iPhone App Marketing: ComboApp Case Studies 2010-2011


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Professional iPad, iPhone app promotion service. It presents case studies for the various range of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch app promoted on the App Store by ComboApp Marketing & PR Agency.

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iPhone App Marketing: ComboApp Case Studies 2010-2011

  1. 1. Appacity Inc. Messagey! SMS/MMS Unlimited (Social Networking) June 25th, 2010 Background A Canadian Start-Up, Appacity entered the App Store with its launch of Messagey! This app provides users with the ability to send SMS messages via the internet, rather than through their carriers’ normal SMS system. The application requires only a Wi-Fi connection, and allows users to send and receive an unlimited number of free messages. Challenge Entering an industry flooded with messaging options for consumers, Messagey! naturally encountered a great deal of competition within the App Store’s SocialNetworking apps category. Furthermore, given the fact that numerous competitors’ titles offerthe similar services through similar means, it was crucial to the client to differentiate theirproduct from its competition. After attempting a number of unsuccessful marketing pushesthemselves, Appacity reached out to ComboApp in order to find an effective marketing solutionto promote Messagey! SolutionAfter analyzing the client’s application and understanding which aspects differentiated it fromcompetition, ComboApp developed a customized marketing package on behalf of Messagey!Services carried out by ComboApp as part of this campaign included the following: Creation anddistribution of an App Video demo review throughout largest mainstream web-based videooutlets, and 10 guaranteed review submissions at major review websites. These services werespecifically geared to provide Messagey! with increased exposure among app shoppers and toprovide it with higher visibility throughout the App Store. ResultsComboApp’s concerted marketing push fueled Messagey’s rise to the 18th overall position in theApp Store’s prominent TOP Paid Social Networking apps category. A highlight of this campaignalso saw Messagey! mentioned throughout numerous major video sites after the initial release ofits video review. Now ComboApp Marketing & PR Agency continues cooperation withAppacity on the new project for Messagey!
  2. 2. Ideateca Factory, S.A. iBasket Free (Games) July 2nd, 2010 Background Ideateca is a software and applications developer specializing in the creation of web services and games across a diverse range of platforms. The company has developed and released three iOS games onto the App Store, including iBasket Free. This is a basketball themed game where players are challenged to make baskets from a variety of distances and positions. ChallengeThe client had already utilized a marketing campaign which pushed the app into App Store’sTOP Sports Games app category, and wanted to drive the popularity of their product up evenfurther with the ultimate goal of securing a spot for iBasket Free among top 10 apps within thiscategory. Ideateca reached out to ComboApp in order to turn this goal into a reality. SolutionThe client chose to utilize two of ComboApp’s most popular and established marketing servicesto help them push iBasket to become one of the top ten most popular Sports Games on the AppStore. Specifically, the two measures they utilized were our Sales Generation and CustomerReviews aggregation services. These marketing efforts were geared to cement iBasket’s positiveuser reputation on App Store and reach top positions in Sports Games category. ResultsOnce ComboApp implemented its marketing campaign, iBasket Free was able to break into theTop 10 Free Sports Games app category and top the list as the most popular Free Sports Gametitle on App Store. Even after ComboApp ceased active marketing operations on behalf ofiBasket, the app has established itself as a top mobile sports gaming title and continues to rankamong the most popular iOS sports games to this day. The application has also appeared on AppStore’s influential “Whats Hot” Sports Games Category as well, an appearance that furtherhelped to increase the number of downloads and overall popularity. 2
