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Sp012 proyecto

  1. 1. 40 YEARS Antonio José Camacho OUR INSTITUTION History and News Instituto Tecnologico Municipal Antonio Jose Camacho 1945 Special Edition February - May 2010
  2. 2. Editorial 40 YEARS Antonio José Camacho OUR INSTITUTION History and News This edition is a special tribute honoring the 40 years that have passed since the University Institution began its worked celebrated on march 2, 2010 at the municipal theatre in Santiago de Cali. A tribute to the commitment and efforts to all the people who made part of this big formation, placement and recognition process of the UNIAJC in The Valle del Cauca, its collaborators, professors, directives, students and of course graduates (whom make part of our image in the most remarkable enterprises and companies). Let's notice that nowadays young people are being more and more attracted by technological and audiovisuals media so we have lost some ground in regards of written language. There fore our intention is to make people know by images and artistic representations (drawing, caricature) the history and present of our institution. We hope that you get to know the history and enjoy as much as we did of these pages. Kelly COLLABORATION FOR THIS EDITION Kelly Carabalí Mayra Gamboa Jennifer Mena Johana Tamayo DESIGN Johana Johana Tamayo Mayra Jennifer 1
  3. 3. 40 History YEARS some history... ...yrotsih emos ...yrotsih emos On October the 10th 1933 thanks to Antonio Jose Camacho's management the first municipal school of arts and trades was founded, the gold was to form educated workers, experts on their branched and able to be chiefs masters of a workshop. On November the 13th 1933 the school began its educating labors at the society service, to form the first technical industrial personnel in the city. This work would later become after his dead and in his honor into the Technical institute Municipal Manufacturer Antonio Jose Years later (1969) by Mister Tulio Ramírez' initiative, founder of the Universidad del Valle and former Technical institute Municipal head master, the Electronic technology school was created, it began its labors with a provisional license from the national department of education on march 2 1970 with 24 students. This school gave origin to the Technological Institute by the Council of Santiago de Cali in the year of 1993. In March, 2007 the Department of National Education authorized the change of academic character of the Technological Municipal Institute Antonio Jose Camacho, from Technological Institution to University Institution. During his existence it has formed over 1500 professionals in the different technological and professional careers (Electronics, systems, and accounting) who now currently work in the best national and regional companies. It also has participated in different national programs as that of Young people in Action (Summoned by the Presidency of the Republic) in 2002. In the same way as for facilities and infrastructure different changes have been made to improve the quality of the given education, nowadays it counts with two Headquarters one in the northern part and other one in the southern part, of the city. Likewise the agreements with different university entities have allowed the IUAJC to be recognized by his academic excellence. 2
  4. 4. Characters Antonio José Camacho Jurist, educator and visionary of the industry Antonio Jose Camacho was born on the 17 February 1895 in a modest house of the neighborhood Vallano, a sector of Cali which name gets lost in the spider webs of the time. Pedro y Visitation's son. He was 16 years old when he enlisted in Santa Librada School in 1991. This generation of boys did epoch for his zeal of wisdom in a moment in which the country was trying to go out of the lag in which his frequent civil wars had plunged it. His education suffered all the vicissitudes to which every man who is born with the will to crown his goals, in the middle of the poverty is exposed. In 1914 he got a scholarship to study in the major College of Our lady of the Rosario, in Bogota. In 1927 the Universidad Libre gave the title of Doctor of Law, social sciences and politics. Back in Cali, and with desires to serve his people, there was named by Buga's Top Court judge of the circuit of Cartago. His worry was such for the education of the youth, that being a councilman of Cali he presented a project to create a nursery of education of arts and trades, in which the young persons, whose economic level was not allowing them to deal university studies, could be educated. That's how the Municipal School of arts and trades was created, which has given the fruits that have been established as some of the best institutions of the department. He died in the fullness of his powers, 50 years after age, May 18, 1945. Source: El Tiempo Special Edition 3 100 characters of the XX Century Infivalle
