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Idefi deck

  1. 1. Idefi Music:Meet the New Record LabelOur campaign focuses on two targetpublics: Primary Public: Struggling Artists Secondary Public: Potential InvestorsStruggling Artists: Rejected by traditional labels due tomarketing $$Potential Investors: Desire fully detailed business planand mitigated risk
  2. 2. Idefi Music:Meet the New Record LabelBefore designing the campaign, weconducted primary research to revealidefi Music’s market situation: Lots of competitors but still room forgrowth Many music fans prefer to pay formusic that’s easy to get Music communities are big business– and vastly overlooked by labels
  3. 3. Idefi Music:Meet the New Record LabelWe also researched the company’sbackground in the music industry: idefi Music was formed in 2009 bypeople passionate about the music The company values artists andworks to nurture obscure talent idefi Music also pays artists fairly,breaking with the traditional label’s“cut system” (debt!) that keepsartists chained to the mass market idefi Music’s distribution andpromotion platform enables artists toset their own pay rates anddetermine: The kind of music they make How and how often theypromote themselves Where their money goes
  4. 4. Idefi Music:Meet the New Record LabelCollectively, our research revealed thefollowing problems for our campaign toaddress: Complicated rewards system Digital touchpoints lacked persuasivefeatures and guiding social strategy Lacked updated media kit with newpromotional materials Obvious disconnect between artists(with their unique needs/desires)and idefi Music
  5. 5. Idefi Music:Meet the New Record LabelGiven these concerns, our primary goalsand objectives for this campaign are to: Raise brand awareness Establish idefi Music’s reputation – And enhance what is already knownWe want to position idefi Music as: A new modern type of record label A promotion partner“We don’t just publish music – wedevelop artists. We are The NewRecord Label.”
  6. 6. Idefi Music:Meet the New Record LabelOur proactive strategic advice is for idefiMusic to: Think community: You need to bewhere artists and music lovers are Think connection: You need toupdate your own promotionalmaterials, including blog content andsocial channels, to engage Think opportunity: You need tosponsor an artist’s “start”
  7. 7. Idefi Music:Meet the New Record LabelOur message strategy is split betweenour two publics: Artists: “idefi Music is the NewRecord Label that takes the time todevelop its talent.” Investors: “ideif Music is a new kindof record label. Let us show you howthe business model works.”
  8. 8. Idefi Music:Meet the New Record LabelOur campaign uses the following tactics: Interpersonal Materials: Press release, pitch letter Organizational Materials: Brochure, social strategy News Media Materials: Media kit content Advertising Materials: Mockups
  9. 9. Idefi Music:Analyzing the SituationThe digital distribution/promotionmarket still has room for growth: Significant boom within digital musicdistribution industry Competitors need strong, aggressivepositioning to stand out Artist development Artist promotion People will pay for fairly priced,unique music to support theirfavorite artists Music communities are deciding hitsnow: Influencers and music fans areoverriding label-controlled radio There’s space in this arena for adistributor who “gets” artists, musicfans, and online music communities
  10. 10. Idefi Music:Analyzing the OrganizationWe performed a digital competitiveanalysis to support idefi Music’s websiteredesign objectives: We found room for improvement inartist pages, the blog and readability We recommend more transparencyand simplicity in the point system –and less text! We suggest clearly explaining artistdevelopment and artist promotion Video demos would clarify thebusiness model Music fans are “missing” from thesite – build and leveragecommunities!
  11. 11. Idefi Music:Analyzing the PublicsAfter interviewing members of bothtarget publics (artists and investors), wediscovered:Struggling Artists: Desire to create, distribute, andmarket their materials However, they also desire labelsupport and connections Want fair pay and ROI Just want to focus on the musicPotential Investors: Want to minimize risk Desire fully detailed business plan Want demonstrated ROI Feel “safer” with strong socialpresence and recognizable artists
  12. 12. Idefi Music:Goals and ObjectivesOur goals and objectives for thiscampaign are to: Raise brand awareness Establish idefi Music’s reputation Increase investor understanding ofidefi Music’s business model Present idefi Music as a legitimatenewcomer in this marketWe want to position idefi Music as: A new modern type of record label Credible publisher and promoter Unique A promotion partner“We don’t just publish music – wedevelop artists.”
  13. 13. Idefi Music:Goals and ObjectivesIn line with these goals and objectives,we provide the following detailedproactive strategies: Adopt a social strategy to leveragemusic communities/artists Devise a content calendar forconsistent blog and social updates Form alliances with key competitors,especially those who can offset whatidefi Music lacks Sponsor events/stages for artists toget their “start” Select a spokesperson for thecompany to recruit new artists Develop video demonstrations of asimple, 3-step process to publishingwith idefi Music
  14. 14. Idefi Music:Message StrategyOur message strategy is split betweenour two publics: Artists: Focus on control, ease of use,benefits, free tools, and how idefiMusic helps them grow as artists“idefi Music is the New RecordLabel that takes the time todevelop its talent.” Investors: Focus on the businessmodel, ROI, how idefi Music fills agap in market and think long-term“idefi Music is a new kind oflabel. Invest in a re-envisioningof the music industry. We’llshow you how it works.”