  3. 3. Viet Tran Notes Plus (Productivity) October 10th, 2010 Background Minnesota based Viet Tran, is a Web / software application developer active since 1996, independent iPhone & iPad app developer at Touch Editions. Tran’s debut app on the App Store was the iPad productivity app Notes Plus, which was released in July, 2010. He has since released several new versions of this highly acclaimed note-taking utility. Challenge Viet Tran has had a long history of partnering with ComboApp for marketingsolutions, initially reaching out to us when attempting to promote the first version of Notes Plus.After releasing Notes Plus version 2.0 he was in need of an affordable but yet effectivemarketing campaign to promote his newly enhanced app throughout App Store’s iPadProductivity Apps category. As Notes Plus was already a fairly popular title at this point, themain marketing challenge lay in the fact that the app would be in direct competition with firsttier note taking competitors such as Apples own titles including Pages, Numbers, Keynote, andGoodReader for the iPad. SolutionViet Tran opted to utilize our Post-Launch marketing service package. This marketing campaignoption involves drafting and distribution of a targeted press release, app reviews generation andactive app promotion throughout various iOS focused web forums. Furthermore, an optimaldynamic app pricing strategy was provided on behalf of the client as well. This strategy wouldinvolve numerous price changes in order to provide the application with maximum exposureafter the release of its newest update. ResultsAfter all aforementioned marketing services were executed Notes Plus 2.0 experienced a rapidascension to the top echelon of iPad applications in terms of its public profile and sheerpopularity with iPad owners. The app was featured in App Store’s “New and Noteworthy” iPadProductivity Apps category and Top Grossing list. At the height of its popularity, Notes Plus wasranked as the #1 Paid iPad Productivity App on the App Store as a whole, beating outcompetition from Apple itself, as well as numerous other large corporate competitors. 3
  4. 4. 4
  5. 5. Wet Productions Inc. My Virtual Girlfriend (Games) December 22nd, 2010 Background Founded in 2003, WET Productions is a mobile applications and games developer. The organization utilized its unique 3D Engine “Cadabra3D”, to create original games and entertainment applications, as well as promotional games for external clients. In early 2009 the developer decided to create an iPhone “sim” themed game featuring a virtual girlfriend that users could interact with through their iPhone. The result of this work was My Virtual Girlfriend, which was released for iPhone in 2010. ChallengeThe client’s goal was to break into the top 100 Entertainment apps on the App Store in the U.S.The developers knew that they needed to execute a marketing push on behalf of their app inconjunction with an update set to go live during the 2010 holiday season. ComboApp was tappedto help the client achieve and exceed these goals. SolutionAt the client’s request ComboApp utilized its Twitter Boost, Press Release, and iTunes AppReviews by Independent Reviewers services to promote My Virtual Girlfriend during theholidays.Twitter Boost was utilized to spread the word about the My Virtual Girlfriends update onTwitter among around 1,000 ComboApp followers - the community of people, who areinterested in iPhone and iPad apps related topics.Press release generation and distribution service was used to distribute the news about the appsupdate to the variety of media outlets and gain their attention. Utilizing Press Release serviceallowed to cover the great number of media outlets within 24 hours and get a great exposure forthe app.In fact the app press release was published on 562 media agencies websites and produced12,000+ app impressions, Google search for the press release title returns more than 21,000results. The publicity push was so effective that it even caught the attention of a writer for thepopular late night show “George Lopez tonight!” who had picked up the news and incorporatedit directly into the monologue for comedian George Lopez. The show aired on December 23rd 5
  6. 6. 2010. Here is a clip of that show; the point in the monologue that talks about the game is1 minute in -http://www.lopeztonight.com/episode_recaps_and_highlights/last_nights_standup_122310.phpAlthough this is a rare chance and we were fortunate enough to have that happen, it definitelywould not have happened without the press release distribution to the various media outlets thatmorning.Furthermore, aggregation of iTunes App Reviews by Independent Reviewers resulted in a solidaccumulation of positive reviews, something which helped to jump start app sales and contributeto widespread positive word of mouth among app shoppers as well. ResultsThe positive results of ComboApp’s marketing campaign on behalf of My Virtual Girlfriend canbe best summed up by the client themselves:“Our most recent marketing push (December 22, 2010) has been a great success for us. . . [inthe past] I had paid for many ads spots on iPhone game targeted websites but always found theresults disappointing. Since I was literally running out of money, I needed something withinbudget that had a really good return on investment. ComboApp allowed me to pick and chooseitems à la carte that were both fair and affordable. The combined items contributed to ourcurrent success. The results speak for themselves….”  Mike Amerson Founder, Wet Productions Inc. 6
