance in building up hype for the app, and again some time after the app’srelease seeking help in rebuilding its momentum within the App Store.SolutionBefore Bdrive’s initial release, the client contacted ComboApp to perform App Store SEOmarketing services for the application in order to bolster its searchability within App Store. Toexecute this campaign effectively, our team of SEO specialists analyzed the client’s application,subsequently proposing the best possible name for the app, as well as an effective set ofkeywords to make Bdrive optimally searchable by consumers both on the App Store as well asthroughout the web.Bdrive Inc. contacted ComboApp for a second time on March 26th, 2011. Content with results ofComboApp’s initial SEO focused app launch marketing efforts, the company contracted us toimplement a marketing campaign designed to support the Bdrive’s forthcoming update. Togenerate publicity for the app upon its first update, ComboApp executed the following services:• Drafting and distribution of a Branded Press Release to announce Bdrive’s updatethroughout mainstream app-centric media outlets throughout the web.• Guaranteed Submission to 10 major review websites: A marketing service designed tobuild both respectability and hype for the application’s update through trusted third partyreviewers popular within the “app-engaged” web community.
  7. 7. 7ResultsAs a result of ComboApp’s marketing measures, Bdrive was well received upon its initialrelease, and perhaps more importantly was able to experience a significant resurgence in itspopularity within the App Store during and after the release of its first major update – which wehad vigorously promoted. Highlighting this success was Bdrive’s rise from App Store’s TOP 100Free Productivity Apps list into the much more consumer-visible TOP 50 Free ProductivityApps list, ultimately peaking in the #40 position.
  8. 8. 8Geniein Inc.Contacts AIO (Utilities)March 17th, 2011BackgroundGeniein Inc. is the leading Korean iOS app development company, based inSeoul, Korea. The company iOS apps portfolio consists of the iPhone apps likeM-tube, E-mail Talkm Smart Keyboard (+Smart Favorites) and more.ChallengeGeniein Inc. had recently developed a multipurpose social networking app -Contacts AIO - that would allow users to send out individual SMS & group SMSmessages, share their location information, utilize social networking portals suchas Twitter and Facebook, send individual& group emails, and more from asingle centralized hub. Keen on raising the application’s visibility and popularity within the AppStore marketplace, the client reached out to ComboApp to assist them in marketing the app. Oneof Geniein Inc.’s main specific goals was to secure Contacts AIO a position within the AppStore’s TOP 100 iPhone Utilities app list.SolutionAfter taking time to understand the client’s needs and carefully analyzing Contacts AIO as aproduct, ComboApp determined that the most effective marketing strategy to promote the appneeded to center around the same platforms and channels of social connection offered within theapp itself. We custom tailored our TOP 100 Campaign program to have the services includedwithin it target Facebook-engaged and Twitter-engaged communities, as well as demographicsmost adapted to social interaction via online methods. These audiences already had an intrinsicinterest in the services Contacts AIO centralized together, and as so would be most likely tonotice and download the application.ResultsAfter ComboApp executed its TOP 100 Campaign on behalf of Contacts AIO, the app broke intoApple’s TOP 100 iPhone Utilities app list for the first time in its entire release run. Furthermore,Geniein Inc. was able to build on the added visibility a place within the App Store’s TOP 100lists, and established Contacts AIO as a competitive alternative to more mainstreammultipurpose social networking titles.
  9. 9. 9DIOTEK Co., Ltd.MobiReader Pro- Business Card & Document OCR Reader(Business)July 15th, 2011BackgroundSince its establishment in 1999, DIOTEK Co., Ltd. has been leading the softwaremarket for mobile devices, focusing on smart phones and touchscreen phones.Through strategic partnerships with global device manufacturers, the companyprovides various products worldwide for both general consumers and corporatecustomers, which include handwriting recognition, electronic dictionaries,mobile OCR, speech recognition/synthesis software, etc. DIOTEK is nowdeveloping optimal solutions for mobile software and touchscreen interface,which will enhance the utilization of innovative digital devices.ChallengeDIOTEK Co., Ltd. was looking for a solution to break their business focused app – MobiReaderPro – through into the prestigious the App Store’s TOP 100 iPhone Business apps category. Inorder to achieve that goal the client contacted ComboApp, ordering a customized package ofhighly effective marketing servicesSolutionAfter carefully analyzing MobiReader Pro, ComboApp was able to recognize its strengths interms of consumer appeal, as well as the proper audience demographic which to target marketingmeasures toward. With this information in hand we were able to develop a list of customizedmarketing strategies that struck a chord with those consumers most likely to have interest inMobiReader Pro.ResultsAs the result of utilizing ComboApp’s Top 50 Campaign, the MobiReader Pro app successfullybroke into the iPhone Business app TOP 50 category, where it remained more than a week. Theapplication also simultaneously grew in visibility within the App Store, and was subsequentlyincluded in the App Store’s “What’s Hot” featured iPhone Business Apps category.
