Financial Aid 101 Scholarship Personal Statement


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College Parents of America brings you tips and advice on how to write a successful scholarship personal statement.

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Financial Aid 101 Scholarship Personal Statement

  1. 1. Financial Aid 101- Scholarship Personal Statement<br />How to write a successful scholarship personal statement<br />
  2. 2. Financial Aid 101 – Scholarship Committees<br />Things to know about Scholarship Committees<br /><ul><li> A scholarship committee could review hundreds of applications.
  3. 3. After eliminating the ones that do not meet the general requirements, the committee concentrates on the remaining candidates.
  4. 4. How will the decision be made as to which applicants will be selected?
  5. 5. One thing that will be greatly considered is how well your personal statement is written and prepared.</li></li></ul><li>Financial Aid 101 – Scholarship Personal Statement<br />A desirable scholarship personal statement should be: <br /> Typed, hand written statements are not accepted;<br /> Grammatically correct, neat and clean;<br /> Written according to the guidelines of the scholarship program. <br /> Example: If the application requires that you write a two-page <br /> statement, only write two pages and no more!<br /> Hooking the reader with a distinctive opening to your statement. Be <br /> unique!<br /> Written honestly about yourself/written from the heart. Be proud of who <br /> you are and be positive!<br /> About things that are important to you. Tell your story; and<br /> Use words that describe and show action.<br />
  6. 6. Financial Aid 101 – 3 things to tell<br />You need to answer three questions about yourself in your personal statement: <br />Who are you? Where are you going? and What are you going to get?<br />
  7. 7. Financial Aid 101 – Scholarship Personal Statement<br />Regarding Using Quotes<br />You can use quotes in your statement.<br />Make sure that you explain your quote.<br />Why is it important to you?<br />How do you use it in your personal life?<br />Quotes are usually from famous people.<br />Remember your parents and grandparents are famous people to you!<br />In the Final Draft<br /><ul><li>Make Final Changes;
  8. 8. Have your English teacher read it one more time; and
  9. 9. Make a copy on your disc and computer for future use.</li></li></ul><li>Financial Aid 101 – Scholarship Personal Statement<br />Letters of Reference<br />Letters of reference provides the scholarship committee another<br />perspective of view about your qualification for the scholarship,<br />here are some things you should do to ensure your letters of reference maximize their effect:<br />Provide a copy of your personal statement to persons who are writing letters of reference for you. <br />1<br />Give them plenty of time to write the letter; DO NOT put them in a time crunch.<br />2<br />Ask for letters of reference that are pertinent to the scholarship i.e. If you need an academic letter of reference, then you should ask a teacher and not your community service coordinator.<br />3<br />Content: courtesy of Francisco Granillo, Former ….. & Expert on College Financial Aid<br />
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