  7. 7. My Virtual Girlfriend Lite, Downloads: 7
  8. 8. My Virtual Girlfriend Full, Downloads: 8
  9. 9. INTERSOG LLC Learning To-Go MBA (Business, Finance) February 16th, 2011 Background Located in Chicago, Illinois, INTERSOG is a leading maker of mobile apps with almost 200 titles available on the App Store. The organization has a wide range of Mobile Learning products which are in great demand among business enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. Challenge Reaching out to mainstream media outlets for support has been a major long- term marketing goal for INTERSOG. The client views such outreach efforts as an effective way to building its reputation within the mobile marketplace andattract new customers to its many educational and leisurely applications. Given the enormouscompetition between rival mobile app development companies, the client found that consistentlyaccomplishing efforts to garner such support represent a constant challenge. To ensure theirsuccess in this capacity on a long-term basis INTERSOG reached out to ComboApp formarketing assistance. SolutionINTERSOG applied a number of methods such as personal press release distribution to publicizenew releases, promoting both the company as well as news regarding specific products viaSocial Media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and blogs, as well asdeveloping a strong mobile app portfolio on the App Store over time. ResultsWhen coupled together, marketing outreach efforts ComboApp applied on behalf of INTERSOGallowed the organization to steadily build mainstream exposure, leading the client to be featuredon various high profile tech-oriented blogs and media outlets including Mashable.com. Toreview INTERSOGs full line of Learning To-Go MBA apps included in Mashables list ofuseful iPhone apps developed specifically for use by small business owners please visit:http://mashable.com/2011/02/15/educational-iphone-apps-small-business/ 9
  10. 10. 10
  11. 11. INTERSOG LLC Business Education Mac apps series (Business and Finance) April 12th, 2011 Background Located in Chicago, Illinois, INTERSOG is a leading mobile application and software solutions developer with nearly 200 titles available on the App Store. The organization has a wide range of Mobile Learning products which are in great demand among business enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. ChallengeThe company had recently launched an initiative to port their full line of Learning-To-Goeducational apps onto Apple’s newly opened Mac App Store, a new virtual marketplace createdfor Mac laptop and desktop owners. The client sought to find new prospective customers forINTERSOG’s premiere business and finance learning franchise and evaluate the financialviability of this new laptop/ desktop focused virtual marketplace as a whole in the process. SolutionTo meet the client’s challenges ComboApp implemented app reviews by independent reviewersfor applications INTERSOG ported into the Mac App Store and drafted a press releaseannouncing the arrival of the client’s full Learning-To-Go application library onto this new appmarket as well. This announcement was geared to accentuate the advantages this new platformheld for the app franchise as a whole, and was distributed to mainstream web media outletsfrequented by the clients target consumer demographics. ResultsAs a result of ComboApp’s concise and well-focused marketing efforts several of INTERSOG’sLearning-To-Go applications rose to prominence in the Mac App Store’s Paid Business appscategory, four of them ranking with the TOP 10 positions on this list. Furthermore, multipleLearning-To-Go apps were featured on the dynamic new marketplace’s Top Grossing Businessand Top Grossing Finance categories as well. 11
  12. 12. 12
