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CommonHealth is the employee wellness program for the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Since 1986 the Commonwealth of Virginia has offered CommonHealth to promote wellness in the workplace. More than 500 agency locations in the Commonwealth of Virginia have active CommonHealth programs.

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  2. 2. CommonHealth greener? They are much more Quality cost effective and require no boxing, shipping and delivering. Clean Virginia Waterways is an All the participant needs to do is award-winning, statewide, sign in with their ID number nonprofit organization dedicated and they will be added to the to citizen stewardship of drawing list. We will be drawing Virginias water resources. You monthly for several $10, $25 can learn to make a rain barrel! and $100 winners in every Longwood University region. At the end of the This link offers support for local quarter, we will draw one name businesses and your local for a $500 cash prize. We know economy. everyone appreciates money! The 3/50 Project Winners will be subject to tax, and we will send a letter to that Buy Fresh Buy Local helps effect. consumers find local products while building relationships Read More About Greener between growers, food artisans, Virginia farmers’ markets retailers, Greener Virginia Video restaurants, and institutions. Buy Fresh Buy Local Recipes Success Stories Healthy Weight Recipes Watchers participants at the Virginia Department of Social Services in downtown Richmond know a lot about milestones. Theyve reached one already and are working toward another. Read more success stories This File Was Last Modified: Start of Page .  Start of Content . Web Policy For Comments or Questions Concerning this Web Site, contact the CommonHealth Webmaster © Virginia Department of Human Resource Management, Commonwealth of Virginia.[11/9/2009 9:59:11 AM]