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  11. 11. 11WASAC Research Institute of innodisDefen-G Astro (Games)September 1st, 2011BackgroundEstablished in Seoul, South Korea in October 2003, WASACResearch Institute of innodis is a mobile application research anddevelopment firm focused on emerging gaming technologies. Thecompany actively supports emerging industry trends in the sphere ofgaming technologies.ChallengeDefen-G Astro, a strategy action defense game, was launched onto the T-Store (a gamemarketplace developed by SK Telecom), Korea Telecom’s Olleh Market, LG Telecom’s OZStore, as well as Samsung App Store. Since becoming available on these markets Defen-G hasestablished a positive reputation with customers. Throughout these markets players have citedthe game’s overall presentation, engaging gameplay, and animation quality as key reasons fortheir warm reception of the product. Given these early successful launches, the client had begunpreparations to introduce Defen-G Astro onto the App Store beginning in early July 2011.SolutionWith limited experience promoting applications on the App Store, Innodis contacted ComboAppto help publicize and promote the paid version of Defen-G during its launch onto thismarketplace. After analyzing the app and reaching out to the client to understand their needs,ComboApp developed a customized marketing plan for Innodis Defen-G Astro. This marketingplan included the following services from ComboApp:• Guaranteed app reviews at 10 major review websites to heighten Defen-G’s visibilityamongst likely consumers.• Sales Generation/Download Generation Service (500 Downloads).This service was executedto help drive initial traffic towards Defen-G Astro and position the app to have maximumexposure among prospective customers within the App Store.
  12. 12. 12ResultsComboApp’s promotional campaign on behalf of Defen-G Astro began on September 1st, 2011,and within less than one business day the app had already been on the App Store as one of themarket’s top Strategy Games (ranked #29 overall), and Action Games (#73) categories.Furthermore, as of September, 1stDefen-G Astro was also able to reach a peak ranking of #194on the App Store’s prestigious general Top iPhone Games category.
  13. 13. 13Wizdom Studio Inc.Alien Raid (Games)September 23th, 2011BackgroundFounded in Seoul, Korea, Wizdom Studio Inc. is comprised of ateam of professionals who are committed to creating purely originaland endlessly playable mobile games for iOS consumers the worldover.ChallengeWizdom Studio Inc. had approached ComboApp in order to helpthe organization break Alien Raid through into the App Store’s Top 100 iPhone Games category,and help increase the app’s exposure and visibility overall.SolutionComboApp developed a customized marketing plan containing a wide array of highly effectivemarketing services on behalf of Alien Raid. Centered around one of our signature marketingservices, the TOP 100 Campaign, ComboApp’s dedicated marketing teams analyzed the appfrom the perspective of potential consumers, namely the mobile gaming community as well asadolescent and adult men. With this information in hand, ComboApp was able to successfullycustomize our TOP marketing campaign to reach this specific cross section of prospectiveconsumers and build hype for the app.ResultsComboApp executed their noted TOP 100 Campaign on behalf of Alien Raid, beginning activepromotion on September 23rd, 2011. Less than in one business day after the campaign hadbegun; the app broke into the App Store’s TOP 100 iPhone Strategy Games and AdventureGames lists. Furthermore, Alien Raid peaked in 35thposition in the iPhone’s TOP PaidAdventure Games category and in 56thposition in the iPhone’s TOP Paid Strategy category.
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  15. 15. 15Playpiegames Co., Ltd.10Plus – The Brain Game for you and your kids!(Educational Games)October 20th, 2011BackgroundFounded in Seoul, South Korea in August 2011, Playpiegames Co., Ltd. is anenergetic group of creatively minded game lovers dedicated to utilizinginnovation and imagination to develop uniquely challenging and entertainingmobile gaming titles. The organizations parent company, Actoz Soft, is amajor global game developer focused on the online gaming sector.ChallengePlaypiegames Co., Ltd. had contacted ComboApp to employ a wide array ofhighly effective marketing services geared to successfully break their newmobile application,10Plus, through into the App Store’s TOP 25 Paid iPhone Educational Gamescategory immediately after the app’s initial release in order to ensure that it was well positionedfor success from the start.SolutionRecognizing the need for a highly customized approach, ComboApp tailored a multi-tieredmarketing campaign for 10Plus that sought to engage an audience demographic that would bemost receptive to mobile educational products – namely tech conscious parents. To reach thisaudience ComboApp publicized 10Plus clearly as an educational product for kids and parents onvarious major app review websites, Apple-centric media resources, and targeted promotion onmultiple social media channels.We were able to achieve our clients’ goal of breaking 10Plus into the App Store’s TOP 25 PaidEducational iPhone Apps list by tapping our considerable resources in the Mac focused webmedia arena and positioning 10Plus accurately and effective within the public eye. This approachled scores of consumers already primed to acquire mobile education solutions to take notice ofand ultimately invest in the app, precipitating its success within the mobile marketplace.