  5. 5. 40 Characters YEARS Famous promoter, first rector of the Univalle and agent of our institution. He was born in the Union (Valle) in 1968. He finished his secondary studies in 1920, in the Normal School of the Valle and, since then, he performed educational activities in diverse educational institutions. He occupied charges directly related to the education between which it is necessary to stand out: Departmental Secretary of the Valle del Cauca, member of the Managerial Advice of the Santa Librada College, Founder and Rector of the Gymnasium of West and The Director of the Technical Top Institute Antonio Jose Camacho. In July, 1959 he was received as New Numerary Partner of the Academy of History of the Valley of the Cauca. Citizen dedicated without pause to the companies of culture and of collective service. Since his graduation Don Tulio Ramirez was in touch with the vallecaucana youth, as The Director of Education, as University Rector, and as a great Tulio Ramírez manager of the educational culture. zerímaR oiluT zerímaR oiluT He died on November the 22 1985 at the age of 87. 4
  6. 6. Interviews ...Some of people who nowadays belong to our institution answered the following questions, in honor to the 40th Anniversary. “...please they collaborate us with some questions... We continue with our tribute, we have selected 3. How have you seen the young people's some currents members from directives to evolutions that have gone trough the institution students (since we are a part and we bring agreat academic wise and overall? deal of success to the IUAJC) to answer a few questions about the process that they have 4. Mention a positive and a negative aspect of the witness, the institution advances and the young IUAJC people who have been a part of it. 5. Do you have any anecdotes (funny, comical) to 1. How long ago have you been a part of the tell us that has taken place in the institution? institution? 6. On the 40th. Anniversary what is your biggest 2. What do you think is the most important present to the institution? accomplishment that the institution has fulfilled since you started working in it? In the near pages you will these interviews with the respective images that complement them. 5
  7. 7. 40 Current characters YEARS Jairo Panesso Director Current head master of the institution: been an increase in the young population which has brought healthy happiness to the youth. 1. I've worked here for 40 years. I started as a Warehouseman. 4. Positive aspect: the institution's growth which allows improving the physical plant among others. 2. Academic: transformation to university Negative aspect: we need major economic Institution (important status) municipal, governmental and managerial support. Social: stratum 1 and 2 graduates, opportunities to improve their life quality. 5. Anecdote: one day the Major was supposed to visite the institution but instated he arrived at the 3. There is an evolution in the type of population Camacho Perea School (5 years ago). thanks to the new schedules, until the year 2000 there was only Night schedule. With the Opening of 6. Present to the institution: constant work and the Diurnal and Weekends schedules, there has deliver the name of the institution. 6
  8. 8. Interviews English teacher from the institution as well as others Quantity per class room. universities: Positive aspect: Extension of the physical 1. I've worked in the IUAJC since the year 2008 up plant, south headquarters. Negative aspect: until now. The students' Quantity per class room. 2. The institution's most important achievement of is 5. An occasion three doormen did not allow the technological advance and the physical plant. me to enter because they did not know me and it did not have the proper ID. Then they 3. The evolution to academic level of the young me did not believe that I was a teacher. people has been improving its quality. And in another occasion they said to me " today there is no class " only the 4. Positive aspect: Extension of the physical plant, administrative teachers can enter and I had south headquarters. Negative aspect: The students' to call my boss so that they would let me in. 6. All these are the presents to UNIAJC in company with my students - The 1st English e-Magazine: A 40 years Homage (First Edition). - Sowing Values: UNIAJC values campaign. - Who wants to be millionaire? An innovative proposal to review English Language. - Art & Style FAKAMI: a students’ enterprise project. - UNIAJC Languages Resource Center - Disaster Prevention Guide: A contribution to the institution safety. - My English Notebook. UNIAJC ENGLISH WEBSITE. - Institutional Pins: A proposal for the publicity of the institution. - UNIAJC contributing to preserve the environment. - UNIAJC bracelet. - UNIAJC On the Path To Bilingualism: A lecture about the retrospective Look and Tendencies in the language department”. English Teacher. Lilian Calvache ehcavlaC nailiL ehcavlaC nailiL 7
  9. 9. 40 Current characters YEARS Jorge Calero orelaC egroJ orelaC egroJ Graduate and company proprietor. 8
  10. 10. Interviews Language Teacher Raul Maya 9
  11. 11. 40 Current characters YEARS Daniel Garcia Student Eber Fernandez Guard of security 10
  12. 12. 40 YEARS Antonio José Camacho OUR INSTITUTION History and News