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The Most Serious Injuries in Car Accidents


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The Most Serious Injuries in Car Accidents

  2. 2. WHAT IS A CATASTROPHIC INJURY? The term catastrophic injury is reserved for the most serious injuries a person can suffer.They are often permanent, incredibly painful and limit a person’s ability to perform everyday functions.
  3. 3. WHO USESTHISTERM? “Catastrophic injury” is used primarily by attorneys and medical professionals to distinguish injuries that are in a different class from minor injuries.The usage of the term might vary from one attorney or doctor to another. For example, one attorney might use the term only when talking about brain or spinal injuries, while another might also use the term to discuss other major injuries, such as amputations or burns.
  4. 4. SPINAL CORD INJURIES Every year, around 17,000 people in the U.S. suffer a spinal cord injury.The most serious cases might result in: • Paralysis • Difficulty walking • Restricted use of limbs • Dependence on medical devices for basic bodily functions.
  5. 5. TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURIES About 1.7 million people suffer traumatic brain injuries each year.They are typically caused by a blow or jolt to the head. Some, like concussions, are classified as “minor,” though severe brain injuries might cause: • Learning difficulty • Language processing problems • Chronic headaches • Paralysis • Emotional problems, such as depression and anxiety • Changes in personality.
  6. 6. LOSS OF A LIMB When an injury leads to an amputation, the effects can be devastating for a victim. Every year in the U.S., more than 1.6 million people lose a limb. These injuries can lead to: • Disability • Inability to perform routine tasks • Expensive ongoing medical care • Dependence on others for assistance.
  7. 7. BURN INJURIES More than 1 million people seek treatment for burn injuries every year in the United States.The most severe burns can lead to: • Disfigurement • Disability • Extensive medical treatment and surgeries • Emotional problems, such as depression, anxiety and isolation.
  8. 8. WHEN A CATASTROPHETURNS FATAL Serious injuries can also be fatal.This can be true of any of the previously discussed injuries and countless others. For example, internal injuries are often deadly because they are difficult to detect and treat. Serious lacerations or some broken bones might also be fatal if not treated immediately.
  9. 9. TYPES OF CAR CRASHESTHAT RESULT IN SERIOUS INJURY Any crash type can cause a catastrophic injury, though some are notoriously dangerous for those involved, including: • Pedestrian crashes • Bicycle crashes • Rollovers • Head-on collisions • Large truck crashes • Side-impact collisions
  10. 10. HOW SERIOUS INJURIES AFFECTVICTIMS As you can see, these injuries all have common characteristics.They are incredibly painful, disabling and permanent.They are also very expensive injuries, often requiring extensive treatment and ongoing care. To make matters worse for the sufferer, they might also impair a person’s ability to do their job and make earning an income even more difficult.
  11. 11. PERSONAL INJURY CLAIMS OFFER A PATH FORWARD When someone is seriously injured by a careless driver, they can file a personal injury claim to recover the costs of the damage they’ve suffered.These claims help secure payment that can be put toward medical treatment, ongoing care and other bills. When a catastrophic injury is fatal, survivors of the deceased can file wrongful death claims to receive compensation for costs they face after a loss.
  12. 12. CONTACT BERT LOUTHIANTO LEARN MORE… If you or a loved one has suffered a catastrophic injury and want to learn more about filing a personal injury or wrongful death claim in South Carolina, contact us today. Bert Louthian has decades of experience helping clients, making sure they get the compensation they deserve.