  16. 16. 16ResultsThe efforts of ComboApp’s professional team culminated in 10Plus – The Brain Game securinga spot in the iPhone’s TOP 25 Educational Games and TOP 50 Puzzle categories listsimmediately after the app’s initial release. The application was featured in the iPhone’s Newapplications list and peaked in the #16 position the App Store’s TOP Paid Educational iPhoneApps list as well.Furthermore, 10Plus – The Brain Game retained its position within the TOP 50 EducationalGames category for several consecutive weeks long after all active promotional efforts had beencompleted on ComboApp’s part.
  17. 17. 17SK PlanetStyleTag – Fashion SNS (Lifestyle)December 29th, 2011BackgroundFounded in Seoul, South Korea, SK Planet drives customer satisfaction byproviding optimal services and values in various areas, including ContentDelivery, LBS, Media, Commerce & Ad.ChallengeSK Planet contacted ComboApp shortly after the initial release of theirapplication, StyleTag – Fashion SNS, on December 9th, 2011. Disillusioned withStyleTag’s lack of traction among consumers, the client was interested inimplementing a marketing campaign in order to raise awareness of the unique functionalities oftheir product, confident that it would be embraced among fashion minded tech savvy users withsuch a push. A socially conscious fashion resource, this app allows tech savvy fashionenthusiasts to share looks, style, and new trends with like minded fashionistas on the go. Withthis app users can follow fashion feeds, find new fashion ideas added by others, and stay tappedinto the global fashion scene all right through their iOS device.SolutionAfter spending some time analyzing the application and researching best outlets to reach itstarget demographic would be, ComboApp executed the following services, customizing theexecution of each to focus on media corridors frequented by tech hungry fashion enthusiasts:• An In-app Advertising Campaign, promoting StyleTag within already successfulapplications who user base over lapped with the client’s target audience.• Forum Participation, helping fuel word of mouth awareness of the app throughout webbased social platforms catering to fashion and newly emerging fashion information outlettrends.• Twitter Boost service to raise StyleTag’s profile within the powerful exchange network.
  18. 18. 18ResultsAs a result of ComboApp’s marketing efforts, StyleTag – Fashion SNS experienced tremendousincrease in popularity. After our promotional efforts were implemented StyleTag was able toachieve a ranking within Apple’s TOP 10 Lifestyle Apps list, and furthermore was able tomaintain this position almost a week. The highlight of StyleTag’s success came on January 7th,2012, when the app peaked in popularity as the #1 Most downloaded Free Lifestyle app on theiPhone, held the #26 position in the App Store’s in Overall Top Free iPhone apps list, and wasfeatured in Apple’s coveted “What’s Hot” feature section in the Lifestyle category.
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  20. 20. 20Infraware Co., LtdPolaris Office (Business)April 20th, 2012BackgroundBased in Seoul, South Korea, Infraware secures technology in the modernconvergent environment and develops new products in order to apply newtechnologies to bolster todays ubiquitous internet environment. The companyis committed to realizing a fully connected world where everyone can accessthe internet at anytime, anywhere, by continuously researching, developing,and investing in cutting edge digital progress.ChallengeUpon the release of Polaris Office Infraware reached out to ComboApp inorder to develop a supporting marketing campaign on behalf of their product, boost openingframe sales, and get the app onto the public radar as effectively as possible. After some researchthe client cited us as their best-fit agency to achieve the goals they envisioned. Polaris Officeallows users to view and edit Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel files, and text files, and viewPDF files on the go from anywhere. The app also offers up a full slate of editing features, cloudsupport services, Zip file preview view functionality, and enhanced performance on the newiPad.SolutionComboApp carefully analyzed the client’s app, reaching out them directly to gain a solidunderstanding both of some added specifics regarding their product as well as what theirprofessional needs as a whole were. Afterwards, ComboApp designed and developed acustomized marketing plan for Polaris Office. This was a multi-tiered promotional solutionwhich consisted of the implementation of the following ComboApp services:• Drafting and distribution of a targeted Press Release• Outreach and submission of application to 50 mainstream review websites• Outreach and Guaranteed Submission to 10 major review websites• Implementation of ComboApp’s signature Facebook Boost support service• Double implementation of Twitter Post service
  21. 21. 21ResultsShortly after ComboApp began to actively execute their marketing campaign on behalf ofPolaris Office the application began to climb the ranks of the App Store. Among the notablemilestone achievements as part of this marketing project was Polaris Office’s peak position asthe #34 most popular iPhone Productivity app on the App Store on May 8th, 2012 and as the #31most popular iPad Productivity app on the App Store on May 13th, 2012. Furthermore, PolarisOffice also enjoyed success in the App Store’s Business iPad and iPhone apps categories, risingto peak positions of #43 and #140 respectively on May 19th, 2012.
