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tips para redactar textos publicitarios

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Tips redacción copy

  1. 1. HOW TO CREATE SUCCESSFUL ADVERTISING COPYCopyright 2000 By Bob LeducWriting effective copy for ads, web pages, sales letters andother marketing communications isnt difficult when you knowwhat works. After many years of trial and error I developeda checklist of 7 "rules" I follow to create successfuladvertising copy. These rules apply to writing copy for anytype of marketing communication.1. Define the goal of your messageDefine what you want your message to accomplish before youbegin writing. Do you want to generate inquiries (leads)? Doyou want to get orders? What action do you want readers totake? How do you want them to respond? Put your goal inwriting and refer to it often as you develop your message.Everything you write should directly support this goal. Getrid of anything that doesnt.2. Know your audience and what they wantMaybe everybody CAN use what you sell. But one targetedgroup WILL be most likely to buy it. You can discover thatgroup by defining the characteristics of your bestcustomers. Once you know your audience and what they wantyou can personalize your writing to appeal to their specificinterests.TIP: Advertising copy produces the biggest response wheneach reader can believe the message was written specificallyfor them. As you write, visualize youre writing to oneperson instead of to a large group of people. This will helpyou write in a less formal and more personal style.3. Appeal to their self-interest, not yoursCustomers dont care about you, your product, your company,or your professional qualifications. They only care aboutthe benefit they get from buying your product or service.The only thing a customer wants to know about your 1/2 inchdrill is that its guaranteed to give them a 1/2 inch hole.Keep your ad copy focused on the benefits you provide.4. Make an emotional appeal, not a logical one
  2. 2. Your ad copy should dramatize the feeling your customers getwhile enjoying the benefits provided by your product orservice. Get them emotionally involved so they want to startenjoying those benefits immediately. Use word pictures andreal life stories to draw readers into your message.5. Dont give them any choicesYou may spend a lot of time writing your sales message andgetting it "just right". Unfortunately, your prospects willrush through it and make a fast decision. Dont slow themdown with any choices. Theyll be afraid of making the wrongchoice and will protect themselves by making none. Youlllose sales.EXCEPTION: Offer many different ways to respond to your ador sales message. Customers already know whether phone, fax,online, etc. is more convenient for them. Theyre morelikely to act immediately when their favorite way to respondis available.6. Make your best offerThe offer is the "deal" youre promoting (free information,special price, free bonus with order, etc.). Its the onlyreason people respond to your advertising copy. The strongeryour offer the greater the response youll get. Alwaysinclude the best offer you can afford and a reason to actfast.7. Simplify EverythingSSimple, clear copy is easy to read and understand. Itpropels yourccustomer to the decision point with nohesitation. After youve written yourccopy, edit it forsimplicity and clarity. Use lots of 1 and 2 syllable words. sSShorten sentences and paragraphs. This is especiallyimportant for yourwweb site where relief is just a clickaway.Follow these 7 rules the next time ayyou write new advertisingcopy. Use them as a checklist to evaluate youreexisting ads,web pages and sales letters. Theyre a proven formula you wccan use to maximize the response you get from all yourmarketingccommunications.Bob Leduc retired from a 30 year career of recruitingssalespersonnel and developing sales leads. He is now a SalesConsultant. p
  3. 3. BBob recently wrote a manual for small businessowners titled "How toBBuild Your Small Business Fast WithSimple Postcards" and several otherppublications to helpsmall businesses grow and prosper. For moreinformation...