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Common Causes of Vehicle Accidents


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What Dangers are Most Likely to Cause a Crash?

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Common Causes of Vehicle Accidents

  1. 1. COMMON CAUSES OF VEHICLE ACCIDENTS What Dangers are Most Likely to Cause a Crash?
  2. 2. WHY WE CRASH People are fallible.This doesn’t come as a surprise to most of us, but it’s worth repeating when discussing vehicle accidents.That’s because around 19 out of 20 vehicle crashes are caused by human error.The mistakes we make behind the wheel are costly, not only for us but also for others involved in crashes. DO YOU HAVE A CASE? CALL: 803-454-1200
  3. 3. COMMON - BUT PREVENTABLE So, we all make mistakes, and those mistakes have the potential to cause us and those around us serious injuries. That’s not a very rosy picture. However, it’s vital for drivers to understand that there’s good news attached to these statistics.Wrecks caused by human error are preventable. How do we prevent them? We can start by knowing the risks and being mindful of how susceptible we are to them. DO YOU HAVE A CASE? CALL: 803-454-1200
  4. 4. NOTWO CRASHES ARETHE SAME Before we look at the most common reasons for crashes, let’s preface the discussion with an important qualifier: no two crashes are the same. Each crash has a different combination of factors, including settings, parties involved and other circumstances. One crash can have multiple contributing factors. Now that we know how complicated things can get, let’s look at some of the most common causes of vehicle accidents. DO YOU HAVE A CASE? CALL: 803-454-1200
  5. 5. SPEEDING More than a quarter of all crash fatalities involved a speeding driver. In 2016, the most recent year for which statistics are available, over 10,000 people died in speeding- related crashes. Speeding includes exceeding a posted speed limit, but it also includes traveling too fast for conditions. DO YOU HAVE A CASE? CALL: 803-454-1200
  6. 6. DISTRACTION On average, nine people are killed and more than 1,000 are injured in distracted driving crashes every day in the United States. Distraction is rightly associated with the use of a mobile device, but it goes far beyond smartphones.We can also be distracted by talking to passengers, listening to loud music, eating, drinking, looking in the mirror and using car stereos. DO YOU HAVE A CASE? CALL: 803-454-1200
  7. 7. FATIGUE Recent research suggests that drowsy driving is far more dangerous than experts previously believed. Drowsiness is a factor in approximately one out of every 10 crashes in the U.S. Missing just two hours of sleep can double your risk of being involved in a crash. DO YOU HAVE A CASE? CALL: 803-454-1200
  8. 8. ALCOHOL IMPAIRMENT Drunk driving crashes cause approximately 29 deaths every day in the United States.These crashes cost the U.S. $44 billion each year. Even those alarming statistics fail to highlight the incredible suffering drunk driving crashes can cause in the lives of victims and their loved ones. DO YOU HAVE A CASE? CALL: 803-454-1200
  9. 9. RECKLESS DRIVING Reckless driving is a broad term used to describe many different bad driving habits, including some mentioned on previous pages. It also includes running red lights, following another vehicle too closely, changing lanes or turning without signaling, passing vehicles illegally and racing other vehicles. DO YOU HAVE A CASE? CALL: 803-454-1200
  10. 10. VEHICLE DEFECTS As we’ve mentioned, most crashes are caused by driver error, but it’s worth mentioning the crashes that stem from defective vehicle parts. As recent years have seen record-setting numbers of safety-related vehicle recalls due to faulty components like airbags, ignition switches and tires, drivers must always be on the lookout for recalls. DO YOU HAVE A CASE? CALL: 803-454-1200
  11. 11. THESE FACTORS ARE SOMETIMES RELATED A fatigued driver is more likely to be distracted while driving. It’s possible for a speeding driver to be texting. A drunk driver might be so intoxicated that they fail to yield when they should. In other words, there can be more than one contributing factor.The common thread is that these wrecks are caused by driver carelessness, which is more formally known as negligence. DO YOU HAVE A CASE? CALL: 803-454-1200
  12. 12. UNDERSTANDING NEGLIGENCE Negligence is the failure to take a reasonable amount of care. Negligence is a term used frequently in legal settings, because it introduces liability – or fault -- on behalf of a negligent party. The concept in this context is that when a careless driver causes another person harm, they should be held accountable for the damages they cause. DO YOU HAVE A CASE? CALL: 803-454-1200
  13. 13. WHY INJURY CLAIMS ARE SO IMPORTANT If you’ve ever been involved in a car accident, then you know it can be painful, traumatic and costly.When another driver was responsible for your injury, you deserve payment to cover the many costs you face. If an insurance company’s offer isn’t enough to meet your damages, you can file a personal injury claim to make sure you get the compensation you are owed. DO YOU HAVE A CASE? CALL: 803-454-1200
  14. 14. TO LEARN MORE, CONTACT BERT LOUTHIANTODAY If you or a loved one has been injured in a vehicle accident in South Carolina, contact Bert Louthian to speak with an attorney who has a track record of getting results for his clients. Give us a call at 803-454-1200 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a free consultation. DO YOU HAVE A CASE? CALL: 803-454-1200