  13. 13. NXP Software B.V. CineXPlayer - The best way to enjoy your Xvid movies 2D & 3D (iPad Utilities) May 25th, 2011 Background Netherlands-based NXP Software is an Independent Software Vendor with a global contingent of support from various leading mobile device vendors. The company specializes in developing innovative multimedia solutions to help mobile device manufacturers, service providers, and operators alike deliver vibrant, easy-to-enjoy multimedia experiences that truly stand out from the crowd. NXP Software has established strong partnerships with key vendors to ensure optimum flexibility,ease-of-integration, and interoperability between its hardware and software platforms. ItsLifeVibes software is currently used in over 650 million mobile devices, making the companythe market leader in software solutions for mobile multimedia solutions. ChallengeNXP was preparing to release a major update for their application, CineXPlayer – an iPadoptimized movie playing app. In terms of marketing the clients goal was to increase consumerawareness of this newly updated app amongst iPad users, expose it as a viable alternative toApple’s native video player for iPad, and therefore secure more downloads. SolutionNXP purchased the number of services from ComboApp, including: App Store SEOimplementation, News Submission to Related Resources, App Store site SEO enactment, andimplementation of our premiere “Twitter Boost" to create buzz for the application throughout thesocial networking realm. ResultsApplying the aforementioned services resulted in CineXPlayer gaining a broad base ofconsumers and general mobile media buzz, which together propelled the application from atenuous mediocre reception on the app store to a spot in the App Store’s hyper competitive TOP10 Paid iPad Utilities Apps category as well as its more general big brother, the TOP GrossingiPad Utilities App list for several weeks in a row. 13
  14. 14. 14
  15. 15. Majorspot, Inc. Ghostwriter Notes (iPad Productivity) June 2nd, 2011 Background Majorspot, Inc. is an independent mobile development company founded and run by Michael Privat. The organization is dedicated to building iOS applications of the highest caliber for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. The company prides itself on providing effective customer support and consistent updates to make their products continually better. Challenge The client was planning on releasing a newly updated version of GhostwriterNotes, its popular note taking application developed specifically for use on the iPad app. Seekingto publicize the update’s launch in order to break Ghostwriter Notes into the App Store’s TOP100 iPad Productivity Apps list, the client reached out to ComboApp. As this category is heavilydominated by Apple’s own applications such as Pages, Numbers, and the like, the client knewthat finding success would be a difficult endeavor. SolutionTo publicize Ghostwriter Notes’ update Majorspot, Inc. elected to utilize the followingmarketing services: • Guaranteed Submission to 10 major review sites • Sales Generation/Download Generation (100) • Branded Press Release. ResultsWithin three days of ComboApp’s marketing services being executed Ghostwriter Notes for iPadblasted its way into the iPad’s TOP 100 Productivity Paid Apps list. Its success did not stop therehowever. On the heels of its own rise through the ranks of the App Store, Ghostwriter Notesfound a spot in App Store’s Top Grossing Apps list, where it remained for more than a week.Together, the awareness and customer aggregation this rise in popularity brought about enabled 15
  16. 16. Ghostwriter Notes to position itself as a serious competitor to other top-tier iPad noteproductivity applications. 16
  17. 17. WASAC Research Institute of innodis Defen-G Astro (Games) September 1st, 2011 Background Established in Seoul, South Korea in October 2003, WASAC Research Institute of innodis is a mobile application research and development firm focused on emerging gaming technologies. The company actively supports emerging industry trends in the sphere of gaming technologies. ChallengeDefen-G Astro, a strategy action defense game, was launched onto the T-Store (a gamemarketplace developed by SK Telecom), Korea Telecom’s Olleh Market, LG Telecom’s OZStore, as well as Samsung App Store. Since becoming available on these markets Defen-G hasestablished a positive reputation with customers. Throughout these markets players have citedthe game’s overall presentation, engaging gameplay, and animation quality as key reasons fortheir warm reception of the product. Given these early successful launches, the client had begunpreparations to introduce Defen-G Astro onto the App Store beginning in early July 2011. SolutionWith limited experience promoting applications on the App Store, Innodis contacted ComboAppto help publicize and promote the paid version of Defen-G during its launch onto thismarketplace. After analyzing the app and reaching out to the client to understand their needs,ComboApp developed a customized marketing plan for Innodis Defen-G Astro. This marketingplan included the following services from ComboApp: • Guaranteed app reviews at 10 major review websites to heighten Defen-G’s visibility amongst likely consumers. • Sales Generation/Download Generation Service (500 Downloads).This service was executed to help drive initial traffic towards Defen-G Astro and position the app to have maximum exposure among prospective customers within the App Store. 17
