Best Mobile App Marketing Technics


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Best Mobile App Marketing Technics

  1. 1. Mobile App Marketing Techniques The ones that actually workBy reading different forums, LinkedIn discussions dedicated to mobile app marketing techniques,and other web sources, you can discover a broad range of methods that work for developers in theirquest to advertise their apps on the market and meet their sales quotas. In this document we aregoing to lay out the scope of the best techniques that we have found effective in helping iOSdevelopers market their apps on the App Store. Though these are not the only useful iOS-centricmarketing techniques, their impact on app sales & download numbers is the most significant. I. Press release writing and distribution One of the key marketing techniques that help apps to be noticed by media and potentially aggregate a large number of good reviews is through an effectively written press release & its subsequent distribution. It’s hardly possible to emphasize the fact that it has to be written professionally and stress key features and benefits for a release to effectively increase an app’s public visibility. To illustrate the effectiveness of this marketing effort please review the following data taken from prior clients: iBasket Free (iPhone app) Marketing services were applied during July 2010. The graph below presents the app ratings for several categories on the App Store.
  2. 2. Notes Plus (iPad app) Marketing services were applied during January, 2011. The graph below chronicles the app’s ratings in two App Store categories. As you can see from this graph the issued press release helped to improve the app’s ratings after they had begun to wane.II. App submission to review websitesConsumers tend to rely on professional opinion when they decide what to purchase and whatnot to. For this simple reason acquiring professional reviews from high profile websites isanother key factor to consider when marketing an app. Ultimate Ninja (iPhone app) Marketing services were applied during September, 2010. 2
  3. 3. My Measures & Dimensions (iPhone app) Marketing services were applied during December, 2010.III. Pricing strategyNo matter how well an app performs on the App Store, sooner or later it drains its customerpool and sales/downloads inevitably begin to decline. Thoughtful app price manipulation is aproven method to help off-set these natural market trends. LoHasMoney (iPhone app) Marketing services were applied during January, 2011. 3
  4. 4. Fluke HD (iPad app) Marketing services were applied during January, 2011.IV. App Store SEOConsumers cant buy an app if they cant find it. Our App Store SEO specialists will analyzeour clients products and create a set of highly effective targeted keywords and, by clientrequest, will assist in creating the most highly marketable app title as well as shortened iOShome screen name. Dots for Tots (iPhone app) Marketing services were applied during June, July 2010. 4
  5. 5. AutoRobot TD - Defend and Defeat (iPhone app) Marketing services were applied during November, 2010.V. Submission to related resourcesThe ultimate goal of any mobile app marketing is to connect it with its audience. The AppStore isn’t the only place where apps meet their customers, exposing apps to their prospectiveusers via relevant & well targeted online resources is a highly effective way to get your appinto the public eye before they ever enter the iTunes App Store. Math Easy HD (iPad app) Marketing services were applied during December, 2010. 5