Column5 sap case study mutual of enumclaw


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Column5 sap case study mutual of enumclaw

  1. 1. Mutual of EnumclawCustomer13 June 2011Bridging the performance gap
  2. 2. Agenda Introduction Background on Enumclaw Insurance & Column5 Project Background & Details Success & Challenges Next Steps
  3. 3. Mutual of Enumclaw IntroAndrew Chen - Controller at Enumclaw Insurance Group. Andrew previouslyheld accounting management positions at Safeco Insurance and started hiscareer in public accounting with KPMG LLP. Andrew is a Certified PublicAccountant.Mutual of Enumclaw - Enumclaw Insurance Group offers a variety offinancial solutions for individuals and corporate clients. The group comprisesof Mutual of Enumclaw Insurance Company and Enumclaw Property andCasualty Insurance Company that facilitate new marketing opportunities inpersonal and commercial lines of insurance coverage. Founded in 1898, thegroup provides various types of insurance products through third-partyagencies in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Utah. Its family products includeinsurance coverage for automobiles, homes and boats. Enumclaw InsuranceGroup offers a business owners program that provides protection for offices,apartments, condominiums, and retail and wholesale establishments. Thegroup also provides church and farm insurance plans.
  4. 4. Column5 Consulting Intro Helping our customers translate their business strategy into operational objectives and metrics that drive improved business performance• Founded in 2005, Column 5 Consulting, has grown to be the largest SAP EPM partner (in terms of dedicated resources) for the SAP suite of performance management solutions.• Members of the Column 5 Consulting team have implemented over 400 successful EPM solutions and have done nearly 1/3rd of all SAP BPC implementations.• Column 5 Consulting has dedicated business leads responsible for the growth of each of our practices (BPC, PCM, BusinessObjects, Finance Transformation Services, etc.) and our consultants have completed (and are continuing to undergo) cross training on the solutions within the SAP EPM suite.• From 2008-Present, Column 5 Consulting has been the leading SAP partner for the Office of the CFO (OCFO) solutions.
  5. 5. Background on Enumclaw InsuranceGroup by Andrew Chen, Controller Families. Businesses. Promises Kept.®
  6. 6. Background on Enumclaw InsuranceGroup by Andrew Chen, Controller• Enumclaw Insurance Group is a Pacific northwest regional property and casualty insurance company• Greater than $300M in annual written premiums• More than 500 employees• Purchased BusinessObjects Planning XI (SRC) in 2007 to assist with expense planning
  7. 7. Where we came from – BusinessObjects Planning XI (SRC)• Deployed BusinessObjects Planning XI (SRC) in 2007• Supported Expense, Employee and CAPEX planning• Deployed to 50 users for 76 departments• Ran 2 planning cycles with BusinessObjects Planning XI (SRC)• Regular monthly reporting centrally managed by administrator
  8. 8. Why did we change applications now?• Wanted to invest in the long term platform –not older technology that was sun setting• Business need to add additional planning functionality: • Premiums/Revenue Planning, bottom-up approach • CAPEX Planning, adding approval processes
  9. 9. How Mutual of Enumclaw did it…• Contacted SAP in spring 2008 to discuss upgrade feasibility• Engaged with Column 5 Consulting in late 2008 to scope project• Started the project in February to ensure time for a go live in July• Used standard Column 5 methodology to gather business requirements, create a design, and collaboratively build and test the functionality• Recycled existing functionality (Dimensions, certain Excel logic) where it made sense and rebuilt functionality where it didn’t.
  10. 10. Project Specifics• 9 week active implementation with Column 5• Tested independently with Column 5 available for support• Go live in JulyProject Team:• Andrew – project owner and primary administrator• Enumclaw Power Users (x2) –input on design and involved with report design• Column 5 Senior Consultant –project management, design, application lead• Column 5 Consultant –reporting / input schedule
  11. 11. Project Background - Successes• Reporting is more robust - end users can create reports for information that he or she has access to. Reports are security-based• Can work offline -templates can reside on a server or can be saved to a client machine with no loss in functionality• Server-based planning templates can be updated during the planning process without having to redistribute to users or sequentially recalculate. Both templates and data are stored and refreshed each time they are opened• Data loading is driven by Data Manager (SQL based) -no requirement or inherent limitations in loading data through Excel, which was limited by the number of rows• Ran On time/On Budget