  18. 18. ResultsComboApp’s promotional campaign on behalf of Defen-G Astro began on September 1st, 2011,and within less than one business day the app had already been on the App Store as one of themarket’s top Strategy Games (ranked #29 overall), and Action Games (#73) categories.Furthermore, as of September, 1st Defen-G Astro was also able to reach a peak ranking of #194on the App Store’s prestigious general Top iPhone Games category. 18
  19. 19. Play Pen Studios Ltd. SkillZ for iPad (iPad Games / Music) September 8th, 2011 Background Play Pen Studios is a Hong Kong-based independent video game developer founded in 2005. After winning a game design competition hosted by Microsoft, the company went on to become certified developers for the Xbox platform and performed a multitude of project- based services for Chinese developers and publishers. ChallengePlay Pen Studios was planning on releasing a brand new musical iPad game into the highlycompetitive iOS game environment. This was the first game released by Play Pen Studios, and asa result the companys app marketing experience was extremely limited. SkillZ for iPad waslaunched onto the iPads Games / Arcade and Music categories on the App Store. SolutionTo effectively promote the game ComboApp executed the following services for Play PenStudios SkillZ for iPad: • Press Release drafting and distribution • Aggregating of 10 iTunes App Reviews by Independent Reviewers • App Submission to 50 Review Sites • Twitter Boost campaign. ResultsCombining a high quality mobile gaming title – in this case SkillZ for iPad – and the promptexecution of numerous marketing services deemed appropriate for the apps launch, helpedSkillZ for iPad achieve a peak ranking as the #1 downloaded application on the App Stores iPadMusic Games chart. Furthermore, the app was able to retain this position for two consecutiveweeks. SkillZ for iPad was also able to breach App Stores Top 100 iPad Arcade Games chart.The app was also recognized by Apples own employees for its quality, and chosen to be 19
  20. 20. included in their coveted "What We Are Playing" feature in the App Stores general iPad gamecategory as well. 20
  21. 21. 21
  22. 22. Playpiegames Co., Ltd. 10Plus – The Brain Game for you and your kids! (Educational Games) October 20th, 2011 Background Founded in Seoul, South Korea in August 2011, Playpiegames Co., Ltd. is an energetic group of creatively minded game lovers dedicated to utilizing innovation and imagination to develop uniquely challenging and entertaining mobile gaming titles. The organizations parent company, Actoz Soft, is a major global game developer focused on the online gaming sector. Challenge Playpiegames Co., Ltd. had contacted ComboApp to employ a wide array of highly effective marketing services geared to successfully break their new mobile application,10Plus, through into the App Store’s TOP 25 Paid iPhoneEducational Games category immediately after the app’s initial release in order to ensure that itwas well positioned for success from the start. SolutionRecognizing the need for a highly customized approach, ComboApp tailored a multi-tieredmarketing campaign for 10Plus that sought to engage an audience demographic that would bemost receptive to mobile educational products – namely tech conscious parents. To reach thisaudience ComboApp publicized 10Plus clearly as an educational product for kids and parents onvarious major app review websites, Apple-centric media resources, and targeted promotion onmultiple social media channels.We were able to achieve our clients’ goal of breaking 10Plus into the App Store’s TOP 25 PaidEducational iPhone Apps list by tapping our considerable resources in the Mac focused webmedia arena and positioning 10Plus accurately and effective within the public eye. This approachled scores of consumers already primed to acquire mobile education solutions to take notice ofand ultimately invest in the app, precipitating its success within the mobile marketplace. ResultsThe efforts of ComboApp’s professional team culminated in 10Plus – The Brain Game securinga spot in the iPhone’s TOP 25 Educational Games and TOP 50 Puzzle categories listsimmediately after the app’s initial release. The application was featured in the iPhone’s Newapplications list and peaked in the #16 position the App Store’s TOP Paid Educational iPhoneApps list as well. 22
  23. 23. Furthermore, 10Plus – The Brain Game retained its position within the TOP 50 EducationalGames category for several consecutive weeks long after all active promotional efforts had beencompleted on ComboApp’s part. 23
