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Student Protection Plan


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College Parents of America brings you information on how to protect your Student from Collegiate Lifestyle Risks including: ID Theft, Medical Emergency, Computer Physical & Virus Damage, etc.

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Student Protection Plan

  1. 1. Student  Protec,on  PlanTM     Protec,ng  your  Student  from  Collegiate  Lifestyle  Risks    
  2. 2. How  Protected  Is  Your  Student?   What  if…      …  your  student  needed  to  get  home  for  a  family  emergency?     ….  your  student’s  credit  or  debit  card  was  compromised  at  an  ATM  off   campus?     …  your  student  was  traveling  in  a  friend’s  car,  and  it  broke  down?     …  your  student  faced  a  medical  emergency  abroad,  away  from  proper   care?     …  your  student  found  something  unflaKering  posted  on  social  media   that  showed  up  in  search?  
  3. 3. These  events  may  not  be  as  uncommon  as  you’d  think.   •  43%  of  students  had  visited  an  emergency  room  for  themselves  in   the  past  4  years  (source).     •  Those  aged  16-­‐24  experience  aKempted  or  successful  iden,ty  theP   at  a  rate  higher  than  all  other  age  groups  (source).   •  27%  of  college  students  were  involved  in  or  had  a  friend  involved  in   an  auto  accident  (source).   •  12%  of  college  students  had  to  withdraw  or  had  a  friend  withdraw   due  to  medical  emergencies  or  a  death  in  the  family  (source).   Your  Student  Might  be  at  Risk  
  4. 4. Does  Your  Student  Need  The  Student  Protec,on  Plan?   College  Parents  of  America  members  enjoy  not  only  Tui$on   Refund  Insurance  but  also  a  suite  of  benefits  designed  for   collegiate  lifestyle.       The  Student  Protec,on  PlanTM  includes:       •  Family  Emergency  Travel  Services   •  Emergency  Medical  Evacua,on   •  Iden,ty  TheP  Protec,on  and  Resolu,on  Services   •  Reputa,  Services   •  Roadside  Assistance       The  Student  Protec,on  Plan  is  brought  to  you  by  GradGuard,   a  service  of  Next  Genera,on  Insurance  Group,  LLC.    
  5. 5. You  have  ques,ons,  we  have  answers!   Join  College  Parents  of  America  and  get  more  ,ps  and  advice  on:     •  How  to  maximize  your  student’s  college  experience   •  How  to  protect  your  family’s  college  investment   •  How  to  ensure  your  college  student’s  health  and  wellbeing   •  And  much  more…   For  more  informa,on,  please  contact  us:  or  call  (888)  761-­‐6702