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Benchmarking survey process


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Benchmarking survey process

  1. 1. Survey Registration & Completion Analysis & One-to-One Survey Data Report session Registration Validation Creation  Register and  Validate data  Assess KPI and  Present findings to complete survey at: provided in the Best Practice process owner(s) https://www.benchmar survey Adoption  Summarize key bin/qwebcorporate.dll? business pain idx=7UUCAD&SRP1Q points 5=VECVA 1 week post-survey 2-3 weeks post-data submission validation Key Stakeholders: Customer Key Stakeholders: SAP  Engagement Sponsor  Engagement Sponsor  Business Process Owner(s)  VE Team Member(s)  Process level IT Owners(s)  VE Business Process Expert(s)