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About AutotoolAUTOTOOL is a single source supplier for complete automation systems. Every aspect of the project includingc...
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Autotool Release


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Autotool, Inc. announces it will invest $4 million in the Columbus region, and add 30 jobs to its operations in Central Ohio.

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Autotool Release

  1. 1. For Immediate Release Contact: Kenny McDonaldJuly 31, 2012 614.225.6060   Autotool, Inc., to Add 30 Jobs, Invest $4 Million in Columbus RegionUnion County, Ohio – Autotool, Inc., a single-source supplier for complete automation systems, hascommitted to remain in the Columbus Region for the next nine years as part of its $4 million investmentand addition of 30 new jobs. This is the second time in 12 years the company has experienced a majorexpansion.“Our longstanding growth in Ohio has given us the resources we need to provide our customers with thehighest quality of products and services in the automotive industry,” said Bassam Homsi, president andCEO of Autotool. “We were able to work with Columbus 2020, the State of Ohio, and Union County, andfound a solution that both fits our strategy and reinforces our commitment to Central Ohio.”In the fall of 2011, Autotool was considering extending its growth in Alabama. Homsi mentioned theconcept to member-based technology consortium EWI, prompting Columbus 2020 to get involved.Additionally, Eric Phillips, executive director of the Union County Economic Development Partnership,and JobsOhio were engaged, kicking off a collaborative effort to retain and grow Autotool in Ohio.“Autotool is an important part of Union County and we appreciate their continued support of thecommunity,” said Phillips.The company, which started in the Columbus Region in 1994 and provides automotive manufacturersand their suppliers a single source for tooling and automation needs, currently operates a 40,000-square-foot facility in Plain City and employs 27 people. Manufacturing is a key sector in the region, representingnearly 20 percent of the workforce in nine of 11 counties, and continues to be a growth target sector forColumbus 2020.“Autotool’s expansion is a perfect example of a longstanding manufacturing company making a consciouseffort to continue its growth and success in the Columbus Region,” said Kenny McDonald, chief economicofficer, Columbus 2020. “We’re proud that our local, regional and state economic development teamscould come together and ensure that this company remains in the region.”                                                                                 -END-About Columbus 2020Columbus 2020 is a bold public-private partnership that leverages the strengths of the Columbus Region’s talentedworkforce, small and large businesses, research and academic institutions, and international connections to igniteeconomic growth and build a healthier, more sustainable future for Central Ohio. The initiative grows our economy byensuring that our existing companies are growing and thriving, that the world´s leading companies are attracted to the11-county region, that innovations are cultivated and commercialized, and that our civic infrastructure is continuallyimproving to meet the challenges of a rapidly evolving world economy. For more information,
  2. 2. About AutotoolAUTOTOOL is a single source supplier for complete automation systems. Every aspect of the project includingconcept development, design, manufacturing, integration, installation and start-up support is handled by us andbecomes our responsibility. Established in 1994, we began with the vision of providing automotive manufacturers andtheir suppliers a single source for all their tooling and automation needs. Since then, weve successfully continued thetradition of producing effective and turn-key solutions for product manufacturing. Weve become driven in our missionto provide our clients with nothing but the best in quality as well as the greatest return for their investment. For moreinformation, visit