  22. 22. 22KTHCartoon Defense: Space wars (Games)July 17th, 2012BackgroundA subsidiary of Korea Telecom group, KTH is an innovativemobile company committed to developing new global software &software-relevant technology as well as expanding the mobileecosystem to make it a more open and interactive space as awhole.ChallengeKTH had contacted us prior to the release of their newest game Cartoon Defense: Space wars.The client sought to build up an effective marketing campaign to be launched in conjunctionwith the release of Cartoon Defense: Space Wars and in order to ensure that the gameexperienced a fast, dynamic launch on the App Store from day one, and would be able to getonto the public radar as quickly and efficiently as possible.An out of this world spin on the mobile tower defense genre, this game throws gamers into anepic real-time battle as they protect planet Cartoon from constant invasions from the group ofcunning galactic marauders. Complete with diverse game modes, dozens of unique resources andweapons for players to utilize and upgrade, and enough strategically engaging levels to keepplayers entertained for hours on end, this exciting title was entrusted to us to successfullypromote.SolutionComboApp dedicated marketing team analyzed client’s product and developed a custommarketing campaign aimed to propel Cartoon Defense: Space wars to the top from the verybeginning of its launch onto the App Store. The aforesaid campaign included the followinghighly effective time-proven marketing services:• App Release package• Sales Generation/Download Generation Service (200 downloads)• Guaranteed Submission to 10 review websites• Twitter Boost
  23. 23. 23ResultsComboApp’s marketing campaign geared to achieve the level of success our client had plannedfor began on July 17th, 2012, and within two business days after the app’s initial release CartoonDefense: Space wars broke into the App Store’s TOP 25 Free iPhone Strategy Games, peakingas the 18thmost popular app in that subcategory, while simultaneously appearing at the peakposition of 53thin the App Store’s ultra-competitive Action Games subcategory. As an addedmeasure of its attained prominence, Cartoon Defense: Space wars remained in Top 100 list ofiPhone Free Strategy Games for two weeks in a row.
  24. 24. 24HOTDOG Studio INC.Fire Busters (Games)October 5th, 2012BackgroundKorea based HotDog Studio Inc. is a progressive smart phonegame development company. To date it released 12 game appsonto the App Store and is proudly providing iOS users withpremiere gaming experience.ChallengeHotDog Studio Inc. contacted ComboApp prior to initial release of their new game Fire Bustersonto the App Store. The client was interested in successfully breaking their new mobileapplication through into the App Store’s TOP 100 Paid iPhone Arcade Games or Puzzle Gamessubcategories immediately after the app’s initial launch.Compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, Fire Busters perfectly blends puzzle basedgameplay with fast paced action fun. Fire Busters is an expansive game, boasting 5 diversestages for a total of 80 uniquely designed levels. With various unlockable achievements such asvarious water colors, the option to clear an especially tough level via Firefighter Plane, andaccess to an in-depth user guide via YouTube, theres more than enough thrills and turns in thisgame to keep players from getting frustrated or bored for hours on end.SolutionRecognizing the need for a highly customized approach, ComboApp tailored a multi-tieredmarketing campaign for Fire Busters that included the following services:• TOP 100 Campaign• Press Release creation and distribution• Sales GenerationResultsComboApp executed all marketing measures ordered by the client in a swift fashion, and timedto make the largest possible impact amongst the app engaged public at large. Effective pre-planning and execution methods were integral in helping to push Fire Busters to success withinthe App Store. Moreover we managed to surpass the goals pre-defined by the client since
  25. 25. 25immediately after the initial release on October 5, 2012 the app broke through into two TOP 100Paid iPhone Games subcategories – Arcade and Puzzle respectively.The success of ComboApp’s marketing efforts were highlighted on the day of Fire Busters’initial release, when the app was simultaneously ranked as the 13thmost popular app in AppStore’s Top Paid iPhone Puzzle Games category, 19thin its Top Paid iPhone Arcade Gamescategory, 59thin its overall Top Paid iPhone Games list and 97thin App Store’s Top Paid iPhoneApps chart. As an added measure of its attained prominence, Fire Busters also peaked as the 69thin Top Paid iPad Puzzle Games and 88thin Top Paid iPad Arcade Games subcategories as well.Fire Busters retained their position within TOP 100 iPhone Puzzle Games for two consecutiveweeks (October 5-14, 2012) and stayed in iPhone Free Arcade’ TOP 100 chart for sixconsecutive days (October 5-10, 2012).
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