  24. 24. Coca-Cola Amatil Formula (Lifestyle) October 21st, 2011 Background Based in Australia, Coca-Cola Amatil is one of the largest bottlers of non- alcoholic ready-to-drink beverages in the Asia-Pacific region and one of the world’s top five Coca-Cola bottlers. The company has operations in five countries – Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea – manufacturing, selling and distributing a diversified product portfolio including carbonated soft drinks, water, sports and energy drinks, fruit juice, flavored milk, coffee and packaged ready-to-eat fruit and vegetable products. ChallengeCoca-Cola Amatil’s new mobile bartending application, Formula, represents a training resourcefor hospitality professionals as well as anyone interesting in learning more about various drink orcocktail recipes, and the fundamentals of bartending. Amatil aimed to establish the globalvisibility and popularity of this app prior to and during its initial release onto the App Store, andcontracted the ComboApp as a mobile marketing specialist to help them achieve this goal. SolutionComboApp implemented multiple marketing services to publicize Formula and raise theapplication’s profile within the media as a means of encouraging consumer interest andultimately larger download volumes upon release. The following services were executed as partof this project: • A Press Release was drafted and distributed to dedicated Mac-centric resources. This increased the app’s visibility and brought it valuable exposure amongst web based journalists and bloggers. • App Store SEO analysis was undertaken, which allowed ComboApp’s team to optimize the applications searchablity on the web. • Forum Release Announcements were issued to spread the word about Formula’s release on targeted app-centered forums in order to reach out to a wide audience of prospective customers. • A Sales Generation/Download Generation campaign was executed to kick start sales of the application. 24
  25. 25. ResultsAs a result of the aforementioned marketing and promotional techniques performed byComboApp, Formula was able to find a large scale audience in the mobile marketplace.Highlights of Formula’s success included a peak position as the 47th most downloaded iPhoneapplication in the App Store’s Lifestyle category – attained on October 28th, 2011 –, and as the80th most downloaded app in the iPhone’s Paid Lifestyle apps list for this same time frame. 25
  26. 26. MoboTap Inc. Dolphin Browser (Productivity) November 15th, 2011 Background MoboTap Inc. is a mobile technology developer committed to advancing the mobile revolution by improving the way people experience the web through their mobile devices. The organization was founded by a team of proven engineers and entrepreneurs keen on continuously pushing the limits of mobile technology. Challenge MoboTap Inc. had contacted ComboApp prior to releasing an update of theirpremiere web browsing app, Dolphin Browser, onto the App Store. The company was looking tosecure a spot for their application at the crest of the App Store and increase its overall visibilityamong mobile consumers.Furthermore, the client sought to grow the number of iOS platform downloads for the app tobetter reflect the download numbers it was already experiencing among Android consumers,where the app had already gained traction as one of the most popular titles among shoppers.Dolphin Browser itself was developed as an enhanced alternative to Apples and Android’s owndefault browsing platforms. The app features enhanced functionalities including gesturecontrolled web browsing, tailored webzine access, and more. SolutionA demanding project in light of its scope as well as the levels of success the app would need tomeasure up to, after discussion with the client ComboApp analyzed Dolphin Browser.Subsequently our marketing teams developed a customized marketing plan to tackle thechallenging prospect of marketing the app effectively. Our program was uniquely tailored to suitthe client’s need and included utilization of the following marketing services: • Ad Campaign drafting and implementation • Mass mailing efforts reaching out to 10,000 active & app-engaged iPhone users • Twitter Boost web based promotion • Release Announcements on Related Resources • Forum Participation to build hype about the application among app enthusiasts 26