  15. 15. Idefi Music:Message StrategyEach public receives its ownspokesperson: Artists: Either an established,endorsed artist or a newly discoveredartist using idefi Music Appeal: Artists like to hear fromother artists who care about themusic and succeed Be positive and motivate talent Investors: Broker or business partnerwho understands both the musicbusiness and investing Appeal: Investors want to learnabout a new company from abusiness standpoint Be clear and stick to facts andROI
  16. 16. Idefi Music:Campaign TacticsOur campaign uses the following tactics: Interpersonal Materials: Musictradeshows and events as venues forrecruiting new artists and investors Press release Pitch letter Flyers Business card Organizational Materials: Extracomponents for communicating fromthe organization’s view Brochure Social strategy
  17. 17. Idefi Music:Campaign TacticsOur campaign uses the following tactics: News Media Materials: Componentsfor communicating with new andalternative media Media kit, with updated content Positioning paper Feature release Advertising Materials: Print orInteractive Media Mockups provided by leadcreative Rachel Hornay atLindsey+Asp
  18. 18. Idefi Music:Rebranding Artist TiersAlthough not originally part of ourcampaign, we simplified the pointssystem to enhance understandingamong both target publics. We did sobecause: The point system forms the heart ofthe idefi Music business model The brand fails to answer thequestion, “Why would anyone usethis service instead of another?” The artist pages need improvement Difficult to visualize where youstand as an idefi artist
  19. 19. Idefi Music:Rebranding Artist TiersWith this in mind, we brainstormed thefollowing changes: “Premiere artists” or “idefi artists”are renamed Endorsed artists “idefi artists” are renamed trial orbasic artists We cut the point system into clearlevels to communicate progress We added a progress bar formotivation and terminology thatconnects with younger audiences
  20. 20. Idefi Music:Rebranding Artist TiersRemember:“Anyone can distribute.Anyone can make CDs.But only idefi Music activelydevelops talent.”We suggest that idefi Music focus onwhat benefits matter to artists,including the ways the companynurtures talent.This is a great competitive position in alopsided market. Too many distributors But they’re crummy promoters idefi Music can fill this gap
  21. 21. Idefi Music:Interpersonal Tactics: EventsOur campaign uses the followingmaterials for events: Press release templateannouncement Pitch letter template announcement Artist flyer Investor flyer Business card mockup Schedule for preparing materials inadvanceThe following slides provide samples ofthe: Artist flyer Investor flyer Business card
  22. 22. Idefi Music:Organizational TacticsOur campaign focuses on twoorganizational tactics: Brochure To quickly introduce artists toidefi Music, The New RecordLabel Social Strategy To build, connect, engage andleverage online communitiespassionate about musicThe following slide provides a sample ofthe social strategy.
  23. 23. Idefi Music:Social Strategy To convince: struggling artists, musicprosumers, Oklahomans andpotential investors To: support idefi Music’s distributionplatform, Endorsed Artists andpromotional efforts by engaging withidefi Music on social media Instead of: competitors Because: idefi Music develops talentand diversifies music, enriching theindustry while making the market afairer, more interesting place for usall Tone: Friendly, Open, Transparent,Helpful, Excited (about music andindustry changes), Challenging (thestatus quo in the industry) Position: Music Advocate (on behalfof artists, fans and those who lovethe industry)
  24. 24. Idefi Music:News Media TacticsOur news media tactics are designed tofit into a media kit. These include a: Feature release The ‘idefi Music” family Positioning paper Why we need competitors in themusic industry Letter of introduction A bonus pitch letter template Point system overview Simplifies the point system Fact sheet Quick facts on idefi MusicThe following slide provides a sample ofour fact sheet.
  25. 25. Idefi Music:Advertising/PromotionWe crafted a creative brief to baseadvertising materials: Our People: Artists. They aremotivated by their love of music anda dream of sharing their own creativespirit with the world. Goal: To establish idefi Music’sreputation as modern, legitimate andfair: The “new record label”. Objective: To positively impact theawareness of artists seeking todistribute and promote their music;specifically, to increase theirunderstanding of idefi Music’s uniqueservices/rewards.
  26. 26. Idefi Music:Advertising/PromotionWe crafted a creative brief to baseadvertising materials:Strategy: To convince: Artists To use: idefi Music’s distribution andpromotion services Instead of: its online musiccompetitors and traditional recordlabels Because: idefi Music provides expertknowledge, services and connectionswithout ripping off struggling artiststrying to “make it big” in acompetitive industryThe following mockups are provided byRachel Hornay, a Lindsey+Asp creative.
  27. 27. Idefi Music:Thank youThank you for sharing in our campaignfor The New Record Label.Campaigns Team: Shiva Stella: Account Executive Whitney Strittmatter: Assistant AE Jennalee Hughes: Assistant Designer Sam Thomas: Copywriter, Researcher Sydney Chase: Copywriter,ResearcherWe’d also like to thank Rachel Hornayfor her creative samples, and Mr. BradyDeaton, CEO idefi Music Group, fortolerating our surprise Google Hangoutrequests and late-night emails.[Thank you.]