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Communications, Marketing and Development


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Communications, Marketing and Development

  1. 1. Communications, Marketing& DevelopmentJon DeVries | Mar. 4, 2011
  2. 2. Collins Circa 2007 High quality people, programs and products Strong track record Need to boost: - visibility in marketplace - brand awareness and consistency - communications - fund-raisingPage  2
  3. 3. Developing Collins Central Create a formal communications, marketing and development division to help meet the needs of the Collins Center and its programs Hire cross-functional professionals to provide best info of highest integrity Fill gaps/needs in key areas: communications, marketing, development and web support Executed plan and hired staff: 1Q 2010Page  3
  4. 4. Mission of Collins Central Support needs of the Collins Center as an entity Support individual needs of programs and projects statewide Support the program needs of the division itself Blend of ‘service’ functions and programPage  4
  5. 5. Meet the Team  Director of News & Information Services: Tom Arthur  Director of Marketing: Robin Lankton  Director of Online Strategy: Dan Bevarly  Director of Development: John Annis  Director of Policy Outreach: David Boyd  Tallahassee Communications Manager: Tracey Lowe  Assistant Director of News & Information Services: Phuong Cotey  Senior Multimedia Designer: Scott McCreedyPage  5
  6. 6. Experienced, professional Experienced, media savvy staff Multimedia orientation Readership focused Professional editing, design skills Informationalist approach — journalism + academia + public policy Web 2.0 infusedPage  6
  7. 7. News & InformationPage  7
  8. 8. Communication Projects Research and reports (print and pdfs) Debatables on related topics (story, guide, update, links) Newsletters (print and e-newsletters) Newspaper tabs Survey, polls, other interactivity Videos/graphicsPage  8
  9. 9. Oil & Gas Report Fact-based, objective Q&A Journalist + Ph.D. + Advisory Council Robust online presence Presented to state Legislature “The report…lowered the temperature in the debate and drew praise from all sides for its fairness.” — Florida Trend, Jan. 2011
  10. 10. Tracking the Amendments  Objective, nonpartisan explainers  Track the “latest” via update  Rich resources and links  Multimedia  Interactive  Spanish/Creole  NIE tab  Includes history and primer of state Constitution
  11. 11. A guide to Florida’s immigration debate  Uses same debatables approach  Responds to emerging information need of democracy  Wades through rhetoric/noise  Wide, positive response already (launched Mar. 1)  Strategic launch date  Enhanced targeted outreach  Spanish version in development
  12. 12. MarketingPage  12
  13. 13. Marketing Toolkit  Brand strategy  Marketing plans: planning to production to outreach  Press releases and public relations  Complete print and online design services  Multimedia (videos, infographics, podcasts)  Webinars and podcasts  Advertising campaigns (print, online, outdoor, direct mail, radio, television)  Presentations  Events, conferences and sponsorships  Collateral materials and signagePage  13
  14. 14. Online StrategiesPage  18
  15. 15. Why online strategy?•  Help build our initiative or message•  Expand audience and participation•  Increase speed and impact to deliver content and to receive feedback•  Inform and educate in an objective and fact-based manner•  Support conventional methods of outreach, communication and informationPage  19
  16. 16. Why online strategy?•  Promote informed decision making•  Engage with people to communicate and share information•  Collins Virtual Leadership•  Fund-raising and contributions•  Connect to potential partners and build relationshipsPage  20
  17. 17. The Plan for Online Strategies Project or Message Meetings Lobbying Conventional Online Advertising Methods Strategies Phone Calls Networking Stakeholders InformedEducation Engagement Collaboration Consensus* Options Decisions
  18. 18. International Society of Men’s Health Group collaboration with document and file sharing for international physicians’ group around health topics and eventsPage  22
  19. 19. Sustainable Florida Best Practice Awards Group collaboration Online submission Online judging Event registration Payment processing 100% paperlessPage  23
  20. 20. Smart Justice Coalition Group  Collaborate with people from the private and public sectors on issues and ideas for reform and equity  Engagement tools: forums, surveys and blogs  Live streamed conferencePage  24
  21. 21. Policy OutreachPage  25
  22. 22. Building Network of Spectators, Fans and Champions Public, private, nonprofit sectors Distribution channels Inform and engage Relationship developmentPage  26