  27. 27. • Reviews Generation in order to ensure that the app held a positive, independently attained rating on the App Store ResultsComboApp’s professional marketing team executed the aforementioned marketing efforts in aconcise and ultimately highly effective manner. The culmination of our work saw DolphinBrowser reach its own pre-defined goals - which the client had set up at the outset of ourcollaboration. The app was able to garner an impressive amount of new user downloads in arelatively short amount of time, something that helped its heightened profile and alternativelyhelped drive its visibility up even further.Hallmarks of Dolphin Browser’s successful marketing push came in the form over numerousmilestone achievements. On November 18th, 2011 the application peaked at #15 in the iPhone’sTop Free Apps list, and on November 21st, 2011 reigned as the #1 most downloaded app in theiPhone’s Free Productivity Apps category. As an added measure of its increased popularity,Dolphin Browser was featured in Apple’s coveted “What’s Hot” app feature section. 27
  28. 28. 28
  29. 29. Ibexis Studio Snakes and Ladder World Edition (Games) November 29th, 2011 Background Ibexis Studio is a burgeoning game and mobile applications developer focused on providing mobile solutions of the highest caliber to app shoppers across a diverse spectrum or genres. In October 20, 2011 the company released Snakes and Ladder World Edition, a universal iOS app that represents a digital update of the classic board game of the same name. ChallengeIbexis Studio had contacted ComboApp roughly a month after releasing Snakes and LadderWorld Edition onto the App Store. At the time the client contacted ComboApp the app hadvirtually no prior success in generating any significant volume of downloads. To remedy thissituation, Ibexis Studio decided to employ our services to break the app through into the AppStore’s TOP 100 Paid iPhone Board Games category. Confident in the quality of their product,Ibexis hoped that such success would greatly increase their app’s visibility throughout themobile iOS marketplace and intrigue even more prospective customers to download it. SolutionUnderstanding that the client had no clear proposed structure for app promotion, we decided toemploy an overarching promotional campaign on their behalf. Consisting of a custom fittedvariation of our popular TOP 100 Campaign, ComboApp’s market analysis, marketing, and SEOteams developed a multi-service marketing effort for Snakes and Ladder World Edition whichcovered differing audience demographics across a diverse variety of outlets -- including targetedweb media outlets, app user forums, and the like. Positioning the application as a tech-savvydigital update of a board game that was already established and near and dear to legions ofgaming enthusiasts allowed us to successfully intrigue and interest a large pool of mobileconsumers. ResultsAs a result of complex marketing and promotional techniques performed by ComboApp, Snakesand Ladder World Edition was able to rise from relative obscurity to its requested TOP 100 PaidiPhone Board Games category, reaching 35th place in November 30, 2011. Additionally, Snakesand Ladder World Edition was featured in Apple’s Top Grossing iPhone Board Games list. 29
  30. 30. 30
  31. 31. Vapssky Technologies Inc. Draco the Dragon: The Fire-Breathing Quest! (Games) December 6th, 2011 Background Vapssky Technologies, headquartered in Houston, TX, is a mobile application development studio. The company specializes in creating productive, attractive, and user-friendly mobile applications. A pioneer in mobile application development, Vapssky is currently working on innovative mobile products to enhance customers’ mobile experiences. Challenge Vapssky Technologies had contacted ComboApp prior to the initial release of their newest mobile game, Draco the Dragon: The Fire-Breathing Quest! onto theApp Store. In order to ensure the app enjoyed a successful launch, the client decided to utilizeour services in order to break the app through into the App Store’s TOP 100 Paid iPhone ArcadeGames category. SolutionAfter conducting an active dialogue with the client regarding their new game and its uniqueattributes, ComboApp executed a custom tailored TOP 100 Campaign on behalf of Draco theDragon, focusing on its status as an arcade title with a unique sensory engagement - a featureallowing users to actually “breathe” fire. We conducted marketing efforts throughout engagedmobile game forums, and sought out advertising opportunities throughout media outlets cateringto arcade fans as a whole. A significant Social Media exposure by means of our Twitter Boostservice was achieved as well. ResultsAs a result of the complex marketing and promotional techniques carried out by ComboApp,Draco the Dragon: The Fire-Breathing Quest! was able to break into the TOP 100 Paid iPhoneArcade Games category as per the client’s request - ultimately reaching 80th place within thecategory on December 20th, 2011. Moreover, on this same day the app managed to score anadditional win, coming in at #91 in Apple’s TOP 100 Paid iPhone Action Games list.Furthermore, Draco the Dragon: The Fire-Breathing Quest! was prominently featured in Apple’scoveted “New and Noteworthy” iPhone Action Games list, adding extra visibility to the uniquenew title. 31
