Power Force Twitter Blackbelt


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A very old thing. Written back in 2009. The Internet was black and white back then.

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Power Force Twitter Blackbelt

  1. 1. Free 1st Chapter E-Book Edition
  2. 2. Power Force TwitterBlack Belt.By Marcus Brownhttp://andasifbymagic.com Free 1st Chapter E-Book Edition
  3. 3. Introduction.There’s a movement, a shift, a change indirection. Can you feel it? Can you feel thepower? Can you sense the change in the force?These, are exciting times.All of the above questions are pertinent andimportant but the biggest, most hugelyimportant question left out, spared cunningly forthis particular paragraph is this; are you part ofthe movement – are you part of twitter? If not,you are doomed and destined to fail in everypart of your future life and that would be trulyembarrassing. Not being part of this movementwill cripple you professionally, personally,emotionally and yes, physically. You willeventually suffer from the kind of dullheadaches that push from the back of your skulland you may loose your appetite for pasta, meatproducts and or vegetables.This needs to be avoided and I intend to helpyou.This simple 10 step killer strategy guide will helpyou master the mysteries of twitter and aid youin your mission to become a power force twitterblack belt. It will help you register a newaccount and improve your existing twitteractivities. It will help you manage followers, Free 1st Chapter E-Book Edition
  4. 4. destroy twitter competition and become hugelyfamous and influential among other twitter userswith a view to becoming wildly famous whentraditional forms of fame and fortune arenothing more than a vague and distant memoryof a yester-year gone by.Following the 10 strategies outlined in this guidewill ensure success. Ignoring them will result inyour own personal and professionalArmageddon.Welcome to Power Force Twitter Black Belt.It’s time to get it on. Free 1st Chapter E-Book Edition
  5. 5. Chapter 1. Step 1. Strategy 1.W.H.Y? Free 1st Chapter E-Book Edition
  6. 6. So you want to be a twitter black belt, you wantto control the future and manage your destiny?You want to crush your competition, neighbourfriend and foe. You want to pummel them intopathetic submission and have them worshippingyou and your every word? You want fame? Youwant fortune? You want it now?If the answer to all of these questions is aresounding, heartfelt YES then you’re just 10steps away from reaching your goal. 10 simplestrategies to lead you down the path to theultimate power of influence and knowledge. Ifyou answered YES to these questions then youneed to ask yourself another question.To ask yourself this question you need toprepare yourself properly; you will need to getyourself into the right frame of mind, centreyourself and calm down a little.You need to calm down. Strategy guides canarouse you and make your head go a buzz withexcitement and all the possibilities that suddenlyflood into your mind. So we need to calm youdown. Free 1st Chapter E-Book Edition
  7. 7. CALMDOWNThis is what you will need to do. 1. Stand up and move away from where you are currently sitting. 2. Hold this book in your left hand for your left hand is your calming hand. 3. Go to the room that offers more peace. In most households this will be your lavatory. Go there. Go there now. 4. Lock the door. 5. Sit down and make yourself comfortable.Once you have done all of these things you areready to ask yourself a very important question.The all important question. The secret questionthat will lead you to the ultimate status of powerforce twitter black belt. The question is: Free 1st Chapter E-Book Edition
  8. 8. W.H.Y?W. Who do I want to control, who do I want topummel into submission and who should beworshipping my every tweet?H. How do I achieve this goal, how will mystrategies affect my life positively whilstdestroying my chosen competition?Y. Yours for the taking?As you can see calming down was an importantstep towards this question and the lavatory wasprobably the best place for you to be.These are exciting times.Before you launch your life in a power forcetwitter black belt direction you will need toexamine the W.H.Y? model very closely. Youwill probably need to buy a little note book andwrite the answers down. Mastering the first stepis crucial for the success of any power forcetwitter black belt.To help you formulate your answers to thesequestions are have asked some of the worldspower force twitter black belts to give us some Free 1st Chapter E-Book Edition
  9. 9. insight into their own W.H.Y? strategies. Forobvious reasons these power force twitterexperts have asked to remain anonymous“I wanted to control the whole cartoon, winesector, literally dominate booze and scribblesonline within a particularly geeky group ofpeople that used to find Garfield funny. Thereare like, fucking millions of them out there.Their moms wouldn’t let them anywhere nearbooze so I had to make it cool for them and Idid this by telling them it was cool. I dominatemy corner of twitter through a combination oflanguage, blocking, tweet flooding and wit; Isimply won’t take any shit. If someone movesinto my corner I tell everyone to tell everyonethat they are shit. I crush them. I just don’t takeany shit. For my followers I am twitter. ”Male power force twitter black belt with over 14.000followers“I dominate through knowledge and creation.My corner of twitter is a mix of celebrity gossip,parties and my business book. When I sat downto think about W.H.Y? I soon realised that I amlovely and that my hair is far more gorgeousthan anybody else on twitter so I’m playing thesexy but not quite as dumb as you would thinkdollar. I crush my competition by confusingthem. It’s just how I roll”.Female power force twitter black belt with over 24.000followers. Free 1st Chapter E-Book Edition
  10. 10. “My W.H.Y? I’m going after the big boys. I’mgoing to crush them. They bring out a book –crush it. They bring out technology – crush it.They bring out a anything – crush it. How? Ilink to everything I’ve ever written on it and saythat it sucks. Even if it doesn’t. I’ve cornered themarket through crushing. I have my people.They are my people. They’ll follow meanywhere. If they don’t I tell everybody that theysuck too. ”Male power force twitter black belt with over 300.000followers.Take note of these power force twitter blackbelts. Marvel at their skill, their determinationand their power.You’d like that too wouldn’t you? You’d like tocontrol you twitter destiny and create on somefuture safe personality?Without focusing clearly on your W.H.Y? youwill never be able to achieve this. You will neverbe able to be great. You will never feel thepower; the power of power force twitter andyou will never be a power force twitter blackbelt.So calm down and focus. Free 1st Chapter E-Book Edition