College Navigation 101 - College Transfer


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College Parents of America brings you information regarding why your student wants to transfer to another institution and how you can help him/her during the process.

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College Navigation 101 - College Transfer

  1. 1. College Navigation 101 – College Transfer Why students consider transferring to anther institution & How you can help them during the process Don’t go to College without us….
  2. 2. How do I navigate the college maze? If the college acceptance letters have just begun to come in, congratulations! You are now officially a college parent. You are excited for your student, and possibly a bit overwhelmed for yourself. You’re not sure what you should be thinking about, or doing, or how to help your student prepare for the next phase. Don’t worry! College Navigation 101 should help you think about your new role and help you get started on your journey.
  3. 3. College Navigation 101 – College Transfer Is college transfer common? • Roughly 2.5 million college students every year transfer to a different school. • Statistics from the United States Department of Education suggest that close to 60% of college students will attend more than one school before they graduate. While many students find just the right college and stay there for four years, these statistics suggest that there is a good chance that your college student may consider a transfer to another college at some point during his college career.
  4. 4. College Navigation 101 – College Transfer What do I need to know about college transfer? Even though others may be going through the same process, it does not lessen the impact of the decision for your individual student. This slide considers some of the reasons that college students consider transferring to another institution and how you can help with the process. There are generally two types of college transfer: Horizontal or Lateral Vertical Transfer Transfers • This is a transfer from a • Students transfer from a two-year college to a two-year to a two-year four-year institution or from a four-year to a • Less emotional impact, four-year institution more of a natural • Tough decision to make, process. more emotional impact on the student as well as the family.
  5. 5. College Navigation 101 – College Transfer Why would my student want to transfer? Reasons for transferring may be as varied as the students themselves. “I want to be with friends who are at another school” “I want a fresh start after a rocky first year” “I want to be closer to home or further away from home” “I’m homesick.” “I have changed major or program of interest and another school has more to offer” “I want a more prestigious degree” “because of a change in finances.” “I have been dismissed from the school.” “I simply believe that “the grass is greener” somewhere else.”
  6. 6. College Navigation 101 – College Transfer How can I help my student during the process? Some of these reasons may seem more valid than others, but it is important to recognize that whatever the reason, it is important to your student. There are several ways you might participate in your student’s thoughts about transferring. • Recognize that this may be a difficult, or at least, very significant decision for your 1 student. Be as supportive during this decision making time as possible. • Understand that your student may not have been truly able to make an informed decision about college when he was in high school. He may not have understood 2 enough about himself, about the realities of college life, about his interests, or about possible majors. He may need to make a change now because he looks at college, and life, differently. • Congratulate your student for recognizing when something may not be working and 3 trying to do something to improve his situation • Help your student try to determine whether the problem is truly with the institution, or 4 whether it is something that he may be able to address without changing schools. 5 • Stand back and allow your student to make this decision. Author: Vicki Nelson, College Parent Central. Read the complete article here.
  7. 7. You have questions, we have answers! College Parents of America and get more tips and advice on: What is my role as a college parent; How should I communicate with my college student; How to avoid becoming a helicopter parent; and Much More… For more information, please contact us the following ways: 888-761-6702