  32. 32. 32
  33. 33. InterServ International Inc. A+WordPuzzle (Games) December 30th, 2011 Background InterServ International Inc. is an experienced independent game developer founded in Asia. The company develops Massive Multiplayer Online Games, as well as Casual games for PC, Xbox LIVE consoles, and Mobile platforms. Their experience, innovation, and quality have won prestigious awards, including “Most Innovative Game of E3″ in 2004 with Iron Phoenix. This was the first game to allow 16 players to battle each other simultaneously in an online environment via mobile device. ChallengeWith no previous experience in marketing apps within the App Store, InterServ Internationalcontacted ComboApp shortly after the initial release of their word game app A+WordPuzzle. Anexciting, arcade action infused word puzzle blast, A+WordPuzzle challenges users to find wordshidden in grids of letters. The player’s goal is to diffuse word bombs to move from one stage tothe next while highlighting as many other words as they can along the way to get the best scorepossible.In order to increase the app’s visibility throughout the web, improve its position in the AppStore, and boost sales, InterServ International sought to break A+WordPuzzle through into theTOP 100 Paid iPad Word Games category. SolutionAfter taking time to understand the client’s needs and review their title, ComboApp executedtheir signature TOP 100 Campaign on behalf of A+WordPuzzle. This package of services wastailored to target the apps core audience base - word game enthusiasts - as well as therecreational mobile gaming community as a whole. ResultsOur professional team’s efforts culminated in A+WordPuzzle rising well within Apple’s TOP100 Paid iPad Word Games category. Ultimately the app reached its peak position - 15th place -in December 30th, 2011. Furthermore, on this same day A+WordPuzzle broke into Apple’s 33
  34. 34. highly competitive TOP 100 Paid iPad Educational Games list as well, peaking at #28 in thatchart. 34
  35. 35. SK Planet StyleTag – Fashion SNS (Lifestyle) December 29th, 2011 Background Founded in Seoul, South Korea, SK Planet drives customer satisfaction by providing optimal services and values in various areas, including Content Delivery, LBS, Media, Commerce & Ad. Challenge SK Planet contacted ComboApp shortly after the initial release of their application, StyleTag – Fashion SNS, on December 9th, 2011. Disillusioned with StyleTag’s lack of traction among consumers, the client was interested inimplementing a marketing campaign in order to raise awareness of the unique functionalities oftheir product, confident that it would be embraced among fashion minded tech savvy users withsuch a push. A socially conscious fashion resource, this app allows tech savvy fashionenthusiasts to share looks, style, and new trends with like minded fashionistas on the go. Withthis app users can follow fashion feeds, find new fashion ideas added by others, and stay tappedinto the global fashion scene all right through their iOS device. SolutionAfter spending some time analyzing the application and researching best outlets to reach itstarget demographic would be, ComboApp executed the following services, customizing theexecution of each to focus on media corridors frequented by tech hungry fashion enthusiasts: • An In-app Advertising Campaign, promoting StyleTag within already successful applications who user base over lapped with the client’s target audience. • Forum Participation, helping fuel word of mouth awareness of the app throughout web based social platforms catering to fashion and newly emerging fashion information outlet trends. • Twitter Boost service to raise StyleTag’s profile within the powerful exchange network. 35
  36. 36. ResultsAs a result of ComboApp’s marketing efforts, StyleTag – Fashion SNS experienced tremendousincrease in popularity. After our promotional efforts were implemented StyleTag was able toachieve a ranking within Apple’s TOP 10 Lifestyle Apps list, and furthermore was able tomaintain this position almost a week. The highlight of StyleTag’s success came on January 7th,2012, when the app peaked in popularity as the #1 Most downloaded Free Lifestyle app on theiPhone, held the #26 position in the App Store’s in Overall Top Free iPhone apps list, and wasfeatured in Apple’s coveted “What’s Hot” feature section in the Lifestyle category. 36
  37. 37. 37