  23. 23. Strengthening Infrastructure and Process Large scale, organized contract lists Broader reach: state > county > local Email, direct mail, web, social media, blogs, traditional media Business community partner networks Roles – issues educator, content provider, speakers, facilitators, research partners Targeted follow-upsPage  27
  24. 24. Examples Amendments Health Care Reform Immigration Smart JusticePage  28
  25. 25. DevelopmentPage  29
  26. 26. Development and fundraising  Blackbaud – Raiser’s Edge (fundraising and donor management)  One to One Group (direct mail)  Site Visits and deep dives with program directors (eyes on target)  Foundation Center (RFPs and research)  Chronicle of Philanthropy (scanning for opportunities)  United Way and partner agencies  Events/speaking engagementsPage  30
  27. 27. Case Study: 2010 Florida Amendments Marketing ResultsPage  31
  28. 28. The voters spoke: great information, great service,unbiased and educational Sept. 5 – Nov. 5 Web site traffic soared •  52,943 visitors •  177,965 page views •  3:52 Time spent on site •  2.75 average pageviews - Majority of traffic was for amendments
  29. 29. Site is rich in content: refreshed daily Site content: •  View and debate amendments •  Multimedia videos •  Florida Constitution •  Survey: 2,239 participated •  Blogs •  Resources and references •  Election Day: before, on and after •  Comprehensive list of news and opinions • Sites were built in English, Spanish and Haitian/Creole
  30. 30. SEO and SEM drives visitor traffic SEO marketing •  Tagged all pages •  Developed rich content •  #1 in organic Google search for Florida Amendments and 2010 Florida Amendments SEM marketing •  Google Text ads •  Web ads on PolitiFact, and other sites using PSAs
  31. 31. Partnered with Pulitzer Prize winning web site:Politifact Florida •  Sponsored Amendment page •  Print ads in the St. Pete Times •  Web ads on •  Drove traffic to our web site
  32. 32. Reaching students through Newspapers in Education •  196,000 copies •  Taught in high school civics class around the state •  3,500 additional copies were handed out at political forums, chambers and supervisors of election officesPage  36
  33. 33. Quiz: iPad was given away to one lucky student •  Multimedia online quiz – drove students to Web site •  211 students participated •  55 students got them all correct
  34. 34. Making a difference in voters’ lives  More than 75 phones calls were answered by Tom Arthur, Director of News and Information  David Boyd and Dr. Frank Alcock participated in 10 political forums including: - Sarasota Tiger Bay - Okeechobee Political Forum (radio) - The Village Square, Tallahassee - Tampa Bay Partnership  Televised presentations: - Institute for Public Policy & Leadership - Florida Cabinet Debate, Vero Beach - WGCU, Fort Myers
  35. 35. Media organizations cited the web site andreferenced the Collins Center  Newspaper recommendations/reprint of web site content including: - St. Petersburg Times - Gainesville Sun - (Tampa Tribune) - South Florida Sun-Sentinel - My Trinity Florida - Broward/Palm Beach New Times - Sarasota Herald-Tribune - (Bradenton Herald) - St. - (Times-Union) - Tallahassee Democrat - Florida Tribune - Highlands Today - Foster Folly News: Washington County - Tampa Bay Business Journal - The News Chief (Polk County)
  36. 36. Supervisors of Elections recommended our siteto voters with questions Links were provided to voters from: • Duval County • Pinellas County • Leon County • Collier County • Indian River County • Okeechobee County
  37. 37. Organizations throughout the staterecommended the Collins Center’s web site•  Florida Association of Counties –Election Guide•  Florida League of Women Voters•  Florida League of Cities•  Florida TaxWatch•  Government 2.0 in Action: The Lab
  38. 38. Elected officials posted links to site  Senator Dan Gelber  Senator Nan Rich  Rep. Michelle Rehwinkel Vasilinda – District 9
  39. 39. Email marketing and Press Releases:cost effective and worksTwo email campaigns were sent:August and OctoberSent: 22,444Opened: 3,201 – 18%Click-throughs: 809 – 26%Two press releases were sentthrough PRNewswire1,293 viewsHelped drive traffic to the site fromthe press and public
  40. 40. Something to talk about Friends helped spread the word using social media to let others know about 27,505 viewers watch our YouTube videos
  41. 41. On the Horizon  Launch of Our Florida. Our Future. web site and new civic infrastructure  Stimulus Spending in Florida: Lessons for Metropolitan Transportation Planning  Election reformPage  45
  42. 42. To Our NamesakePage  46
  43. 43. A Salute to the AdmiralPage  47
  44. 44. Questions? Thank you. Jon DeVriesCollins Center for Public Policy